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Quiz: Do you spoil your dog?

June 27th 2008 9:24 am
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I stole, I mean, borrowed this from my pal Finnegan

Do you spoil your dog? See how many of these you answer yes to…

Signs You Spoil Your Dog:
1. You think begging for table scraps is beneath him so you let your dog eat at the table with you.

2. You take him to the supermarket and let him pick out his own dog food.

3. Your family comes home from work or school, looks at the stew on the stove and asks: “Is this people food or dog food?”

4. You bought matching His and Hers placemats for your dog and yourself.

5. At dinner parties you always double-check the butter for visible lick marks before putting it on the table.

6. Your dog gets to vote on where to spend the next family vacation.

7. You don’t care if you or your spouse is comfortable at night, just as long as the dog has enough room on the bed.

8. You complain about the rising costs of groceries but you don’t think twice about spending a fortune on doggie treats.

9. Your dog always gets the best spot on the couch.

10. He has his own Web site.


Big machines to bark at!

June 26th 2008 10:28 am
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Last night, big things came into the field to make big bales of hay! This was so cool! Two big tractors pulling other big machines were making the big bales of hay and another big truck thing was picking up and moving the bales. Wow, so much to bark at! We were all busy pups barking at those big things to stay away from our place!
And some other big machines had the nerve to come back this morning. They were stacking and putting the big bales on a big truck. We just had to bark and bark some more until we chased off those big machines.
Plus, earlier this morning, some guys were just standing over there. We were barking like crazy at those guys. They just ignored us! Can you believe that? Finally, they got into a truck and left. They must have not heard us or something.
Mommy had to take my crate outside and wash it. My crate got crapped out. My crate is right next to the trash can. Usually, it is ok. If it gets too full, Brother empties it out. But Brother has been leaving with Daddy early in the mornings so the trash was stuffed. Somepup or somecat pulled the coffee filter out of the trash can and dumped it on my crate. Can you believe it? Oh well, now I get a nice, fresh pillow case for my pillow. I hope the coffee smell got washed away. I may not be able to sleep.
All this barking has tired me out.
Later pups.


Back to Boring

June 24th 2008 3:01 pm
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Mostly it's boring around here. I actually like it boring. There is just enough stuff to bark at. Then I can nap when I want. Somebody will play with me when I want, usually. Nice and boring.
Not yesterday. Yikes, there were comings and goings. Not so good.
The day started out like any other day. I got up, had my breakfast, got my tummy scritch from Daddy, napped, played with Brother. Just the usual stuff.
But then Mommy started using the phone. I could tell she was talking about Lewis cat. He had a tear on his tummy fur and Mommy wanted a vet to check it out.
Pretty soon, Drover and I had to go into our crates. I could hear our house-call vet. She was talking about what she needed to do to fix Lewis up good as new. I couldn't see any of what was going on. Good thing, I would have been a barking away while she was working. She does have good smelling boxes and things that she brings into our house when she is checking us over. Our Ellie cat told me later that she got to sniff all the things. She said that all the stuff smelled interesting.
In a little while, Mommy got Drover and me out of our crates and put our leashes on. I caught a glimpse of Lewis. He was on our kitchen table! He didn't look so good. The vet was doing something to his tummy. This was a strange time to take a walk but all three of us dogs got ready in a hurry.
Oh, big mistake! No walk. A ride to the groomer! Off Drover and I went for hair shrinks. It really didn't take too long and then Mommy was back to take us home. I do look pretty now. She had to shave my pits! I had some pretty bad snaggles in there. *blush*
So back at home, Lewis is in a little kitty-sized crate. He still doesn't look so good. He is asleep. Mommy tells me to leave him alone.
Ok, so now I need a nap after being up all morning, on the go to the groomers. I think everything is back to normal now. Wrong. Mommy and Brother are getting ready to go. I can tell, they are putting on shoes! So it is back in the crates for Drover and me. A second time in one day. After a long time, Sister comes home and gives us our freedom. Then Daddy gets home. Yeah! Finally, Brother and Mommy get home and have to carry sacks of groceries into the kitchen.
Lewis had begun to wake up and wanted out of the crate. He can't walk very good so Daddy carried him outside. I got to sniff him real good. Wow, he did smell funny. I can finally stretch my legs and run and get some barking going. That feels good.
Later, we all got popcorn! Yummy. It was so late when Brother and Mommy got home they just had popcorn and watched some DVD thing. Sister had already made macaroni and cheese for her and Daddy. She boiled water and everything! She is good!
Today, like I said, is back to boring. Except, I can't find Brother to play with me. He went away with Daddy this morning. Something about a job. I wonder if he will bring me something. Probably not.


Take your dog to work day

June 20th 2008 3:48 pm
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Wouldn't that be cool? Did any of you pups get to go to work with your Mom or Dad?
I tried. But I got the third degree.
I said, "It is "take your cute dog to work day", please can I go to work with you today, Daddy?"

Daddy said, "would you be able to sit still right next to me while I am standing in formation?"
I don't know what formation is but I don't sit still for long unless I get cookies.

Daddy said, "There will be lots of other soldiers doing their jobs. They will be working and carrying heavy boxes and things. What if
you got lost with all those tan boots walking around?"
Yikes, I for sure don't want to get lost from Daddy. Mommy says it's hard to tell all the soldiers apart. I would have to go around sniffing each one.

