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December 5th 2012 7:34 am
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Hey Dogster - yeah, you guys! Thanks a whole bunch for picking my diary today. That's cool.

So what's going on here? I think I ought to be playing in the snow by now. I mean it feels like it's winter, sorta, but no fun snow. It's cold in the mornings for my walk, and I have to "wait" while the folks put on a bunch of fur layers or whatever that is. They even are putting stuff on their heads. Sometimes, when we're walking I have to "heel" and "wait" while mom blows her nose and wipes her eyes. I don't know why she makes such a big deal of it. I mean, I just let it fly - sneeze and plop down and quick paw wipe the eye and we're good to GO. I mean GO. Isn't that what it's all about?

Oh! I just met some new Dogster pals and they're chihuahuas. I only just met a real chihuahua. We're going to have new neighbors across the street, but there's no house there yet. Anyway, there are two chis who are going to be my neighbors! One is pretty young and REALLY small and REALLY REALLY loud. Talks all the time. The other one, Molly, I think I could be real friends with. She might be older than me, but she gets me. She just came up and we sniffed and then we followed each other for a little bit. She didn't want to play, but she said it was OK for me to check out the smells around the ground & stuff and stand next to her and go see her mom.

Well, that's all I can think of today. Oh! I forgot again. Remind me to tell you about the porcupine...


A little hitch in my giddy-up

November 29th 2012 8:09 am
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Hello Dogster world, yeah it's Sophie. I'm still here.

My folks say I'm the best dog in the house. There aren't any other dogs what are they saying, exactly?

Anyway, I'm going to be eight soon. Mom can't believe it. I still really like Chuckit and Frisbee and walks and chasing Jack Rabbits, but I don't get to do it too much - except for walks and some "catch" games. Mom & Dad think I'm getting "old" or something. They worry when I don't like to use my back leg. It hurts a little, and sometimes when I get up from my bed it's really sore and I plop right back down.

Dad says I've got a lot of heart and he loves to watch me run when I get the chance. If I can get the ball out of its hiding place I love to run with it in my mouth making big circles in the yard. If it's the Frisbee I love to shake it while I'm running. The folks don't do big long Chuckit chases much anymore, maybe I get one. But now they do "bouncers" that go way up high and I get under it and catch the ball. It's fun, I guess. Not what I want to do, really.

Anyway I just thought I'd check in and tell you what I've been up to. Oh! did I tell you about the porcupine....


Happy birthday to me

December 15th 2009 9:13 am
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Hey! I'm five! that's a whole paw's worth of living, man. Mom says I show no signs of settling down, either.

I got some funny balls for my Chuckit. they bounce crazy. Of course, even regular balls bounce crazy when they hit a ground squirrel or gopher hole and my yard is full of those! Still, any kind of ball is fun in the Chuckit. PLUS there's snow on the ground...icicles to eat....what was I saying?...oh yeah!

IT's my Birthday time.....



October 28th 2009 8:25 am
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To all my furiends at Dogster...thanks for picking my diary today. I feel honored and humbled and pleased, and heck, I really don't know what's going on, I'm just a dog!!! I do know that I need my Mom's help to write my diary, so, I'm happy for her, too.

Gues what everybody! It's snowing again! The snow is coming down sideways and there's not a lot to scoop on the scoop and run yet BUT there's potential.



I'm tired

October 23rd 2009 9:47 am
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Well "they" say dogs don't remember, so why do I feel like this has been a crazy (not in a good way) year??? My Mom, the best Mom in the world, smells funny these days...something is not right.

First, we took a long car trip a few moons ago, after the snow season. I was such a good dog . I had to play Frisbee at "rest stops". At one rest stop in Pennsylvania a farm dog ran up to the fence and we ran back and forth barking at each other til we were worn out and had to rest. Hey - is that why they called rest stops? I had to sleep in motel rooms. Talk about funny smells and not knowing what noises I had to alert my people about. But I got lots of praise, even if I got the feeling that Mom didn't like taking me out in the dark in some of the places we were. Turns out the long car trip was to visit Grandma. That was fun. She lives with a lot of old folks. they liked me and I got to show off how I play Frisbee. I met a couple of old folks who move around really fast while sitting down...that was interesting....I smelled a lot of rain there, identified instinctively my first earthworm, and the grass was thick and there were huge lazy groundhogs to watch. I also got to meet a little girl who really liked throwing ball for me. I think we are related somehow. One day, though, Mom and Dad put me in the car and went someplace called a hospital. Mom wasn't right.

Where was Mom. A couple days after that I got to go to New Jersey to my Dad's son's place. They have a dog named Maggie, but she didn't play as long as I like to play. she had great toys, though. And I had a lot of fun stealing them and putting them in other places. She kept stealing my food, so I guess we're even. I saw my Dad, but still no Mom.

When I finally saw Mom again, she didn't smell right and she seemed afraid to walk me and do the stuff she always does with me. Now Mom has been on trips before, but when she comes back everything is the same only better, 'cause she's back. This time, everybody tried to keep me away from her. I heard words like "surgery" and "burst appendix" and "CT scan" and "mass" and smelled sickness.

