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Diary of a Big Dog

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Pups, I haven't barked for so long!

October 6th 2012 12:21 pm
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It's Mom's fault, of course- I have been busy.

I had a great dog walker for a couple months, twice each week, and now Minnie and I have a FENCE! It is so cool to have a private dog park in my very own yard!

My dog walker was Sammy the Wonderful Man- I love him so much *sob*. Maybe he can still walk me sometimes...

Our fence is huge- all along the back yard, down into the woods and pretty secure. It's 5 feet tall and Minnie and I still haven't found a way out, dang it. I'll keep checking, not to worry.

Mom still walks Minnie sometimes, but says she can't control me. Geesh- just because I'm over 70 pounds now and can pull her across the street whenever I want...what a wimp.I hope all my students are well- academic kisses to you all.


No updates for a long time

August 8th 2012 9:29 am
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I'm OK, but Mom went on a trip and then went into the hospital- she's slowly getting better. We (Minnie and I) got boarded at Pampered Pets for a while and are now back home. Love to you all- I'll post when I can.

Professor Chester



July 6th 2012 10:30 am
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Literally! After a super-strong wind knocked down lots of trees, we lost power for almost 5 days and one night during the current heatwave. No lights, no A/C- nothing. What's a dog to do? Minnie and I stayed close to Mom, pups.

The power is finally back and we are cool again- hurray!

Did you all have problems from the storm, students? How long did it take to get your power back?

Professor Chester, glad to be cool again


Elk and kelp- oh my!

June 28th 2012 1:17 pm
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Sorry I've been MIA, pups- computer problems! I'm on my back-up computer now.

Today I want to bark about my Mom's strange ideas of what to feed me. The latest things are elk and kelp, believe it or not!

Now I approve of the elk, like any red-blooded American carnivore, but KELP??? I am not a seal or whatever is supposed to eat kelp...

Granted, these are snacks, not my main diet and they're still in the high-end spectrum of quality, but please. I do not need kelp to treat or prevent itchy skin- my skin and fur are lovely, my vet says.

What strange things do your pawrents try to get you to eat, students? (I eat both the elk and the kelp, BTW). What is your absolute favorite thing to eat, or do you love ALL food?

OK, I'm off to spend my backlog of zealies on some deserving pups!

Professor Chester, omnivore at large


To leash or not to leash?

May 30th 2012 11:46 am
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This would seem to be an obvious answer for city dogs, at least- walk on a leash, of course. But I, Chester, know of 3 dogs who are allowed to run completely loose in my neighborhood! We live in a quiet neighborhood in a small city.

Two dogs are put outside by their household in the AM to use the bathroom, I think. The dogs- a tri-color collie type dog and a Weimaraner, mostly avoid me, but I get tense just seeing them loose. I don't like dogs just walking up to me with no person attached!

The other dog who is frequently running loose is my good buddy Jack, who I met and liked when he was a young pup. He's about a year-old now, as big as me, and I still like him! His Dad is a young teenager and the head of household puts Jack out daily, unleashed. At first I thought it was only when the Dad was home, but the other day he came running up to me when the Dad's car was gone. Jack and I had a great walk togerher around the Circle, with him following me all the way home. Jack is a great, friendly dog but I worry about him getting hit by a car,sick from eating trash, stolen, injured or lost. And yeah, I'm jealous when I see him running loose in our woods...

I'm only allowed off-leash on a rare trip to the dog park- it's so not fair!

Are you students country dogs or city dogs? When and where are you allowed off-leash? Have you ever run loose after escaping your yard? Did anything bad happen to you??

Professor Chester, always leashed



May 23rd 2012 5:05 am
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Now, I actually don't mind being outside in a gentle rain, but thunder is a totally different story. Yesterday the rain didn't come in the afternoon, but it got humid, which was yucky. Then it started to THUNDER that night! Loud thunder. Repeatedly.

I went to Mom- Ma, make it stop! She made some silly reassuring noises and said that it couldn't hurt hurt me, it was just loud. She clearly has no idea how dangerous it is.

Does thunder scare you, students? How do you react? Does anything comfort you?? Have you tried a "thunder shirt"? Did it work for you?

Professor Chester, who likes the sky quiet


Rain, rain GO AWAY!

