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Sweet as Sugar

until we meet again

November 21st 2009 5:05 am
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We had to let you go a year ago today, but you will never be gone. You may be gone from this earth, but never from our hearts and family. Most of my memories of you are happy and funny, but today all I can remember are those pleading eyes. The eyes that said “Please mom, I have had enough. Please don’t make me suffer.” You went with grace and dignity. You did not whine or whimper, but just pleaded with those big brown eyes, and laid your head in my arms. I cry as I write this, yet I am happy that you must be running, and jumping, and playing, at the bridge. I’m sending my love until we meet again…….


Happy Birthday Sweet Angel

November 10th 2009 8:40 am
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Happy Birthday to my sweet Sugar Danielle. It doesn’t seem right that we spend this birthday apart, after celebrating 12 of them together. You came to us at 6 or 7 weeks old, and made our lives so much better for it. We will still celebrate the day of your birth, just in a different way. You have been gone from us just shy of a year, and I still look for you in front of the door. On one hand it seems you were just here yesterday, and on the other hand it seems I have not seen you in a lifetime. Just know that you were, and are, loved as a main part of our family.


Adopt 09 Contest

May 8th 2009 8:30 pm
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My daughter found Sugar on a busy highway in Arkansas. She stopped, took Sugar off the highway, and waited for someone to come looking for her. It did not happen. We believe the little ball of white fluff was sent to us to squash that evil demon we know as depression. We had lost our German Shepard just one month earlier, and were still coping with that. I had fought depression the prior 2 or 3 years, and my husband was lost without Rebel. My daughter thought life was over when she lost him. I had demanded that no more dogs be brought home, I just couldn’t take losing another one. Well, that was plain selfish.

Sugar came with an attitude that would melt your heart in the first 30 seconds, and let you know who was in charge with the next 30 seconds! My heart problems were very evident at that time, and when I was having a spell, she would not leave my lap, not even for food. When I was feeling well, she was bouncing, and running, and playing “come fetch me”. She was so slick and fast, that she could escape anything in a blink. We would chase her, with her looking back the whole time, to make sure we were still on track. Then she would stop and wait on us to catch up. Just as you would reach for her, I swear she would smile, and bolt like lightning! It was her favorite game, and our best exercise!

She lived through 10 grandchildren. That, in itself, is a feat. She was very patient with the new dogs as they came along, but never missed an opportunity to let them know who she was. By this time, she was nicknamed “The Godmother”. She never nipped at anyone or anything, just gave the newbie dogs a stern talking to if they invaded her space against her wishes. The others always followed her lead, whether it be what and when to eat, or when to bark at strangers, or when to go to bed. She was always the leader.

When her final days came, she was still the leader. You could read in her eyes what she was feeling, and I knew when she told me it was time to say good-bye. We spent one more night together, both of us awake every second, trying to get everything said, and also silently enjoying the cold, quiet night. She insisted we sit in her favorite spot outside and watch the stars. I wonder, did she see God? Did she see angels? The next morning my husband carried her to the car where my daughter had made a bed. We very carefully took her through the doors to the vet for one last visit. I held her in my arms as she took her final breath, and I swear to you, she smiled. She smiled just like she did when she played “come fetch me”. She smiled as she won the final game.

Our family will never be the same, Our home will never be the same. I think as I go through these heart problems again, that she is here with me. I can almost feel her. Almost…


Do Not Cry For Me, For I Am Home

November 21st 2008 2:31 pm
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Thank you guys very much, but please do not cry. Mama has that part Me and mama spent the whole day yesterday and last night together talking and cuddling. She told me how beautiful the bridge would be, and how I would feel like a pup again. She said I would take a piece of her with me, but in time she would come, and we would be whole again. Daddy carried me to the van and we went to the vet, where mama assured me I would never have to go again. She held me as the pain subsided, and I went to sleep ever so gently and beautifully. I see my family as they hurt, but I assure them from above that I am warm, happy, and healthy. I will be ready to romp and play when they come for me. They know this, but today it seems so far in the future for them to wait. I am joining many of my dearest friends up here and I already feel at home. I love you all, and will only be a whisper away.


