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It's ALL about MEEEEEEEE!!

March 4th 2008 6:16 am
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OMDAWG….yesterday was …. ummmmm….. well…DA BEST DAY EVER!!! I turned 2 years old… {{{WOO HOO}}}. I met a lot of new pals on Dogster who wished me Happy Birfday…Dallas and Sassy Girl made me a bearootiful picture and I even got a video made of JUST ME eating my cake…yep…you heard it right…NO KOKOA GIRL. Of course pudgie girl got her cake...but momma said it was my very own day to shine...wittle ol’ me!! I still can’t understand why momma whispered to daddy to get ready for the “terrible two’s. ME??...TERRIBLE??... {{{GASP}}}…dat just ain’t so. I am a “PERFECT” angel. For example, I don’t pee in da house… {{{so who cares if it’s an accident…Kokoa still does it}}}… I don’t slop food all over da place when I eat or slurp water and get most of it on the floor so momma slips and falls on her butt…{{{Kokoa does}}}…I don’t chew on ANY of momma’s shoes…{{{Kokoa does}}}…I don’t smear nose prints all over da windows just cause a stupid kittie is in the yard…{{{Kokoa does}}}…I don’t shred or drag toilet paper all over da house…{{{Kokoa Does}}}…I’m NOT a bed hog…{{{Kokoa is…all 80 lbs of her}}}…I don’t sniff odder dawgs butts….{{{OK skip dat one}}}…I don’t try to hide it when I have gas issues …{{{dat makes your tummy hurt}}}…and den look at someone else as if “how dare you”…or "who made that stinkie"...{{{Kokoa does}}}…If I gotta do it I make sure its LOUD and I’m proud for being responsible for it…{{{WOO HOO}}}. So PWEASE mom….tell me why I’m sooooo terwable???


I finally have a Momma

January 12th 2008 5:10 pm
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Can you believe it's been almost 2 years now that I've lived with my grammy and grandpa and since then my dad has made it official that he is making NH his permanent residence and that I'm not allowed to go live with him since he's making a career out of college...{{{well that's what grammy says}}}....and that he would have no time for me...{{{grrrrr}}}. Anyway...I just got the best news ever. Grammy told me that I'm to start callin her momma just like Kokoa Girl does...can you believe...I finally have a momma!!! I'm just soooo excited...{{{{happy dance}}}...I don't know what to do with myself. Well first thing is I have to work on my dogster page and change grammy's name to momma.....MOMMA...doesn't that have a pawsome ring to it??...hmmmmm.
No more grammy....she's my momma now...can you just believe it??



Birthday Blues

March 3rd 2007 5:19 am
[ Leave A Comment ] it's March 3, 2007...and can you guess what day it is...hmmmm....well...did you guess??'s the one and only **KINGSTER'S** 1st birthday and do you think anyone here remembered this special occasion?? Well here's my answer to that one: gonna happen...King who?? Guess that mean it's a negative. Then to top it all off you'll never guess who did remember one and only "DOGSTER". Can you believe with how busy they are that they still had time to remember little ol' me. I guess I am special after all. Anyway...{{{heavy sigh}}}...I thought about being just a little naughty today to teach these humans a lesson but I remembered what happeneds when I act to the dreaded timeout chair. It used to be Kokoa Girl's chair but the tank kinda out grew it. Maybe if I just keep woofin the happy birfday song someone will look on the calendar...OK...I'm on a mission....tune in with ya later for end results.

Unhappy Birthday boy


Windy James said "YES"

January 3rd 2007 5:30 pm
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First and foremost..."I AM NO LONGER A CHICK MAGNET"! The day I met my Windy I have been as true as blue can be. We {{{I mean Windy}}} kinda had this misunderstanding and Wind got a little upset with me because of something I said a LoooNNNnggg time ago...I mean back when I was a pup. This girl was soooo mad at me she had flames coming out of the nostrils. She even did this to me......
{{{{{{{HUMPH.... HUH!....FUMING!!!!.... HUFFING...}}}}}
Anyway...her momma sat her down and straightened everything out. Wind even told her mom that my BUTT belongs to her and nobody else...that's when I knew she was meant to be my girl for life. Dec 28, 2006, I asked her to go steady... and can you believe it...she said "YES YES YESSSSS".


My Secret

August 26th 2006 5:36 am
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Today's a really sad day for us cause my daddy left for college again. I hope after his last year of college I can go live with him since he'll have more time for me. My grammy's been doing a lot of crying but she won't let me give her any kisses to make it all better. Nobody here wants to give me kisses anymore. Grammy caught me eating Poop. What... like she's never done that before. Then she took me right upstairs to the place where I drink out of the toilet bowl and she took this thing and scrubed my mouth out. What...I thought all dogs ate poop...guess I didn't know I was being naughty, AGAIN!! She told me no girls will ever like me or even....ummm....kiss me if I keep up that bad habit. I was sooo mad at grammy after all this...geeez it was only poop. She acted like I killed something. She aught to be happy because it was one less pile she had to clean up. She's even afraid to be near my face I have some disease or something. I'm just sooo frustrated with daddy gone and all that and no one here I can really have guy talk with anymore. grampy won't listen to me cause he's sooo busy all the time. This has been one of those weeks where I wish I was in the pound....oops....sorry....I really take that back because I don't wish that on anyone. Well I'm gonna go see if I can make grammy happy. It's a big job but I know Kokoa Girl and I can go it. Kokoa Girl gave me a denta bone this morning so I shoulldn't have any bad breath. Thanks for letting me share my secret. I hope my girl Windy still likes me after tellin my secret.

"The Poop Eater"



June 25th 2006 4:49 am
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Tomorrow is going to be a very scary day for me. This is my first visit to the vet's office and my grandma say's he's gonna check me all over to make sure I'm OK. Besides getting all my shots the Dr. is also going to take a look at my hernia I got, it's a bump I have on my tummy. Oh and guess what, grandma say's I have "BALLS". I started to get excited cause I thought she brought me home some new toys but boy was I wrong!! Anyway, what ever that meant grandma say's I have to have the Dr fix that also. Sounds like the vet is going to be pretty busy with me tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

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