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Just helping

April 25th 2008 6:33 pm
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We had to go into our crates early yesterday morning. Mommy and brother were leaving. I don't think Mommy trusts Drover to be home alone. So we both get put in our crates. humph
Anyway, pretty soon, sister got home and let us out. She even played with us some. She doesn't do that very often. She says she is busy with school work. I'll bet. She spends a lot of time with her laptop on her lap. Anywho, at least she let us out of our crates and didn't beat us with a rubber hose.
Mommy and brother got home later. They brought some bags in and a Big bag of our dog food! Yummy!
Mommy puts our food into 2 plastic containers for safe keeping. Now this bag was a Big bag and I knew it wouldn't all fit into those containers. She cut open the Big bag and started to pour the food. I started to grab tremendous mouthfuls of food trying to help make room in the containers. Mommy was so busy lifting up that Big bag and pouring the food. The food was coming out of the bag fast! Gobble, gobble! She sure needed my help. She filled up both of the plastic containers and still had food left in the paper bag. I should have eaten faster. She had to fold over the top of the bag and save it until there is room in the plastic containers.
I hope she will need my help again with that job. Yummy.


Who me?

April 24th 2008 8:06 am
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I have got to keep the kitties and Cindy and Drover in line around here. They are always getting into stuff and I have to get on them. We were all outside the other day just doing regular sniffing and other doggie stuff. Mommy came out the backdoor and called in her I mean business voice, "get off of there!" I looked over to see what Cindy and Drover were getting into this time. They looked ok to me. I looked at Mommy for more instruction.
She was pointing at lil me! "I'm talking to you, Zoe! Get off the strawberry bed!"
*gulp* yes, maam.


My Yard

April 22nd 2008 1:02 pm
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My yard is nice and big. I just love it. There is plenty of room to run and chase the Jolly ball that brother throws and there is even room to run after the frisbee. I can pick it up in my teeth and run and even though I can't see a thing while it is in my teeth, I don't bump into anything because my yard is so big!
All the snow is long gone and our grass is even turning green and places are growing tall! My tummy gets tickled when I run through the tall grass.
We have some places that have board things with dirt inside. That is where the outside kitties go potty and we like to hunt for the Tootsie rolls they leave. Daddy and Mommy put little seeds in the dirt there too. We are supposed to stay off of there but sometimes we just can't help it.
Daddy put something in one of these "raised beds", that is what he calls them. He put things in and pretty much covered them with the dirt and then he put some wire on top. I think that is to keep the kitties off. Anyway, something is starting to grow in the dirt there. And who shows up but the naughty Notme. Notme has been up on the dirt and is even eating some of the growing things there. Can you imagine? How naughty!
It may be time to hide toys and sticks in the grass for Mommy to find while she is mowing! That is a fun hiding game. Just a warning, you don't want to see what a tennis ball looks like that has been mowed.


A New Hope

April 17th 2008 6:48 am
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Yesterday in the forums, we read that the feral dog Hope has been safely captured and vetted!
This is awesome news!


Sneaky Hair Shrink Day

April 15th 2008 12:50 pm
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I sure didn't see it coming. Everything was normal until Drover and me got to go outside and Cindy had to stay in. Mommy hauls us out to the garage. "Load up". This is never good. So it's off to the groomer's we go.
Yuck. Riding makes me nervous. And then we have to stay at the groomer's forever. Mommy said it was only a couple of hours. Forever.
Yeah, now I'm not fuzzy or stinky anymore. There are even a couple of pictures for you to see how cute I look.
I took off my stinkin' bandama by myself. It was choking us, precious.
Then I took off Drover's bandama too. He looked goofy with it on.
At least we are good to go for a long time.


