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Life as a sadie

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Balls balls and more balls

June 9th 2006 5:50 pm
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Mommy is the greatest mommy in the world!! Not only did mommy and daddy treat us to spaghetti tonight( i think mommy gave me the most even though I'm the smallest), mommy opened a new bag of balls and I got one shaped like a basketball and one shaped like a football. The best part is they have sqeakers!!! Mommy usually leaves my sqeaky balls in the yard, but today she let me play with them in the house. I just squeaked them and squeaked them and squeaked them and sqeaked them, anyway, I think mommy's getting a headache for some reason, because she's holding her head. Maybe if I squeaked them a little more, that would help her feels better, I better go try...


Hot day

June 15th 2006 3:08 pm
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Mommy came home early today and I got to play with her in the back yard. It was so much fun. It just got sooooooo hot that i couldn't run anymore. I actually had to LAY DOWN!! I cannot believe it. I kept drinking lots of water but that didn't help. I was so sad because I couldn't play with mommy as long as I wanted too. But mommy says that once it gets cooler tonight she'll take us in the backyard with daddy and play some more. I can't wait!!


My Tail of Devotion for Sadie Lee

June 21st 2006 11:44 am
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Miss Sadie Lee,
Daddy and you have always been very close and I guess sometimes I let that make me jealous. While you are and always will be one of my special girls, you are truly a "daddy's girl". But that won't change what you mean to ME. One thing I love about you is your zest for life. I have never seen a dog with such energy at the same age as you are now. You are tireless when it comes to playing yet when it comes to sleepy time, you are sooo ready to snuggle in bed with us. That is perhaps my favorite part of you-that inner snuggle bunny. That part of you that just HAS to be near either me or daddy, just HAS to be watching us, or HAS to know what we're doing. While you have your mean streak(especially with Pebbles), I often catch you licking her mouth just like you were her mommy, and I find it incredibly sweet. You make our lives more active, more fun, and definately more exciting. Thank you little girl.

Love Always,

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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another night with mommy and daddy

July 3rd 2006 8:11 am
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Ahhhh, this has truly been the life. Mommy and daddy have let us sleep with them every night lately because Pebbs and Morgie are scaredy Dogs. I guess there is something good about being afraid of loud noises. Mommy pet me all night until she fell asleep then I rolled over to daddy's side and snuggled up next to him(i Like daddy because he's always so warm). What could be better than playing all day, eating goodies from picnics, and then snuggling up to your favorite people? Like I said, this is the life...


Work with Daddy

July 16th 2006 6:28 am
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Usually I go to work with daddy every Saturday but it hasn't been true for the last few weeks. I thought maybe daddy was mad at me because he's been gone so much. I love my daddy soooo much that I felt very sad. But then I woke up this morning(I know it's Sunday) and daddy was by the door and he said I could go and I was soooo happy again. I just like to be with daddy all day and he always buys me something for breakfast. This morning I got a hash brown from McDonalds-yum yum and more yum. I have to be quiet about it though so Pebbs and Morgie don't get jealous. Daddy finally told me he is starting a new job tomorrow so I guess no more Saturdays with just me and my daddy. I'm kind of bummed, but daddy seems very excited about it, and he said there will be even more money for treats!! I like that part!!


Huge Crush

July 25th 2006 12:01 pm
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His name is Samuel Jacob and he is a Australian Cattle dog and Brittany mix. Just thinking his name makes me get dog bumps. He's got these cute ears that flap in different directions-his pics are soo cute. I have to keep this crush a secret from my daddy though because he thinks I'm too young for this kind of stuff(even though it's SO not true). Maybe one day I'll get to ride in Sammy's truck(daydreaming) wouldn't that be nice:-) I don't care that he's had two hip replacements-I think it builds character to go through something like that. What a cutie patootie.


Hot Hot Hot

July 31st 2006 4:23 am
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It has been so Doggone hot lately that mommy doesn't want me to play outside with the ball. I usually love the summer just because I can play outside whenever I want. But finally yesterday mommy took me out to play in the morning before it got too hot. I love when mommy or daddy throws the ball for me. Sometimes mommy gets tired and ignores the ball(like yesterday). But I just pick it up and throw it at her instead of just dropping it in front of her. That always makes her laugh. And usually(like yesterday) it makes her throw the ball for me again. I just love being cute and sassy-it gets me what I want!!


My sweetie

August 1st 2006 4:38 am
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My crush Sammyknows that I like him!!!! I sent him two "secret" rosettes yesterday and he figured me out by the clues that I left. I was so embarrassed-he is such a cutie. I am so used to being around girls that i don't know how to act around boys. He makes my heart flutter. Last night I had a dream where we were both riding in his truck and we stopped and got two pupsicles, then spent the night watching the stars. Ahhhh...he's so dreamy.


Please be careful everypup!!!

August 1st 2006 11:43 am
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Mommy had me outside with her today for less than ten minutes(Morgan and Sadie were inside) and I started to get really sick. It was 95 degrees today but i wasn't running around so mommy thought I'd be okay. But I started to get really tired and I felt like I couldn't breathe. Mommy rushed me into the house and put a bunch of cold blankets and ice cubes all over me. Finally i started to cool down enough for my heart to slow down. Luckily mommy worked for the Humane society and knew what to do. She was very scared about nerve and brain damage though-but I'm okay. I just want to warn all those other pups and families that even a short amount of time for a short haired doggie can be detrimental. Humans get hot but have a better way of cooling themselves(and no fur), so I hope people see this and keep their pups inside except to go to the potty this summer.


Mommy went to PETCO today!!!

August 17th 2006 9:04 am
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Mommy went out shopping today, which usually bugs me, because she has to leave us, but not today!!! She came home with my favorite kind of bag-the one from PETCO. Although I am a little miffed she didn't take ATLEAST me with her. But all was forgiven when she brought out some yummy hooves. And they weren't just any hooves-they were the kind filled with bacon and cheese!!! She got one for each of us but I kept sneaking over to Pebbles and taking hers back to my bed. Once mommy saw it happen, she put a stop to that! Mommy said she'll take us into the back yard to play once our neighbor lady is done having her garage sale. I don't know why she would be selling her garage, but I don't understand these humans all the time. Until then, I have to take my treat and hide!! i saw mommy get new doggy tooth paste and I HATE getting my teeth brushed. If I hide long enough, maybe she'll forget me and just do Pebbles and Morgans!!

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