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Poor Marta

new Minnesota Boxer Rescue group

February 15th 2006 4:04 pm
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Come check out the new Minnesota Boxer Rescue group! We'd love to hear from you.


Marta has joined MoJo at the bridge...

December 7th 2005 4:40 pm
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I finally decided I needed to bring Marta into the vet to be put to sleep. She was not doing well and she really probably had no quality of life left. I don't think she even knew her own name, let alone anything we said to her or who we are. She had no concept of anything really except eating, drinking, bodily functions, and sleeping which are all most likely instinct more than anything. It had just gotten too hard to care for her and clean up after her all the time and it isn't like she was getting much out of it anymore.

I am 99% sure she had a brain tumor which is probably what started her seizures over a year ago and she had just gotten progressively worse over the last year. She circled almost constantly when she was awake and on her feet, and it was always the counter clockwise direction, which the vet indicated had to do with brain tumor stuff (and would explain her blindness too). With the circling she ran into walls and anything in her path (a lot) and hit her head and would wince/yelp, but it didn't stop the circling. I know she couldn't help it and I feel so bad; I wish I could have helped her more.

Marta is deeply missed along with her little "brother" MoJo!!! The house is SO QUIET with them both gone now. The poor kitty is going to be sick of me soon. I will be following him everywhere seeking attention and affection and bestowing all of my attention on him. LOL!


More on Marta...

November 21st 2005 12:32 pm
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The vet had said that sometimes they can determine which lobe of the brain has a tumor based on the direction of the circling. Marta is just getting worse and worse; she is not present in her mind / body anymore. I think I need to start working my thought processes to being ready for letting Marta go. It isn't fair to her in that she is always confused, "lost", or agitated if she is not sleeping. What "quality" of life is that?? The largest problems with her circling and pacing is that she runs into EVERYTHING because she can no longer see. I also cannot leave her unattended inside by a watchful eye for very long either since she will go to the bathroom whenever and wherever. Poor thing.

Between Marta's problems and MoJo's liver disease it is very overwhelming and tiring and hard to get a good night sleep since it does not go uninterrupted. Lately I bet I am woken up every 1/2 hr to every hour by MoJo and then Marta in between. It is even harder because I know MoJo probably won't last much longer either since what is left of his liver is probably deteriorating daily. "Puppies" are supposed to live longer that that!


Send good vibes for my Marta...

November 21st 2005 12:22 pm
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Unfortunately my Marta is fading from me.

I don't know if it is all related to what causes her seizures and now blindness (i.e. maybe a tumor) or if it is something different like doggie Alzheimer's but my Marta has lost all sense of potty training. I know she really doesn't know any better anymore, but it doesn't make it less frustrating. She has been gradually fading in her normal Marta behaviors for the last few months and since the her loss of vision started she has faded more quickly. She doesn't seem to even recognize voices or smells of people anymore, let alone recognize her own name. It is just hard to know what to do since she physically looks healthy and isn't severly ill that way at all. She eats, drinks water, and sleeps just fine but that is about all she can do, besides constant pacing or circling and peeing & pooping whenever she has the urge no matter where.

I talked to one of my favorite vets at the clinic and based on Marta's history over the last year; seizures started, have gotten much worse, lost vision, pacing & circling are constant now except when sleeping, etc. it is more likely a brain tumor than doggie Alzheimer's. She asked me if Marta always circled in the same direction and at the time I had no idea, but now I have to say that it is always counter clockwise circling!

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