Daddy said, "you would have to be quiet and not bark when the commander is talking."
I will just stay home. It doesn't sound like any fun to go to work with Daddy.


My Daddy's Home!

June 19th 2008 5:58 pm
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My Daddy's home, my Daddy's home, my Daddy's home, my Daddy's home!
Yippee! My Daddy's home!
I have no concept of time but Daddy has been gone and now he is home!
I was super happy when Mommy, Sister and Brother got home and let me out of my crate. They said, "Daddy's home." And there he was! We went outside but I was too happy to potty. I had to be with Daddy! So Daddy came outside with me and rubbed my tummy and tried to pet me but I was so excited that I was just a wiggling all over the place. I just love my Daddy and now he is home!
And he brought some neat stuff back. There is a bunch of bags and boxes now in the living room. Wow, they stink really good! And then Daddy took super-good stinky clothes out of some of the bags. Mommy is already washing the stink away. *sigh*
We had a nice new grill waiting for Daddy since he wasn't home for Father's Day. I bet he will grill me up a special burger!
My Daddy's home!


My 'Gility Course

June 16th 2008 2:58 pm
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Some of my pup pals talk about doing 'gility. Some are so good at it they win ribbons and prizes. Some even have their very own 'gility equipment to set up in their yard. I got a 'gility course today in my living room!
Mommy was moving our couch and love seat around and set up a 'gility course for me. I had a jump from the love seat over the back of the couch onto the couch cushions. Then there was a tunnel between couch and love seat. I even got to balance on the end of the couch out in the middle of nowhere. I was having a blast doing lots of tricks.
Then she got out the vacuum cleaner and then a bigger, noisier machine and moved that over the carpet. She waited for awhile. Pretty soon, she moved all my 'gility stuff around and it got messed up to do any tricks.
I hope I get a gility course set up again soon.


Me as Star Wars characters

June 11th 2008 3:16 pm
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So how do you like me as Yoda (Zoda) and CP3O (ZP3O)?
My family just watched all 6 gazillion of the movies.
Thanks to my human Brother for the fun pics.
He really needs to get a summer job.


Normal and then busy

June 9th 2008 4:27 pm
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My morning was pretty much normal. Got up, had breakfast, went outside, played with Brother, napped, just the usual. This afternoon, Mommy and Brother went out into our garage so Drover and I went out in the yard. Mommy and Brother were making lots of noise in there. It's real echo-ey and I could here them. They were moving stuff around and cleaning and stuff. Every now and then Mommy would say something like, "he will never miss that, throw it away." I am pretty sure they were talking about some of Daddy's stuff.
Anyways, me and Drover had a chance to play, play, play in the yard. I love chasing him and biting at his back side. He gets loud and growly even though he's just playing. I am the silent but deadly type. Watch out for me, Drover, I am after you! We would run and play and then collapse in the grass. It was finally a nice day, sunny and warm and not windy!
When Mommy and Brother came out of the garage, we were both laying in the grass waiting for them. We were both watching for them to come out of the garage door.
I am back inside now and I am tired out! Gotta catch a nap.


I got to sleep in this morning

June 7th 2008 6:55 am
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Yesterday all the people got up at early o'clock. Us dogs had to get up early too and eat our breakfast and go out and potty. Yikes, it was very dark and cold. We could tell something was up because all the family was moving around and getting dressed and brushing their teeth and stuff. Usually they don't move too fast and sit around drinking coffee. Sure enough, Drover and me had to get in our crates and the whole family left.
About 80 hours later, I have no concept of time, Mommy, Sister and Brother came back and freed us from our crates. No Daddy. Mommy doesn't make a big deal about him being gone but I think he will be gone for awhile again. Something about summer camp. Huh, that might be fun.
The rest of the day the people were very lazy and even took naps. Brother is a teenager and he even slept! I was a pooped pup too. I am getting fuzzy again so while I was napping my moustache would get all out of place and smooshy looking. I looked grouchy.
Later Mommy was cleaning up this dump and moved a backpack from one closet to another. That was Daddy's backpack! I recognized it and it smelled like Daddy. My little stump tail was just a wiggling. I was just happy to see that backpack. Daddy takes it out the door when he is leaving for work and he carries it when he comes in the yard when he gets home. He sets it down in the grass so he can pet me with both hands. He is a good Daddy! Hurry home Daddy and be safe at summer camp!


I chased a bird but not a kitty

June 5th 2008 5:42 pm
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So I was bad and then good. Let me tell you about it.
We have some birds wandering around our place. They are supposed to eat lots of bad bugs. If you google "guinea fowl" you will see a picture of what our birds look like.
They are allowed to wander around and today they came close to our yard right under the garage lean-to place. They are bird brains and one got trapped and couldn't remember how it got in there. I was right there on the other side of the fence. I barked at it and when it started running, I ran along the fence with it.
Those birds can fly! It flew right into our yard so I needed to chase it to get it out of my yard! I got hollered at to come into the house. I guess I am not supposed to chase those silly birds.
Later I was sitting with brother on the back steps. Our Scooter cat came into our yard. I was the Only dog that did not chase her. I was the Only dog that didn't get hollered at. Na na na, so there Cindy and Drover.
I am the Good Dog.

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