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Happy New Year, Everypup!

January 1st 2008 5:10 pm
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Mommy says we "shot our wad" before Christmas as far as our zealie allowance. We have to save the few we have for emergencies. I want to go around to all my Dogster pals and leave rosettes and special treats. No one will tell me their pin for their debit cards so I can't even buy more zealies. *insert frowny face here* The best I can do is toss a bunch of bones to my pals. That's what I've been doing today, well, I am having Mommy leave a bunch of bones when we visit pages.
I've been having fun playing with all my Christmas goodies. And we had some snow so when Drover and I go outside to play with our Jolly balls, Drover pushes me and makes me do face plants. That makes me mad so I bite his legs and rear.
One of my New Year's resolutions is to have brother play with me all the time. He hasn't had school so he has been playing with us a lot! Cool, huh? Sister even played with us some, but she doesn't know how to do it right. And Daddy played with Drover. A goofy fetch game that Daddy wouldn't let me play. That made me mad, too.
The family, except Mommy, went X-country skiing yesterday. So they were all tired out and our New Year's Eve was real boring. They can't use any cool noise makers because they scare Cindy and Drover. Yawn, I went to bed at my usual time about 8pm. We did help Mommy fix some special treats. She made some crackers that were a lot like the dog cookies she makes for us! So of course, I had to sample those! I found out I like cauliflower and we sampled some yummy kinds of cheese.

Pups, I hope you have a super great 2008. Dogster pals are the best!


A pretty good haul this Christmas

December 26th 2007 2:08 pm
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I wish I could have gotten more but I did get quite a few goodies. Let me see, I got a little Dr. Noys snake toy and a little red Kong Wubba Wubba and a yummy bone. I actually got 3 bones, but I let Cindy and Drover chew on a couple of them. And I actually got a Dr. Noys bear and a bigger yellow Wubba Wubba. Drover claims those had his name on them. Yeah, right. All my stuff was wrapped and in a box under the tree. Wow, that box smelled good!
Now a good thing happened today. The human grandma sent a check in the mail. It is supposed to be for all four of the human family. But it is hard to divide a check so I will claim all of it and then someone can take me shopping and I can get whatever I want. I want more toys and I want to go on the Petco treat bar buffet.
And we took our Christmas tree down today. Something about the kitties having a party at night time under the tree.
But I think I will leave my tree up on my Dogster page. I got a ton of cool stuff! Thanks pups! So if anypup wants to leave me anything else, there's my tree! Just like some houses have their Christmas lights up all year long.
Can you believe it though? We didn't get even a taste of Christmas dinner? We were busy with the bones. And the family did a triple feature of all the Spiderman movies and we didn't even have popcorn!

Now it's time to start barking out Happy New Year to all my great Dogster pals!


I saw Santa's Reindeer

December 21st 2007 6:04 pm
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I was up on my loveseat lookout. It wasn't quite dark. I could see something in the field next to our yard. It was reindeer. A whole lot of them. Must have been backups for the regular team. I sounded the alarm and all 3 of us dogs rushed outside for a better look. Yep, a whole herd of reindeer. We were trying to count their legs and divide by 4 but they moved on. Even though we were barking up a storm, they weren't even afraid of us. They were just a moseying along. Santa's reindeer must be used to getting barked at.

Ok, Mommy says they were Mule deer, not reindeer. It was kinda hard to see them in the dark.


Wake up, Daddy!

December 16th 2007 4:20 pm
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Mommy fed us dogs this morning. After we went outside to do our jobs, we all came in, like always. Cindy was looking for kitties to watch, like always. All the bedroom doors were closed. But Daddy's bedroom door wasn't closed very good so we all 3 went bursting in! I found Daddy first. He was all wrapped up in the covers and I joined him. I was so happy to find him and I was worming around under the sheets and under the blanket. Daddy woke up pretty fast and started laughing and I started giving him kisses and kept worming around in the covers. Mommy came in and tried to get me to quit pestering Daddy. Then she started laughing too. I love to be the center of attention! We had a lot of fun.
After that Daddy got out of bed and pretty soon he took us dogs for a nice walk.
Try this in your home and someone will take you for a walk too, I bet.


I got Mail

December 13th 2007 11:58 am
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Yesterday, a card and a box came in the mail for me! Sister brought it in and told me it was from my friend Jelly in Canada. Jelly sent me a Christmas card with her pictures on it. I got so excited I needed help! Mommy unwrapped the box. Inside that brown wrapping was pretty paper. Sister helped me unwrap the box and open it. I got a cool 'firehose' toy, and a real yummy chicken-flavored Nyla-bone. I love 'em! I couldn't decide which one to use first. Of course, Drover tries to steal my toys, and Cindy even chewed on the Nyla-bone once or twice. I have to keep busy watching all my toys!
Jelly sent me "tough" toys 'cause I like to kill my plush toys. The Nyla-bone is meant to be chewed on and I bet I can get a hole in the firehose toy pretty quick.

