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Sad news

February 28th 2013 10:03 am
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Our hearts our hurtin. Sum of you pups may not know him, he hasn't been 'round this Dogster place for awhile, but Larry the Dude made the trip to the Rainbow Bridge.

He was too young. Too full of life.

His family is hurtin right now.
Could you pups head over to his page and send them sum love. Read sum of his diary entries. He was a real character.


Do You Know Five Guys?

February 26th 2013 11:39 am
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I'm not sure if you have the Five Guys Burgers and Fries'round your place. We do. Mommy and Daddy sumtimes have those guys burgers and fries when Daddy fills up his Taurus car with gas at the Costco place. The five guys work near there.
Anywho, of course, I (we) never get nuthin from there. All that greezy goodness. I mean, that brown sack is sat-your-ate-ed by the time Daddy gets home. None of that grease for us pups. Panties-r-tight-us (pancreatitis) you know.

But I found out last night I CAN eat their fries and not get the sickness! Mommy was gettin the super full cup o' fries outta the greezy brown bag and a couple of the fries fell onto the floor. She got one picked up but I found the other one.

It was D.Lee.Cious.

And I didn't get sick. I am fine. This proves that I can eat all I want of the Five Guys Fries. I want my very own cup o' fries next time!

This is gonna be So Great!


A delayed thank you

February 25th 2013 12:19 pm
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Ok, so I had Me a Diary Pick yesserday. Nina made me a cool purdy picture for my page. Lots of you pals sent messages and rosettes.

Thank you!

And I 'pologize for bein so slow with my thank yous. No one to blame but 'cept the typist.
Lazy thing she is. Claims her back and head hurts. Says she needs to go to the crack-o-practor. And so she doesn't even help me with my diary stuff.

I'd fire her but I don't know where to find anyone else to do the job. Who works so cheap, ya know.

So again, Thank you Pals for makin my day in the Dogster spotlight special!


Marinated Mousie

February 20th 2013 7:20 am
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Ok, so I didn't witness this deal but I can still tell ya 'bout it.

You see, we keep a heated water dish in the garage for the garage kitty cats. Mommy went in there this mornin to check on stuff.
I heard her kinda laugh and go EEwwwww.
What's up Mommy?
She didn't know if one of the kitties had put it there or the mousie was tryin to get a drink.
But there was a drownt mousie in the water dish. Floatin face down. Marinatin in the water dish.

Mommy came outta the garage carryin the dish. She pitched the water and the soggy mousie over there. A magpie can find the mousie for a snack.

That's how it goes 'round here. Gotta put up with a few surprises every now and then.


Miles and miles and miles!

February 16th 2013 4:06 pm
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It's walkie weather! So Daddy took Me and Tux for a good long walk today. Along the road with our leashes on. I did a good poopie in front of the neighbor's house. Bol!
And I tinkled and tinkled all over the place.
Didn't see many cows or dogs but we saw sum sheepies.
It was a wunnerful walk.
And we walked and walked. 'Bout three hunnerd miles I think.

What? Oh, Daddy told me we walked for three miles.

But it was a Great walk, no matter how long it was.


Thank you! Thank you!

February 15th 2013 7:00 am
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Yummy! Thank you pals for all the yummy candy boxes you sent to Me and my fur family. All that Meatz™ surrounded by dog (and cat) friendly carob.

And you are welcome for all the boxes I (we) sent out. We missed sum of you, 'cause the typist had sum dental work done and she *says* she was in pain. Poor 'scuse for not gettin goodies sent out to All our pals.

Have a super duper day Pals!



February 13th 2013 7:30 am
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The other day Mommy took me to the groomer/torture place. Me, all by myself. I was the only dog there 'cause the g/t person had gotten bucked offa her horsie and was limpin 'round the place. She wasn't doin much g/t 'til she felt better.
So's since there were No Witnesses she gave me a real good goin over. I musta blacked out 'cause I can't 'member any of the details. I do 'member Mommy pokin her head in the door but the g/t person hadn't cut off my toenails or yanked out my ear hairs (and made my ears bleed) yet.
Finally, I got to leave.
Since I blacked out, I don't know fur sure what happened. But let me tell you, that g/t person did sumfin to my cute lil patootie. I been tryin to get to it, can't reach it good so I rub and look pitiful alla time.
Heartless Mommy tells me to "get over it, you're alright."

I think I need lots 'o cookies. Medicinal cookies. Then I might "get over it".


A Diary Pick for Me!

February 9th 2013 7:25 am
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Thanks Cooper for the cool pic to celebrate my Diary Pick today!

Still no break in a Nonny Mouse rosettes bein sent out. More and more pups are barkin in that they have gotten the lips with the same message.
Hershey, smart boy that he is, realized the message "There's a great big hunk of world down there, with no fence around it" is From the Disney movie The Lady and the Tramp. That puts a new spin on the whole deal. I was thinkin the rosette was from sum pups code named The Lady and the Tramp.
Gotta love this mystery!

I furgot to tell ya bout the mousie that Me, Tux and the garage cat Scooter found the other day. Ya see, there is sum garden hose rolled up out there in one of Mommy's flower beds. We like to sniff and dig 'round in there. Good smells. So, the other day, we sniffed up a mousie. Can't tell ya all the details but Mommy found us all sniffin at the hose. We knew the mousie was there. He was still a-kickin. Good times.
Mommy made Me and Tux go inside. I watched her from the door. She went over to the garage and got a shovel. Then I couldn't see 'xactly what happened but when I got to go out 'gain, the mousie was gone. Boo. That mousie sure woulda been fun to play with. Hope I can find 'nother one sumtime.

Our trails are gone again. Snowed yeserday and then the wind covered up what was left of anything else. Maintainin this place is a lot of work.
I supervise Daddy unless he's out there at very early dark o'clock.

Whereevfur you're at, have a good day filled with barkable stuff!


Very mysterious

February 8th 2013 4:41 am
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There's been lots of nony mouse rosettes bein sent all over this Dogster place.

I got sum lips. Thank you to Nony Mouse.
But the message is the real mystery. What you pups think 'bout this:

"There's a great big hunk of world down there, with no fence around it" The Lady and the Tramp."

Gimme your ideas of Nony Mouse's real name. I'm stumped.



February 7th 2013 10:47 am
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Like clock work. Steady. Continual. Nonstop. Loyal. Faithful.
Yeah, those are big words I don't evfur use cause I don't really know what they mean.
But that was me this mornin.
With my barkin.

I started up when it was still dark thirty. But there was stuff out there that needed to be barked at.
So I barked.
When I came in and it was still dark out there, I barked.
When it was startin to get light out there and Mommy opened the blinds (for me) I barked. When she went downstairs to do her lil exercise thing, I stayed upstairs. And barked.
When we all went outside to mess round while Mommy did her mornin chores, I barked.
I needed to go poopy.
I stopped long enough to do that.
Then I started barkin again.

Mommy keeps tellin me to STOP but I can't help it. I Gotta Bark!
My world is filled with stuff to bark at.

And so it goes.

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