Another long car trip and motel nights. Pouring rain for leash walks. then home! running free! games of chuckit with Dad! My favorite! except for Mom. walks were sloooowww and not far enough for me, that's for sure. I smelled worry.

Then it happened again. Another "hospital", another "surgery", and days without Mom. This time though, Dad took me to a place called a kennel. Boy, was that noisy. The people were nice, but I couldn't figure out why I had to stay in the cage thing or why the other dogs wouldn't shut up. Anyway, this time when Mom came home she couldn't do anything with me. I had to stay away from her belly. Dad even had to make the liquid they have in their hand bowls every morning. I knew this "surgery" was harder for Mom and I smelled lots of stress, but I didn't smell sickness this time.

there is worry in my house...even Dad had to "go for tests" and he never goes to the doctor! Mom and Dad have long talks about doctors and bills and hearts and bones and "female stuff" and sometimes they forget to play with me.

Oh! It snowed enough for me to scoop and run two days ago. Snow! more snow please! I love snow! Now, things are lookin' up.


It's my Birthday

December 14th 2008 9:48 am
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Hey everyone it's my birthday....but why is Mom embarassed to say I'm four? She says I look and act like a puppy, so maybe she can get away with saying I'm not so old. She's silly. I'm four, I'm a dog, and I'm crazy. Oh! and guess's snowing and we got to play shovel the deck this morning. chasing snowballs is pretty fun. I jump waaay up out of the snow and try to catch them. I get snowcicles in my fur, then when we come inside I can lick them off.

Life is good.



June 6th 2007 11:54 am
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Oh boy, now we're talking. Mom & Dad got something they keep calling a chuckit! yesterday. all I know is, finally they can throw the ball so it lands where I'm going, not where I've been. I don't have to put on the brakes so much. I mean, even Mom surprised me. plus the ball is even crazier than my crzy Kong ball. Now this is playing fetch. Plus I get to really put my ears back and RUN.


Thanksgiving week

November 25th 2006 7:56 am
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Wow! I had the best time this week. I met three new doggie pals. I met Coco, a Shih Tzu, Ginger a German Shorthair, and Katy a mutt like me only grey and tall. Mom was afraid I'd hurt coco, but once I figured him out, we played OK. Ginger is Coco's sister and she's a runner like me. Boy, she's fun to chase! And Katy came in to my house and she saw my room and stuff. I wasn't too sure whether she wanted to play or not, 'cause she's older than I am, but I kept at it! (and at it, and at it...well, that's my style) Oh! I almost forgot. I even got to play with Luka last sunday. So, all-in-all it was a good week. I already forgot I got left in my kennel duringThanksgiving dinner. Something about Mom and Dad going to somebody else's house and there being too many people that I'd be in their know, human worries. It's good dogs don't have those worries. Oh! I almost forgot. Yesterday the family who owns the lot next door came to visit...they have three small humans in their group. I got to herd a whole gang of people and then I got to play crazy ball.

Mom says I'm "almost two". I think they are waiting for some big changes. I don't know if I can deliver, I'm just such a puppy.


nap time

October 21st 2006 3:44 pm
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I like naps with Dad. Sometimes he'll stretch out on the futon couch and invite me up too. this time of year, the sun is coming in the south windows in the afternoon, so sometimes I nap alone on the carpet by the balcony door in a sun patch. Mom says I'm like a cat that way.

I'm not sure about cats. I had to stay with cats at the vet and one of them kept yowling. My folks had a cat before they had me. They had Sadie for almost 20 years. I get called Sadie sometimes, they goof. Sometimes, I run over Sadie's grave and Mom gets upset, but they put her in the good runway. I guess they didn't know about dogs then.

I got to play with my neighbor, Luka, today. Luka is a real German Shepherd and I can almost run under her and get her high-centered! It's fun to play with her, we run, and pounce. She's my best buddy. I met dogs at school, but I wasn't allowed to play with them. There was a little bit of snow this morning when Luka came over, so we'd tear around awhile, then find a pile of snow and eat some and lay in it.


Winter is coming

October 12th 2006 7:52 am
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I can feel it. I even saw some snow two days ago. Not real fun snow, just a little with a lot of wet underneath. But I think something's coming that I like. Mom says it's called "winter". Winter means walks everyday because it's not muddy anymore. Winter means Mom and Dad go skiing and then I get to play in the snow at the trailhead. Winter means "helping" shovel the deck and chasing the snowblower and running around crazy after snowballs.

Oh, I had to go to the hospital a couple weeks ago. I punctured my throat and got sick and swollen. I didn't like the hospital, there were CATS next to me and above my kennel. The vet said something about giving me a quiet place. the cats were pretty quiet, except for one. I feel a lot better now, but I sure didn't like getting shots and my temperture taken and having to have my throat operated on. I got good food when I got home and special treats - but I think they were sneaking pills into my treats. Mom and Dad are worried I might get sick again because I keep picking up nasties and eating them. I can't help it, I'm a dog.

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