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The Exciting World of Schubert

Dec. 20, 2006

December 21st 2006 4:07 am
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This is my first diary entry, so I'm going to summarize what my life is like on a normal day.
I wake Mommy up between 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. for my breakfast - I don't care if it's the weekend and she wants to sleep in or not. I eat then go outside to do my business - I hurry back in because there's sometimes a surprise in my bowl (like blueberries, strawberries, etc.). Then we go back to bed and I get my cuddle - I get my ears scratched or I get a nice massage and I lick Mommie's hands cause they taste good. I go back to sleep and Mommy goes to work.
I sleep all day unless I hear a truck; then I have to get up and bark at it. I bark at the postman too - I don't know why-he's really nice-it's just my job.
Rod gives me a cookie for lunch - I like the Paul Newman heart shaped peanut butter ones. Sometimes Rod takes me for a walk in the park. If not, I just sleep.
I am so excited when Mommy comes home from work-Rod opens the door and I run like mad to greet her! I don't realise how much I miss her until she comes home. Sometimes she has something for me like a Timbit from Tim Horton's. I know those words really well. If it's summer, Mommy takes me for a walk in the park. If it's winter, she doesn't-sometimes she tries to get me out for some exercise but I hate the snow and cold and I won't go. After supper, I follow her around all night. At 9:00, she sits on the couch with me and we have a little snack - sometimes I get some popcorn, sometimes pretzels. Then I sleep on her lap and we go to bed. It's a very tiring schedule, day after day.


Dec. 20, 2006 - I forgot

December 21st 2006 4:12 am
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Mommy is off for Christmas Holidays. We went to the park and I saw my girlfriend Katie. She's a girl Chihuahua and she has a pretty blue coat with pink fur. I ran around and peed all over the place to show her how much I liked her. Then I chased the geese into the water - there were about a hundred of them and I felt so proud after.


Chi chi has come for a visit

March 14th 2009 9:23 am
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I went to Chi-chi's house for 2 weeks and now she's come to mine. I'm a bit jealous when she goes near my mommy, but I'm getting used to her. She follows me all around and tries to do what I do - copy cat. She can't copy my tricks though. She is keeping me company while my mommy is at work.


My new home

June 17th 2009 6:22 pm
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It didn't take me long to get used to my new home. Wherever my mommy is, that's home to me. I love to go over to the new neighbours front yard because there is a yummy dead thing over there. I'm happy because I'm still close to the park and I still know my way around when we go for a walk. There is an awesome dog down the street - Max - except I don't like it when she jumps on me but she sure smells good. There's another awesome dog down the street the other way - Bailey - she's sure cute. My other friends Simon and Angus are now just around the corner from me. So is ChiChi, but the last time we saw her, she wasn't very friendly - I think she was guarding her van.


My Thanksgiving Visitors

October 16th 2009 5:27 pm
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The kids came to visit me on Thanksgiving - Evan, Holly, Bronwyn and their friend Kelly. I had lots of fun but then I got tired and grouchy and growly. They really liked all my clothes.


It's been too long

September 20th 2012 9:46 am
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Wow! I've been barking and barking at my Mom to add a new diary entry for me. My paws are too little to fit on the keyboard. I'm 12 and a half now and except for being on thyroid medication and losing my front top and bottom teeth, I'm still like a young pup, except a bit grouchier. I still run fast - my mom could hardly keep up to me yesterday when we went to the park (of course, she's getting old but I would never tell her that). I have a new girl friend Charlie that moved in around the block (don't tell Bailey and Chi-chi). When I see her I can't help but do a back flip and run round and round. I have a new human that moved into the house too. I let him think he's the boss of me but you and I know the real truth! I have a great dogsitter when Mom goes away. He lives down stairs and feeds me every time I look at him with that "I'm so hungry" look. I still keep the chipmunks and squirrels on their toes and bark at all the skateboarders and trucks that drive by. I let them know who the boss is. Oh, I think I heard the crinkle of a food wrapper - I've gotta go!


I'm a teenager

January 28th 2013 2:59 pm
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It's my birthday today and I'm 13 years old. Mom says I'm a teenager but I'm really 64 in dog years. I act like a teenager though. Mom says I have to wait until Saturday to have my party. Maybe if I'm really good, she'll let me have my party on Friday. I got 25 dogster bones and a football from my friends on dogster. They really like me. Everybody really like me.


Sorry to see you go Dogster

January 18th 2014 7:54 am
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Since Dogster community will be shutting down March 3rd, I now have my own Facebook page "The Wonderful World of Schubert". I hope all my pup pals will come to visit me there. See you soon, Love, Schubert.


I'm 14

January 28th 2014 12:02 pm
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It's my birthday and I want a chicken cake with cheese on top.

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