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Dopey Droolings from Moe

Help, Help, The world is ending!

July 27th 2006 1:25 pm
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Oh my goodness guys, there is a bunch of wet stuff coming from the sky and the big sky thing is makin a lot of big rumbly noises. It kinda sounds like my belly in the morning -only lots louder! Now I have to follow mom around and look dopey and lost while I pant like crazy and scare mom into thinking I might have a seizure because I'm so nervous. I'm trying to get under every table in the house and mom says I'm a goof cuz I don't exactly fit, but I don't care...


I love springtime...

May 10th 2006 4:37 pm
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The springtime is my favorite season! This is because I looooooove chasing dad (and running up and down the fence scaring the neighbors who think big dog = scary) with his lawn tools. I have a wonderfully fun love/hate relationship with lawnmowers, weedwhackers, hedge trimmers, garden hoses...I MUST BARK INCESSANTLY AT ALL THESE FASCINATING THINGS! Do you other Saints do this too?


Hey Guys!

May 9th 2006 9:46 am
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My name is Moe. I am a very very very big doggie. Mom says that my ancestors rescued people in the mountains. I don't think I could do that because I would get too tired and lay down for a nap. I get to go to mountains sometimes in the summer, but I mostly just sleep in the shade and check out what dad and papa are cooking on the grill. I live with a pug...Oh,boy. He can be a bit bossy to me, but I like him anyway. I know lots of other dogs in my neighborhood and family, but I am the biggest. The biggest baby, dad says. Well, I am afraid of a few leaves that fall out of the sky, plastic bags caught in the wind, mom's scary broom, and various other completely non-threatening things, but don't tell the girl dogs OK?

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