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I'm so friggin awesome!


June 12th 2006 12:30 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] remember that I said my favorite treat is the Chicken Buddy chicken cutlet? Well, my mommy and daddy had a big ol' pack of them in the kitchen cabinet. Since I'm such a smart Superdog I figured out a way to get at them. When no one was home I jumped on the kitchen table and managed to knock down my treats! I ate all of them in one shot and as a result did #2 on the floor!

I don't think mommy and daddy were happy about that when they saw it. Actually daddy finally caught me in the act of jumping the table and I was told to go to my "punished" area :( Right now I know they're hoping that I won't be bad again...


Astoria Park Dog Run

June 12th 2006 8:06 am
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Mommy and Daddy found a Dog Run not far from where we live in Astoria Park. I loved it! I didn't get a good welcoming though. There were two dalmations when I got there and one tried to attack me. Don't worry...I held my own! Daddy protected me - although I could've taken that dog down! The dalmation's owner was very nice and pulled him away from me. The other dalmation came by to say hello...he was a nice dog. Then they both left. As I was running, a couple came by with a puppy! We had so much fun together. Mommy and Daddy threw balls around so we could chase it. The other couple gave me lots of affection and were so nice to me! Mommy says we're going again and again (I think she's taking me tonight if it doesn't rain)! I'm so excited!

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