May 15th 2012 11:31 am
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There are many good things about rain- it waters grass and other plants, it's good to drink, it's cool and refreshing, it makes great mud...But ENOUGH already!! It has rained almost every day for weeks! And when it's not raining, it's overcast and gray and looks like it wants to rain- go, away already!

I want more sunshine and fewer clouds! I am not a Lab and I don't play one on TV. I want to take care of my pawsonal bathroom needs without getting soaked all the time. I'm starting to grow moss, I think.

Do you like rain, students? Will you walk in it and potty in it? Does it matter to you if it's cold or warm when it rains? If you are a Lab or Lab-mix, how do you feel about water from the sky?

At least my Mom hasn't bought me one of those silly raincoats yet.

Professor Chester, not Professor Mushroom!


Thinking about grass

May 3rd 2012 12:32 pm
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I'm sorry that I didn't post my class on Tuesday- my secretary is really pushing it....

I was laying out in the yard today, thinking about grass. Actually I was "grazing" as Mom calls it.

And then I rested in the soft, cool, buggy grass- heaven after a long, cold, wet Spring!

My Mom accidently deleted your 2 comments, students, in correcting this entry but- YES- we need to eat grass! Mom makes sure I choose wild places or yards that do not have fertilizer or chemicals on them, then she lets me eat to my heart's and stomach's content! We dogs know what's good for us- except when Minnie eats poop- but I digress.... We usually know what's good for us and we need grass as part of a balanced diet!

My name is Chester and I graze like a cow!

What about you, students- do you like to graze? Do your pawrents understand and support your need for grass?

The human named Walt Whitman wrote a book called Leaves of Grass, which contained the line, "I loaf and invite my soul"... The man understood the power and the glory of grass!

Professor Chester, loafing in the grass


Don't touch my toes!!

April 24th 2012 8:32 am
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I missed my recent Diary Pick, everypup, because Mom and GMa left town Saturday and dropped Minnie and I off at Pampered Pets until Sunday. That would have been OK, except that she arranged for us both to get baths!

Thank Dog the boarding place charges a lot to bathe dogs of our size, even with short hair, so Ma only gets it done a couple times a year.(Minnie also got de-skunked again to get rid of her faint lingering smell.) As part of our grooming, they also do nail trims. Minnie cooperated with this, but I got stressed-out and refused! Ma had told them about my just-healed broken toe, but she didn't think I would have PTSD over it

Guess again, Ma. NO ONE is touching my traumatized, tender toes!

Other than my aborted attempeted nail trim, we had our usual grand old time- cots with our familiar blankets to sleep on, play sessions, our toys Mom packed,and Frosty Paws at night.

Have any of you students ever had PTSD after an injury or other trauma? How long did it take you to recover, or have you recovered fully? I think having loving, patient humans helps a great deal with the healing process...

Professor Chester, with my loving, patient Mom


It's fun, but be careful!

April 17th 2012 12:23 pm
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Students, I am an adaptable dog. I have lived in cities of some size (Richmond, VA), I have lived in rural WY and now I'm in a small city (Charlottesville, VA.) In all of my homes until this one, I have had a fenced-in yard.Now I have a yard with no fence! Mom walks us every morning and Crazy Aunt Susan and Uncle Robert set up a cable in the backyard that Mom or GMa can hook our collars to with a long lead.It allows us to run from side to side in the yard for the length of the cable if we so choose.

Minnie mostly stays in one place, her nose sniffing all the wonderful smells she can inhale. If Mom is sitting out with me, I plaster myself to her leg and don't move much, except for sniffing smells and wandering short distances.

This works for us, Pups. The only problem we have is when I'm sometimes left alone briefly- I can get my lead wrapped around the lawn chair Mom uses and knock it over, acaring myself silly when it crashes down.Yes, the noise and getting tangled up freaks me out! The last time this happened, I took off running and my lead hit GMa in the face and knocked her down!

(Don't worry- she's OK now and she wasn't mad at me.)

The lesson for today is: watch where your leashes and leads go and try not to knock over your humans! They are more frail than they appear and can easily be injured. Remember, a hurt human may not be able to take you for walks and feed you lots of treats!

Have you ever accidently or (gasp) on purpose hurt your human? What happened? Did you get in trouble??

Professor Chester, reminding us all to be kind to humans

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