I Will Be New Again

November 21st 2008 1:56 am
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I wanted to tell all my dear friends here at Dogster good-bye. It’s 3 AM Friday morning, and I will be making my journey home today. I have had the best time here in dogsterland, and made the very greatest of friends. Every pup I have met has a place in my heart. Some have very special places engraved in my soul. These friends have taught me so much about love, and loss, and laughter, generosity, compassion, and sometimes desperation. Life lessons in general. We have had the deepest of conversations, baring our souls to one another, crying with, and leaning on, each other. Then we have had the crazy times (more like baring our butts!) with laughter unlimited. HQ has been so good to me, and I thank them for giving us all this opportunity to share, and care, and make lifelong friends. Good-night my friends, for with the earthly daylight approaching, so approaches my new life with my Lord. I will be new again.


Love Tags...Part Two

July 25th 2007 7:40 pm
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My next installment of "Love Tags" include 3 more pups.

I am tagging little River because she starts our morning out every day with a hug and a nice word. That is so sweet!

I am tagging H&E A PAIR_A_DOX because they are always so helpful and gracious in the forums. And by their pictures I bet they are a fun pair!

I am tagging Zoe Dingo for her heart and compassion. She is always just a p-mail away, think I will do that.


I have been "Love Tagged" by my bestest friend!

July 15th 2007 9:57 pm
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My bestest friend Sassy has Love Tagged me. It's a new Dogster tag game. You are Loved! You pick three Dogsters that you think are fantastic and tell a little about why! Don't forget to let them know how much they are loved with a p-mail, star or a rosette. By what I have read, you do not tag the one that tags you. I am blessed with many wonderful Dogster friends, so picking three is impossible! I will do as Sassy did, and do this in more than one installment. These are in no particular order, and I pray I don't hurt anyone's feelings. I am posting these for tonight, and hoping to get through that many. If you are posted and have not received a pretty yet, it is coming, I promise. I will be tagging one member of the family to start with.

I tagged Barney because he is my sister's (Precious Michelle) true love. He and his family have always kept in contact, and they sound so much like my family. I love that they rescued Sadie Lady from the mean people. Sadie is a doll, too!

I tagged Milo because he is my own true love. He is handsome and loving. His family is a true dog family and we love that (Milo, Pita, Zak, Jena, and Bean). Also, they are always encouraging pups in the forums and spreading happiness.

I tagged Bruti (and Jezzie). I don't know where to start here. In fact, I think I will describe this family very simply: love. This family is love. They have so much love, that it overflows to all us lucky dogsters! Their mother is so intelligent that we are in awe of her. She is so sweet and eager to help.

I tagged Daisy Mae (and Annie). Another great friend that is always there when you need her, and another very intelligent mama. She has come to the rescue of many pups needing advice. She is always more than willing to help anyone that needs help. She will speak up when the occasion arises, and not back down, and I think that is great.

I tagged The Fabulous Conway Sisters. These sisters were some of my first friends on dogster, and some of my best. Their parents work so very hard, and donate so much time, that I just don't know when they find any time to show the love they show on dogster. I pray their life gets easier.

I tagged The Roo Crew. Another family that we pray for an easier life. They have all but laid their lives down for one of the loves of their lives. They have exhausted their bodies, and yet never waivered in their care of Sammy J. Their family includes 3 wonderful dogs (Samual Jacob, Bernadette, and Mickey), and the love flows!

I tagged Rudy Patudy. My family has watched Rudy from his first day on dogster. He entertains us continually, and consoles us when we need. To say it in one word, Rudy is FUN.

I tagged Shiloh. He is a fairly new friend, and sure to be a great one. He always pops in saying something to brighten our day. That is such a wonderful quality.

I tagged Maggie (and Buddy). They have been my friends for quite some time, even though I have not kept up well with them. They never have a bad thing to say. Actually, just the opposite. They always have something nice to say, something that makes everyone smile. They are genuine.

I tagged Clover. I'm not sure what attracted me to Clover, but I just couldn't resist her face. Since writing with her a few times, I found her to be delightful!

I tagged Abby Grace. Abby just makes me smile. She makes everyone smile. All her pictures are so happy that you want to play with her!

I found Abby Grace RIP 1/19/05-2/27/07 by mistake. She sounds like she was the perfect companion, and she had no stars. She WAS a star, and I thought she deserved one.

I tagged Cheesecake. He is another one that makes you want to cuddle. He participates so much on dogster, and tries to include everyone else. His mama cares for fur babies, and for that, we are thankful.

I have several more, so please come back and see some more of my friends later. I am thankful for each and every friend my family has made here on dogster!

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