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Good dogs

July 3rd 2013 9:47 am
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That's what we are. Good dogs. Good dogs get Big cookies. Whole cookies. Not broken in half cookies.
Mommy told us we were good dogs. And she gave us the big cookies.

Lemme tell ya 'bout it.

Long time ago, like a month or sumfin, Daddy had a big ol' wooden thing in the back of our pick-em-up truck. They unloaded it and it was under the garage lean-to thingy. Mommy and Daddy both worked on it out there. Takin off the layers of old paint and cleanin it up.
We stayed outside while they would work on it.
Then the other day, they moved the wooden thing back into the garage.
I can't see what is goin on in there now. But it's been hot so right after Daddy leaves for work Mommy goes out there. She kicks out the garage cats and closes the door. Whatever she is doin in there, it is No Pets Allowed.
But while she is doin whatever she is doin in there, Me and Tux and Drover hang out in the yard.
We bark at stuff that needs to get barked at. We sniff 'round and then we find a shady spot to chill.
We don't cry or whine or dig or raise a fuss. We are out there all by ourselves for hours and days and stuff.
We are good dogs for not goin goofy out there.

Good dogs get big whole cookies!


Keep your feet off My yak chew!

June 29th 2013 11:47 am
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Mommy tried to trick me. She put My yak chew on the floor and rolled her foot over it. I sniffed it and tried to grab My yak chew.

Ok, so it didn't smell like My yak chew. But it sure kinda looked like it. Same size. Same color. But it was a roundy, wooden thing.
Mommy said it helped her feeties feel better. They been hurtin.

Just be sure you don't use My yak chew on your stinkin feet!


Movin moss

June 26th 2013 6:50 am
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Some secret-like Nony Mouse has been leavin golden bone pressies all ofur the place.

There's a lil ditty inside 'bout plenty of paws, pups and even a kitty cat.

They left moss offa their paws when they was sneakin 'round.

Thanks you Nony Mouse furs!


It's bug and yak day!

June 25th 2013 11:40 am
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Whoo Hoo! After gettin the goofy stripey hipster t-shirt put on, the day turned Good!
It's bug killer man day! He pulled in, we BARKED. A lot.
We went outside and BARKED more. A lot.

We got called in, we BARKED. But then Mommy handed us the yak chew things.


I started nommin on mine right away. Tux, he was goin Toadally Wild Dog and kept runnin 'round tryin to watch the bug killer man while he worked outside. I kept nommin! Drover nommed his chew too. Then finally I was able to grab Both of those wacky-yakky chews. Mommy couldn't even find one of them. I was On it. Bol!

Things have clammed down now. We barked at the lil men movin irrigation pipe out behind our place. We barked at sum other lil men movin irrigation pipe over in the neighbor's dried out pasture.

Now it's time for a nap. It's turned out to be a Good day and it's only 'bout half over!


The hipster t-shirt

June 25th 2013 6:06 am
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There's a picture of me on my page wearin my hipster t-shirt.
It's back this mornin.

On account o' because I got groomed/tortured last week, now I got real short hairs on my back.
Today Mommy and Daddy putted sum flea/tick killer junk on me. It's oily and gooey. No place for it to go but 'cept all over my nearly hairless body.
To keep the goo from gettin all over evfurrything I gotta wear the stripey hipster t-shirt.

At least it's groovier than the plain red one Drover has to wear.


I missed a good bark time

June 21st 2013 11:31 am
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I wasn't home. Had to go to the groomer/torture lady.

Missed the mailman in my driveway, leavin a box on my front steps.


At least Tux got sum barkin in. Mommy and me could tell 'cause the window blinds were messed up. He jumps up on the loveseat, otherwise known as OP Zoe, and bumps the blinds.

At least the package had dog cookies in it. For me.


Relaxin' and helpin' Daddy

June 15th 2013 8:57 am
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The other evenin, I wanted up in Daddy's lap. You know, on the recliner chair I gave him for Father's Day a year or day ago. I haven't been wantin up there lately. I guess 'cause it's still light outside so I stay on my OP Zoe. But anywho, when I get on Daddy's lap on the recliner chair I gave him for Father's Day a year or day ago I do a flip thing and lay on my back.
Comfy. So I was doin that while Mommy moseyed 'round with Drover and his indoor keep away game. Then Tux got a long snakie toy. We usually play tug o' war with a snakie toy. But since I was busy doin my flip thing on Daddy's lap on the recliner chair I gave him for Father's Day a year or day ago, Mommy put the end of the snakie toy near my face. I grabbed the snakie toy and Tux started pullin. No, I didn't get pulled offa the chair. Mommy said I was bein lazy, so's I jumped down to play with Tux. No more relaxin then. Things get kinda loud when we play tug o' war.

