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Can't believe

September 30th 2011 5:54 pm
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It's been 5 years that you've been gone from us. Our lives have never been the same, we lost Boomer and Turner and miss all of you so much. But we hope that you guys are all together watching over us.

Love you Baby Girl, Miss you so much,

Mom and Dad


I'm in Bark Magazine!!

January 29th 2009 10:42 pm
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The issue will be out March 15th!! Mom just got notified that my picture will be published!! How cool is that!! I may not be on earth physically, but I still pop in now and then!!

Funny, mom submitted the picture a year ago!!


Two years have passed...

September 26th 2008 9:36 am
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And we still miss you so much. Mom is working on a tattoo with you, Boomer and Turner. We talk about you all the time. Laugh about how you grandfather was visiting in FL when you were a pup. You walked by him while he was eating breakfast. He tripped your back legs. You stopped and looked at him, he was eating and looking away. But you knew, you cocked your head and knew he tripped you!!

Then we laughed about how no matter what time it was if you heard the refridgerator door open you would appear. Your grandma said that if you were coming to visit she would fill both of your ears with stories!! What a great listener you were!!

Your dad and I smile every time we think about you as a pup running back and forth through the same puddle - laughing the whole time!! I've never knew a dog could smile and laugh until that moment!

We talked about how you were like the Charlie Brown cartoon where Snoopy is sitting calmly, the next frame his ears go straight up, the next frame he's sitting infront of Charlie Brown who states, " You're the only dog who can hear a marshmallow crunch!!" It was so true!! Even blind you knew where and who had food!!

Baby, once again, thank you for 13 wonderful years!! You were truly our angel!!

Love to you!!

Mom, Dad, Boomer - in heaven and Turner


Mom's dream...

December 6th 2007 8:07 pm
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I dreamt last night that I was visiting my grandmother - she passed away several years ago. When I opened the door you and Boomer greated me with the wagging tails. You were doing your best dog smile and folding in half wiggle. I'm so glad you and Boo are together again and seemed so happy.

Love to you Baby....


Happy Thanksgiving Baby!!

November 22nd 2007 8:27 pm
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I know you must be happy with Boomer running at your side - the two of you terrorizing anything in your paths!! I miss you so much. No other dog could give "puppy hugs" after a long day at work like you. You are so missed Baby..




It's been a year now...

September 27th 2007 3:51 pm
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And we still miss you and talk about you all the time. You were so much fun for the entire 13 years of your life. Always the trooper, even when you went blind you just put your ears up and listened to us for guidance.

Boomer is doing alright - she's come out of her shell after you passed. She knew that you were watching over her. You did a great job of teaching to both Boomer and Turner, thank you!! Turner has calmed down quite a bit and is turning out to be a real gentleman!

We're getting ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa's next week. It will be a lonely trip without you but Boomer and I intend to sit in the pasture like we always did.

Thank you Baby for 13 wonderful years you gave us so much joy, laughter, tears and even frustration during your life with us. We miss you so much, but knew it was time for you to go onto your next journey. We love you!!

Mom, Dad, Boomer and Turner


Dad says hello.

January 18th 2007 7:22 pm
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Today was your daddys birthday. He just wanted to tell you how much he misses you, nobody there to mooch for treats or any other food in the morning.

We were laughing at some of the things that you would do during your life with us. We remembered when you were a pup and grandpa was visiting at the old house. He was sitting at the table in the Florida room eating a bagel, you walked by him to go out the door and grandpa tripped you. You stopped looked at him with a million questions in your eyes, sneezed, then proceeded to walk out the door. How you would sit on the sofa like a person and the doze off with you head hanging over the arm of the sofa. The first time as a young pup you discovered a puddle and ran back and forth through it, with that beautiful smile on your face as mom and dad were laughing.

We sure do miss you, everyone is doing alright,.



Merry Christmas

December 25th 2006 5:04 pm
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Missing you so much this Christmas. You've been gone for 3 months now and the house is so quiet without you. Boomer has her good and sad days. Turner is, well, he's just Turner. I miss your cold nose on the back of my leg when I'm moving around. Especially when I'm on the phone, you would follow my voice and cry.

We know that you're no longer in pain, that you can see and run with that silly smile on your face, eating as much cow poo as you can handle. We put up a tree this year knowing that you weren't here to bump into it, but we didn't put out presents. That was your favorite time, when you would shred the wrapping paper. Even blind you knew when it was wrapping paper.

We miss you Baby and love you so much!

Merry Christmas!!


Mom, Dad, Boomer and Turner


Bye Bye Baby......

September 27th 2006 5:43 pm
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Yesterday, Sept 26, 2006, we sent Baby to Heaven. Her tumor had grown so large it was interfering with her eating, drinking and breathing. She never complained, grunted or groaned once during her sickness. Even during her passing she remained a lady - snoring peacefully until the end.

We loved her so much - 13 1/2 years as our first fur-daughter. The house is so quiet without her. No bumping into cabinets or crying when you greet her. She has taught us so much about patience and kindness. Being blind for two years she never stopped being happy.

Now if we could just stop crying........ We love you Baby and miss you so much!!



Good days....

September 13th 2006 8:19 pm
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Sunday wasn't a good day - I was too tired to hear mom call me. Didn't want to move - unless it was food.

But, Monday, Tuesday and today have been really good days. I'm having what mom calls "Good Cancer Days."

I took a walk every day - even trotted a little. I heard just about every sound and followed everyone that I could smell/hear. Just wish I could see them!!

Still enjoying life.....


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