I was thinking that it'd be cool if I got even more toys for Christmas, so I thought I could put my address on my page and have pups send me stuff. Sister talked me out of that, though. She was saying a bunch of stuff how people could 'steal my denty'. Y'know, they could find my social scaredy number, driver's license number, my favorite color,why the sky is blue, why birds suddenly appear everytime you are near... All sorts of stuff! So, I guess I better not put my address out there.

I'll bark you pups later!


Problems, problems...

December 10th 2007 3:34 pm
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Hey pups, I have a dilemma. I want my family to put up our Christmas tree soon, but I don't know where we're gonna put it! Our living room is pretty full with furniture already. We have to keep the loveseat under the window, cause that's my spot to sit and keep an eye on things outside. Sometimes I snooze up there too. The only place I can figure out to put the tree is in the middle of the room. It sounds good to me, but my family doesn't like it. They keep saying it would be in the way, they'd have to walk around it, and they wouldn't be able to see the tv. I told them that we could hang it from the ceiling instead, but they didn't like that idea either. These guys are impossible to please!


Warning: Does not share well with others

December 6th 2007 12:59 pm
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I'm really getting into the Christmas spirit here. This morning, I saw some stuff up on the counter! Me being the sweet, adorable, loving pup that I am, figured my family had decided not to wait until Christmas to give me tons of stuff!
I guess not.
All the stuff got packed up in a box with a bunch of weird white peanuts. That's when I found out that all the stuff was going to be sent to my pal Jelly for Christmas! Woohoo! The problem is that when Mommy came home from the post office, she said that the grouchy clerk said the package may not get to Jelly for a few weeks! Yikes!
I wonder what would happen if I went to the post office and smiled at the postman really cute? It usually gets me treats, but maybe they would send Jelly's package faster in this case!

Oh yeah. This morning I was outside and Drover was inside and got a hold of the big fleece toy that I call Big Braidy. He was playing his silly keep away game with it, just dragging it through the muck and the mire on the kitchen floor (a.k.a. a thin layer of dirt), slobbering all over it, and chuckling insanely. I kept telling everyone that I wanted inside so that I could save Big Braidy, but everyone just laughed and left me out in the cold to freeze my tail off! *sniff*

Well, after a couple of hours or so, they let me back in and I saved Big Braidy from a horrible death at the jaws of Drover. We kept Brother busy for quite awhile when we played! He finally started doing his school, and us pups had a chance to crash.
Oh the injustice of it all...


The longhorned cows are gone

December 2nd 2007 5:26 pm
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Daddy took us for a walk in our regular place because the cows are gone. Woohoo! And we went through the fence place all the way to the end of our walk place. It was great to get back into the wild river area.
And then when we got back to our driveway, he let me and Drover off of our leashes. Freedom! We ran to the gate and Daddy called to us so we ran back to him and he let us snoop around the yard over there. Then he called to us and we came back to him. Oh, we were so good! We got cookies when we got back into the house. Daddy was very proud of us.


I Can Finally Use the Computer

December 1st 2007 3:30 pm
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Well, I can finally get on the computer now that Mom and Drover aren't glued to it like yesterday. Mr. Drover, the next great American writer, was Dogster's Diary Pick of the Day yesterday.
Mommy opened her computer and checked email first thing and had 11 emails. All for Drover, well, except one that said she was now a power seller on ebay. Huh?
All day long Mom would check her email and call out "Oh, Sweetie Poo, it's another rosette", or "here's a sweet doggie family that wants to be puppals".
Man, it got to be sickening.
The one good thing about yesterday was that I got 2 new toys. And Mommy even said that if I tear them up, it's no big deal. She made them and they didn't cost much. Brother played with me a lot with my new toys. And I even played tug-o-war with Drover without too much fussing on my part.
Let me tell you about the toys. They are called Little Braidy and Big Braidy. Mommy cut 3 strips of Polar fleece about 3 inches wide then braided them and tied knots on each end. That's it! Simple but tons of fun to play with. Big Braidy is real long and he's getting stretchy and longer. That's the one I like the best.
I would recommend having your Mommy make you a Braidy toy too. If my Mommy can make one, you can too!


When In Doubt... Bark!

November 28th 2007 11:09 am
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Just in case bark. I mean, the wind is blowing and I do hear something, somewhere that is barkworthy. There is stuff blowing around and I really can see something way over there. Gotta bark!

Why do I have a great back of the loveseat lookout perch if I am not supposed to bark (so much)? I mean, they keep squirting me and telling me to shush.

Hey! I am Schnauzer! Hear me bark! It's what I do.

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