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With Love to Duke

June 6, 2008....4 years ago today!

June 6th 2008 7:04 am
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4 years ago today(on the 60th anniversary of D-Day) a guy named Mike who was a volunteer with Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles came to an animal shelter in Chula Vista and took me to his home for fostering while waiting for me to be adopted. He named me D-Day.
Mom had been looking for a rescue dog. Her Brittany, Rex, had recently died at age 12. She saw me on a San Diego site that featured rescues from all over So. Calif. I was under "Senior Mutt Match" even though I was only 5! Mom and dad did not know anything about Goldens but mom liked my picture and filled out an application that went to GRCGLA. She thought I was probably somewhere being fostered in Los Angeles.
About an hour later, she gets a phone call from Mike. I was not only in San Diego, but about 15 minutes from mom and dad's home! So that afternoon, Mike rang the doorbell for me and then he stood off to the side so when mom opened the door, all she saw was me. Me and my big head and long legs.
I waited with mom while Mike did a home check.
It was already a given that this would be my new home....I loved mom and she fell in love with me. Dad came home early from work and fell in love with me too! I slept on their bed that night.
My new parents did not want to keep the name D-Day because they didn't want to have to explain it all the time so they named me Duke, after John Wayne. He starred in the movie, "The Longest Day" about the invasion of Normandy.
Duke was a great name for me. I was a gentleman and a chick magnet!
Although my time was short, I had a great life with mom and dad. And when I crossed to the Rainbow Bridge, my parents found Lucy on the GRCGLA website. And 2 1/2 years later, Nick!
So today, think of our doggies that have left you for the Rainbow Bridge and remember the love and happiness we gave you while on earth.
And give extra loves to the fur friends that are in your life now.


ADOPT 08 CONTEST/ My Rescue Story

May 7th 2008 6:52 am
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Mom and dad were looking for a dog after losing their Brittany after 12 years. They had no idea what kind of dog but they were sure they wanted a rescue. Mom found me on a San Diego Humane Society page called "Senior Mutt Match". They didn't know anything about Goldens but mom submitted an application to the Golden Retriever Club of Great Los Angeles thinking I was probably in LA somewhere.
As it turned out, I was left at a shelter in Chula Vista and was being fostered about 10 minutes away. So things happened very quickly. I met mom and they did a home inspection that afternoon and came to live there permanently the next day!!
The first thing my new parents noticed about me was my large head, lanky legs and gentle nature. I loved it there. They let me swim in the pool and mom took me to the park every day. The girl dogs loved me.
I had heartworm so had to go through treatment which wasn't fun. But I was very happy and content.
A few months later, mom noticed a lump on he and it turned out I had a sarcoma. We went to a dog oncologist and I had lots of tests, surgery, chemo and the tumor kept growing. So at Thanksgiving, mom and dad decided to stop everything and just let me be Duke. It was hard decision but they never regretted it. I was healthy and happy for another 6 months, swimming, going to the park and no more vet visits, no cone, no pain, no sedatives.
In June, I was struggling to breath. The cancer had spread to my lungs so mom and dad took me to the vet for the final time the day after Father's Day 2005. Mom slept on the floor with me the night before and they both held me when I took my last breath.
My time with them was less than a year, way too short. But as they liked to say "Every day is Christmas for Duke" and that is how I lived those last few months.
Two weeks after I said goodbye, they found Lucy on the GRCGLA webpage and drove up to Hollywood to get her! She is quite the diva, all fluff and needy. But so sweet and she helped heal broken hearts.
Then, last October, they got Nick from the same rescue group.
Their hands are full of Golden rescues. I am proud to have been their first!


I Miss My Boy

November 21st 2006 5:19 pm
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Oh sweet boy, Duke. Your mom misses you so much. Another Dogster Golden, Casey, has died and I get sad all over again. You must have some new friends, Milo crossed the bridge recently too.
I miss how you would lie on your back and show your "toofers". And that big head you had.
You would love Lucy, but she would probably have driven you nuts! She can be rather wild.
So sweet boy, take care of your new freinds, show them around and remember how much you were loved.


My Tail of Devotion for DUKE (in loving memory)

July 4th 2006 5:37 pm
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My Sweet Boy Duke, I will always remember the first time I saw you at my front door. You were so tall and skinny and had this big ol' head! Your tail was wagging and when you politely came inside, it was love at first sight. We had just lost our Brittany, Rex, after 12 years and we found you on a "Senior Mutt Match" website. You were our first Golden.
And what a dog you were. So kind and gentle and well-behaved. I loved watching you with that lanky trot and when you would lie on your back with your paws on your nose.
I am so sorry we did not have you longer. Your cancer spread so fast. I don't regret anything we did to keep you alive but I am glad we stopped when we did.
If you could talk to me, I think you would thank me for stopping your treatment and letting you be just "Duke". I think you would say thank you for endlessly throwing the "floaty Kong" in the pool so you could swim. And for going to the park every day where all the girl dogs were crazy about me! I felt well up until the end, mom. My time here on earth was heaven with you and dad. Now I am over the Rainbow Bridge with Rex and all kinds of new friends.
I am glad you found Lucy...a real pistol!!
To Duke, thank you for being my best friend, for being so sweet and patient.
We miss you terribly.
Love, Mom

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A Sad Anniversary

June 19th 2006 10:14 am
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Today is a sad day for my people. It was a year ago today that I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
My mom and dad found out I had cancer 2 months after they rescued me.
For a couple of months, they took me to the doggie oncologist who was very nice but I didn't care much for the treatment. I was always being sedated, had to wear the cone, and had to have chemo. When the nice doctor couldn't give my people much hope, they stopped all the vet visits and let me just be me.
Well, let me tell you. I had a great 8months. I went swimming every day and went to the park. I felt good and except for this fast growing tumor, you would never know there was anything wrong!
Finally, when the cancer spread to my lungs and I stopped eating, we went to the vet one last time and I crossed over the bridge with mom and dad holding me. I loved them so much for taking such good care of me even for such a short time. And they loved me too. They had never had a Golden and I taught them how kind, smart and loving we are.
They were very sad but after a few weeks, they spotted Lucy on the rescue website. She was covered in mud and had been found wandering the mean streets of LA. So they went up to LA and brought her home. She is not nearly as well-behaved as I am but a sweet girl anyway. I am glad they found another rescue Golden to love. She's such a pretty Golden.
I am now over the bridge playing with Beamer(we had the same vet!), Parker and now Archie. There are tons of great dogs here. All pain-free and happy.
So on this day anniversary I want to say "Mom and Dad, thank you and I love you. And love Lucy like you loved me. Our lives can be so short so play all you can and be happy".
Kisses from heaven,

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