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Samu World with an attitude

My Tail of Devotion for Samantha Madison

July 31st 2006 1:49 pm
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Life would not be as meaningful as it is... everyday I appreciate all licks and all hugs that Samantha gives to me... life has a meaning and love is the only important thing among us...

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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What a week!!

May 20th 2006 6:34 pm
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After several days of not having Eliza around because of a family member being ill with cancer... I missed her so much but at the same time I knew she was so sad about this and that she had to go far away (about 6 hrs drive away from me), so there, I got to stay at home (thank God!) but got "supervised", fed, cleaned and took after by my favorite play-mate, anyways, Eliza returned after 4 days and as I could tell she was exhausted from the trip, so I treated her well, licked her as much as I could and mushy mushed her when we slept... although she has been depressed I think we´ll get passed this and we are sure that my auntie will surpassed this killer cancer... to my doggy angel in heaven we pray that she will be ok...
Now that Eliza has been around she has taken me to the park and played like crazy, now I have to get ready to go to the vet to get my annual meds to prevent wormies on my tummy...
See ya all very soon.. and keep on the good chewing..!!!


Woof! What a day!

May 18th 2006 10:42 pm
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Well, again here its me talking about people with an anti-dog attitude, so there... Eliza with not so brave friends that come to visit and guess what??? have fear of dogs....yes... and I don´t have your typical dog-friendly-kind-of-face, so everytime this chic comes to visit I have to be "entertained" in the kitchen while she gets accompanied to the office. I won´t bite I just want to smell a little bit and that´s all... well it just occurs to happen that between the main entry and the office is considered my territory so there you go... keep bringing people that are sooooo afraid of dogs, c´mon dude! no fair... I know it just happens for 1 minute but in my dog world it seems that happens forever.. and ever.. and ever....

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