Then today I went outside the wire with Daddy. We went all the way 'round the garage and into our weedy/pasture place. Sum of the grass has grown really tall out there. And that's where Daddy was doin sum work. While he worked, I snooped 'round in the tall grass. Usually there's a cat or two huntin mousies out there. I can see them from my yard. I didn't find no mousies but it was still fun sniffin 'round out there. The grass is so tall, I hadta jump through it. Like a bunny or lil lamb would hop, hop, hop, hippity hop. Then Me and Daddy went back 'round the garage and I had to come back in the yard.
My feet, legs and tummy were soppin wet.
When Mommy and Daddy were eatin their eggie and panpake, she told him she looked out the window once and only saw me. She didn't know where Daddy was. Then she saw my ears go down and go back up. She knew I saw Daddy. That's my signal when I see Daddy. And sure 'nuff, there he was.

Fun times with Daddy.
Happy Father's Day Daddy. I don't think I am gettin you another recliner this year.


A Yak Pacifier

May 30th 2013 8:59 am
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Bug Man came today. Now whenever he shows up, we have this routine. It includes Mega-Barkin of course.
We go outside. We were already outside today when he pulled in. Bark Alert!
The routine is we stay outside while he sprays around inside, down in the basement. Then we come in when he goes out to spray all around outside.
We always Bark a Lot when he is sprayin around the house. Tux goes bonkers runnin from window to window and I stay on OP Zoe and bark my head off.

But today we had a nice surprise. Our pal Hershey had barked 'bout havin a Him-A-Layin chew thing. He loved it.
I had no idea but Mommy had got us sum! And we got them today. So's instead of barkin and runnin 'round inside, we kept busy with our Yak Pacifiers! Bol!

They are Dee-Li-Cious! I highly recommend them. And Mommy is happy 'cause they aren't all chewed up yet and we've been at them for 'bout an hour.
She says they were pricey.
I say I'm worth it.

Have your Mom get you a Yak Pacifier!


I'm picky

May 28th 2013 1:22 pm
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Ok, so you know I bark. I bark at lots of stuff. I annoy the peepoles I bark so much.
But I am (big word alert) selective. That means I pick and choose.
Lemme tell ya 'bout it.

Now if I am outside and sumfin goes by, I bark. Run and bark. That's the way it works. Always.

But if I am inside at OP Zoe, that's where the selective deal kicks in. And there don't seem to be no rhyme or reason.
Of course, I bark at tractors, big field machine things, peepoles walkin, joggin, ridin or any kind of moseyin along past my place.
I bark at dogs goin by. Trash blowin by. Tumbleweed things blowin by.
I bark at pick up trucks pullin stock trailers. Dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, bicycles? You betcha. The mailman, UPS, FedEx? Of course!

But sumtimes I bark at cars and trucks and sumtimes I don't. And I Am not asleep! And it might even be the same vehicle. Sumtimes it gets barked at, sumtimes it don't.

Mommy can't figure it out. And I am not gonna tell her why I bark sumtimes and sumtimes I don't. Keeps her guessing.
And interrupts her naptime.


My yard grew!

May 23rd 2013 8:51 am
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And I don't just mean the grass. Even though that has been growin lots and lots. It was a jungle out there. Daddy got it mowed yeserday.

But anywho. My yard grew! It's always been big, now it's bigger.

We had sum raised bed places where my pawrents grew veggies and mostly weeds. The boards were gettin all rottened so Daddy took them all out and planted grass. But he kept up the fence. You know, so's the cats wouldn't be out there scratchin and pottyin and junk.

The other day he declared the grass ready for paws so he took down the fence.

Best. Yard. Ever.

I tell you, that new grass is wunnerful to roll in. And before he mowed, it was all tall and ticklely on my tummy. Now it's not ticklely but it smells so good and new and it's still great to roll in.

You pups can come on over and give it a try if you want.

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