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Cosmo's Canine Musings.....

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Cosmo has gone to the Bridge

July 11th 2012 8:34 am
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Our sweet boy went to his rest on July 7, 2012. After his cancer diagnosis in February, he remained symptom free for several months. We had lots of walks, games of fetch, buddy burgers and treats. He got to go to the cabin one last time for his Gotcha Day and went with us on a trip to Manitou Springs. In June his symptoms became severe and it was time to let him go. We trust that many Dogster pals are keeping him company at the Bridge.


Salida Rocks!

May 14th 2011 4:55 pm
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I had the best time in Salida! I didn't get to meet up with my pal Jesse because his Mom and Dad had to be out of town, but I got to go everywhere with my peeps! Our motel is real dog friendly and we could walk into town from the motel. On our first night, I walked to a restaurant with the folks and we three sat on the patio and had dinner together. Well, they had dinner and I watched and had my dinner back at the motel. Most of the stores in Salida let dogs in, so I went book shopping at Book Haven and I shopped for shoes for Dad and went into a gift shop. I think I could get into this shopping thing, so the peeps better watch their credit cards!! BOL!

We went to see the new dog park that Jesse's Mom worked to get established. I had a great time because they had agility tunnels and I ran through one of them to the pawrents delight! We walked by the river, but I didn't go in, because that would mean getting my paws wet and I hate that!

Mom put a video of me protecting her in the hotel on my main Dogster page. It's kinda slow going, but you can see how very alert I am! I take my guarding job very seriously!

We walked and walked and I just loved that! Mom and Dad are talking about a trip to Breckenridge that doesn't include me, but I am going back to my old B and B for a few days. So, I should have fun anyway.

Life is fun, fun, fun in Cosmorado!


What a Life!

May 6th 2011 7:59 am
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I am one happy boy! Today I have a play date with Mocha, a chocolate lab. (I am disappointed that Mom says that chocolate is her color and that she is not edible). Then on Sunday we leave for my favorite doggy-friendly motel in Salida. We will park the car there and walk everywhere in town! When we get back, I have doggy daycare on Thursday with all my pals and ANOTHER play date next Friday with my other grrrlfriend, Nuna. Mom says she is going to have to get me my own Daytimer or iPod touch to keep up with all my appointments and dates!!

Life is grand in Cosmorado!


New Grrrlfriend!

March 16th 2011 2:30 pm
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I am so excited! Mom was perusing the dogs up for adoption at our shelter and her heart went out to a 7 year old Border Collie/Lab whose family had moved and said they couldn't take her. She called our friend Edna, who is looking for an older dog. Edna went to see the dog, Nuna, today and put a hold on her!! Hooray!

She said Nona was very calm and sweet. She couldn't take her home today, because she will be out from morning to late evening tomorrow, so she put a hold on her and is going to pick her up on Friday. Mom is going to their house to meet Nuna. She says that after Nuna is settle into her house we can have a play date!! And assuming that we get along (and I KNOW we will), Nuna is invited to our house for Easter dinner with her Mom!!

Oh boy, oh boy! I do love those grrrls!!! I will have Mom post photos of our date!

Life is good in Cosmorado!!


I'm a Thankful Boy!

November 2nd 2010 3:39 pm
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Now that I am 8 years old, I go to see Dr. Batch twice a year for a Senior Check-up. Mom took me in yesterday and I just loved it. All the techs know me and come to greeet me and give me rubs and scratches. Then Dr. Batch examined me. He gets down on the floor with me and kisses me while we're doing it! He also gives me WONDERFUL little chicken treats!

He looked in my eyes and ears and mouth and felt me all over. He put a thingy next to my heart and said I have the slow heartbeat of an athelete! He bent my legs and pulled on them and said my joints are just fine. When he was all done, he said, "Cosmo is perfect." I loved that!

He did find one little lump the size of a marble near my rib. He put a needle in it and put stuff on a slide. Then he said, "I don't even have to put this under the microscope. It's clearly all fat." So that was nothing.

More treats, more kisses....I love my vet.

