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My First Day Out

Hello to all my new Pals!

March 29th 2007 10:03 am
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Just wanted to say a big hello to all my new and old friends!
Spring is near and Im So happy about that....means much more time outside and none of those pesky coats mom is always putting me in!
She mentioned something about taking another class soon....thats great for me because that meants TREATS!!
I sit, stay, give paw and Hi Five! I impress lots of people with that! Im not sure how much more there is to learn but mom and dad keep saying "come" and i have NO clue what they are talking about. Then mom says, see she does everything except come when called, maybe we should take another class. Im cool either way!
Im going to florida with mom & dad tomorrow and its real nice there, it'll be my third or fourth time going. Looking forward to it.
Well we hope your all doing Great.


It's been a while...

September 15th 2006 2:14 pm
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Puppy Kindergarten is over now. I did pretty well over all, or thats what my mom says! Im a little rusty on my manners, I'll jump on anyone and give them licks and kisses if they let me- I can't help it I just get SO excited! Thats the only time I bark too!!
Its fall now here in the city and im looking forward to wearing my new sweatshirt (ok ok Im looking forward to Ginger wearing her new sweatshirt!!)
Mom bought some books on training, but then I overheard her tell dad that shes interested in taking another class....something about Tricks- wonder what that could be. Classes are cool though...I always get lotsa treats so it doesnt bother me. She also mentioned something about dad watching football every sunday so why shouldnt she take the class....those humans. Who knows!
I hope all my pals had a great summer. I'll keep you posted on any new exciting things going on at home!


Puppy Kindergarten Week 3

July 19th 2006 12:05 pm
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I went to kindergarten last night and I was a Star! I sat every time I was asked to, I came every time I was called and I was even used as the example by the teacher who happened to say that I was adorable and had the cutest markings!!! Oh yeah! Today I did 'down' for daddy, but not for mommy! We are going to be practicing that more. I slept late with daddy today cause he didn't have to go to work, they were amazed at how i can sleep till 11:30!! Anyway, its really hot today and im having a great time hanging out with daddy at home, he took me to a store and bought me a new toy! What a treat!!


Puppy Kindergarten

July 17th 2006 2:46 pm
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Mommy & Daddy have enrolled me in puppy kindergarten. I can't believe i forgot to tell you about it!! I started before july 4th, then we had a break, so i've only gone twice so far. Our class is on tuesday nights. Its fun. Mommy tries real hard and practices my homework with me during the week. Daddys better at working with me sometimes though! Ive learned so far (even though I already knew) my name. How to sit. And how to come. Last week we practiced what the teacher calls OK. Im supposed to sit next to mom or dad, then they lure me with a treat, and when they say OK we can start to walk. I think its so I know when to walk and when not to. But i was pretty good about that before class anyway. We also started to learn Give. When im supposed to give up my toy for them cause they ask. Well we haven't gotten to far on this one, im kinda stubborn!! We are going to practice tonight so we'll see how far we get.
I'll keep you posted on what we learn tomorrow night and if I was good in class or not!!!
I did make a friend last time, a little furry coton who im meeting at the park next week!!


Dog Days of Summer (how original!)

July 17th 2006 2:29 pm
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Well, its summer time, and ive officially been at my new home for 2 months now, so I can officially say....I run the house!!
My mom & dad love me so much they never let me be alone for more than 3 hours at a time. Good thing too, cause boy do I get bored, but shhh... dont tell them, I really dont get bored, cause im really sleeping the WHOLE TIME! I just want them to think im bored so they come home even sooner!!
Its hot out so I really dont like to go out during the day, my itty bitty paws hurt when I go onto that hot black asphalt. We wait till night time to go for walks and to the park. Its still fun, then im pooped and ready to go to bed! Im sleeping in bed now with Mommy & Daddy. I love it and I think they do too. Its so nice to wake up to mommy rubbing my belly and looking at me the way she does!!
We are spending our weekends out of the city in the country where theres a pool and a Huge yard that I get to run around and play frisbee in. I like it there a lot and always wiggle when we arrive!!
Well I'll let mommy finish some work now so she can take me to the park!!
More Details Later!


My Tail of Devotion for Ginger

July 17th 2006 2:25 pm
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My Tail of Devotion for Ginger,
Every day I love you more and more if that could even be possible.
You are my very very very first puppy, pet and furry friend that my heart bursts with love for.
When im not with you, Im constantly thinking about you.
You've shown me how to love so unconditionally by loving me back so unconditionally, whether I let you have that 3rd treat or not!!
You've changed my life in ways I cannot even explain in words, and I only hope that you are as happy as I am to have you in my life.
I cannot imagine what life would be like today had I not gone and picked you up to come and live with us forever.
I love you Ginger, always and forever.

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