Busy, busy, busy

April 13th 2008 3:56 pm
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My typist claims she has lots of things to do and hasn't had time to update my diary. I have been so busy having fun!
Yesterday and this morning we got to go on nice long walks with Daddy and Mommy. And we even got to be off our leashes a lot! That is so cool. So many things to sniff and pee on. As long as we stay "close" then we are good to go.
We saw a porcupine up a tree yesterday and today he was still there. Daddy said someone had shot and killed him. I don't really know why someone would do that. That is naughty and it made us kinda sad.
I have been Daddy's little farm dog all weekend. He lets me come out of the yard and I follow him around while he has been doing spring clean up stuff.
Drover and me belong to a group here on Dogster called Schnauzers Rule. We have so much fun there. Friday afternoon we had the Grand Opening of our Schnauzer Playland. So much fun. I even won the raffle and won some zealies. I love to spend zealies!
And this morning I got a pmail letting me know I have been chosen to be Schnauzer of the Week! It is a special honor where lil me is spotlighted. Thanks pups for all the pretty rosettes and nice pmails you have already sent me.
Keep watching my page. I have posted my SOTW badge that Samson
made for me. I am gonna get my human brother or sister to make a special picture of me as SuperZoe to celebrate. I am bumping up my status a tad. I am gonna be
Schnauzer of the Universe!


Spring tag!

April 8th 2008 8:29 am
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I've been tagged by my pal Sophie!

To play, we get to answer 4 questions in our diary and tag 4 friends.

Here it goes...

Name 4 jobs you have:
1. Barking- there's lots to bark at!
2. Chasing cats, even though I get in trouble when I do that
3. Keeping watch out the front window of the house
4. Making sure Drover behaves- he's always trying to take my toys!

Name 4 places where you have lived (or stayed at):
1. A house in Idaho (where I was born)
2. A different house in Idaho (where I live now)
3. Camping in the mountains
4. Camping at a different place in the mountains

Name 4 places that you have been:
1. The groomer (blech)
2. A different groomer (blech)
3. The vet (blech)
4. Petco! Yay!

Name 4 places you'd rather be:
1. The treat bar at Petco
2. Hanging out with Daddy
3. Going on a walk
4. Hm... I don't know of a fourth one- I like it here!

I'll be tagging four pups!


Paid for barking

April 4th 2008 1:48 pm
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Can you believe it? This is a doggie's dream come true. I got paid for barking!
Mommy usually tries to get me to not bark but not today!
Cows are out. Behind my house, beside my house, in front of my house. Cows just wandering around munching whatever they can find to eat.
Brother went out and closed our gate across our driveway so those cows don't just make themselves at home in our front and side yard. But we have some grass right along the road and those cows were a' moseying past. Well, if you don't know anything about cows, they walk, munch grass and poop all at the same time! And they make big messy poop! So we don't want that in our grass. Mommy went out and told those cows to keep moving on and I was inside barking my head off! And then I got paid in cookies for my expert barking!
It's my job and I love my work!
As a side note. Get this. Cindy, The Cow Dog, was just laying outside watching those cows. Not barking, just watching.
It takes a Schnauzer to get the job done.


A Nonny Mouse

April 2nd 2008 3:32 pm
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That is so cool. I mean I love to get pretty rosettes. Today I got a nonny mouse rosette! I just love that!
Thank you to whoeverpup is a nonny mouse!


A Photo Shoot and other Things

March 28th 2008 9:02 pm
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Did ya notice? I finally got some new pics on my page. Sister was the only human here the other day and she grabbed her camera for the photo op. I may have to get her to work on a few of the other pics. She is in them and this is my page. It's all about me on this page! We will have to crop her out of my pictures.
And yep, today was a nice day and almost all our snow is gone now. Just a little bit is left over by the chicken yard. Us dogs like to roll in that dry grass. That feels so good. And then we have grass all over us and bring that inside. Oh well, Mommy cleans up the place. That grass felt good on my tummy so I did a frog dog picture for my page too.
Oh Pups, Mommy and Daddy brought home some good smelling stuff today. Boxes and boxes got carried downstairs and then they opened up those boxes of good smells. I was pretending to be a supervisor but I just wanted to smell those boxes. Then the family started taking out white paper wrapped packages and putting them in a big box they call the freezer. Wow, that smelled so good. I can't wait until some of those packages get back out of the freezer. I want to supervise again.
The weekend is here. I sure hope we get to go for a walk with Daddy. I got to go into our little pasture place and sniff the Puffy-cat's rear this morning. I do fun stuff with my Daddy.
After reading back over my diary, I realized I have been kinda busy today. No wonder I am tired. I think I will head to bed now.
Later Dogster pals!

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