Life is good in Cosmorado!


That room MOVES!!!!

September 23rd 2010 1:34 pm
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Mom and Dad took me to a neat hotel on the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs. The pet-friendly rooms were on the third floor, which was new to us. Usually they are on the first floor near the doors so we dogs can get outside when needed.

So Mom took me into this little room and the door closed behind us. Then I felt a big vibration in the floor and IT FELT LIKE THE ROOM WAS MOVING!!! When the door opened, we were in a different place! Mom said that the room is called an elevator and that I shouldn't be afraid. But it spooked me every time. And we had to use it alot! I don't like the elevator thing, although I do like the Colorado River........

Life is scary in Cosmorado!


I got to see the School Bus off~~

September 2nd 2010 3:49 pm
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Dad has been wanting to take me out to visit with the children who wait for the school bus in front of our house. So, this morning he did!! I got to meet a mom and then all the kids petted me!! They loved the way my tail wags and wags real fast!!! Then when the bus came, Dad took me on it to meet Mr. School Bus Driver!! It was great fun!!

Then after the bus left, Mom and Dad put me in the car and we went off to MY school....doggy daycare where I played with the other dogs all day!!

Life is good in Cosmorado!!


Just call the Humane Society!

August 18th 2010 3:17 pm
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Will someone please call the Humane Society and have them come and just take me away? Two weeks ago, Mom took me to the doggy emergency room and they gave me a shot to make me puke just because I ate an empty doggy toothpaste tube. Mom says she was afraid the metal shards would hurt my insides. But I think she just wanted to torture me.

Then at the cabin on Monday she was cleaning out a shed and found an old chipmunk carcass. She took it out back and buried it under some sticks. Yesterday morning she saw me playing back there and then she noticed that the carcass was gone. So she ASSUMED that I had eaten it! Out came the peroxide bottle. She put that awful stuff down my throat and made me puke AGAIN!!! Only my kibble and some green beans came up because I was innocent of eating it. This time she was afraid the old thing would get stuck inside me or that the chipmunk might have eaten some Decon.

All I know is that I am sick and tired of being sick and pukey. Mom is making me miserable....somebody get me some hellp.

Life is naseating in Cosmorado.......


I'm a Rock Star!

July 13th 2010 7:13 pm
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Life sure has been busy for me. FIn my last entry, I had to put on my bow tie to meet and greet the dog rescue ladies from the All Breed Rescue Network of Colorado. Then last week Mom and Dad took me to a 4th of July party in the mountains at the cabin of our neighbors whose name is Neighbors! It's pretty confusing. But joy of joys, my Ellie was at the pawty! She lives in Austin, Texas and her peeps have a ranch near our cabin. I only get to see her once a year. But it sure was nice......sigh.

Ellie has a new brother named Shorty (shouldn't ALL doxies be named Shorty?). He's a great guy, but he had a bad start in life and he shakes and cries anytime his mom leaves the room. But other than that, he seems happy and healthy. Ellie has no such issues. When her mom leaves the room, she just kisses whomever is left in the room. (Sometimes, thats me!)

After the picnic Mom and Dad took me for a short, but steep walk on the Continental Divide Trail, which is just 8 miles from our cabin. It starts at 9,600 feet and goes up from there, so we were all panting like dogs.

In keeping with my busy social schedule, today Dad had a bunch of former work friends over for lunch. So I put on my red bow tie (with Mom's help) and I did the meet and greet thing. Needless to say, I was again the life of the pawty!

Life is busy, happy and good in Cosmorado!


Heaven, I'm in Heaven...

June 27th 2010 6:36 pm
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What a day! Mom had eight dog rescue ladies over for lunch today! I got to wear my red bow tie and be the center of attention. I was kissed and petted and told how handsome I am. People sneaked me food and wouldn't let Mom keep me away from the table. I feel like a rock star!!

The whole group was photographed for the All Breed Rescue Network Newsletter and I am front and center in the photo!

The only bad moment was when they told Mom she should have more dogs!! But she is a one dog human, so I think I'm safe!

Life is good in Cosmorado!

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