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A Busy Thanksgiving

November 27th 2008 9:47 am
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Daddy didn't have to work yesterday so he took us dogs on a real long walk. That was cool even though I had to be leashed together with Drover. He pulls me all over the place cause he is bigger than me. At least I didn't get peed on. We did a tandem poop though. Daddy was impressed with that. We met a couple of new dogs. I was shy. I just wanted to keep away from them.
Today, woot! It is pretty nice outside. My whole family is home. No work, no school. There are people walking and riding bikes past our house. Us dogs are having a blast barking at them to keep on a-moving. They must like us barking cause they go by one way and pretty soon they come back. Mommy says our block is four miles around so unless they want to go that far, they have to come back by our house.
And pups! Take a look at the turkey I am going to have later today. It is way bigger than me! Brother weighed it, it was 29.4 pounds! I hope it gets done cooking today! bol
Mommy grew that turkey. I wrote once in my diary about a noisy box. All those funny little peeps and tiny noises that I thought were a box of squeaky toys turned out to be great big turkeys! How did that work?!
Whatever, I want to eat some of it. Maybe I can have my very own place at the table. Now that will be cool.
Happy Thanksgiving evfureypup!


Word combos

November 19th 2008 8:17 am
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My family like to play with words. They sometimes take two words and put them together. Like this: sperbs. You know, when you are cooking and you add herbs and spices? You are adding sperbs.
So we got a new Costco store in the town where we shop at Petco. So if you are going to shop at both stores you will be shopping Pestco.
bol, do ya get it?



November 18th 2008 9:55 am
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Yippee! Finally I got some yummy bones to chomp on. Mommy made me share with the other dogs. Somehow Drover wound up with the biggest one. That is wrong. I took my bone over to take his, I mean, take a look at his. Sorry buddy, that is mine!
I even got to bring my bone inside to chew. Haha. Drover and Cindy have to stay outside with theirs while they chew.


I must be losing it

November 17th 2008 7:53 pm
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There were people in my front yard this afternoon. They were talking to Mommy. All three of us dogs saw them and barked and barked. They just stayed out there talking. Pretty soon, one of them went to their vehicle and got out a little dog! We barked at him. The cows came for a drink of water. We barked some more.
It was all good.
But pretty soon Drover quit barking. I guess because he could see Mommy he was happy.
Then Cindy petered out and quit barking. I don't know what her deal was.
Things got really weird then.
I quit barking.
I don't know why I quit but I just stood there at the fence. I just wagged my stumpy tail at the cows, the little dog and the people.
I must be losing it. I think I may need professional help.


Tagged again

November 13th 2008 10:44 am
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This tag game is sure going around and around on Dogster. I got tagged by Kady this time.
Here are some more fantastic facts about lil ol me.

1. I sit on the end of the couch and look out the window. I can see who or what is coming down the road. You know, to bark at.
2. I sleep in my own little crate each night. Cozy.
3. There are neighbor dogs that come right up to my fence. If I am outside, that absotootly drives me crazy.
4. We have some chickens whose yard is just right there but I just ignore them.
5. I was the first dog here but I am the baby of the family!
6. I love to have popcorn with the family.
7. I do like to play with Drover, but don't tell him I said that.


Tagged times 2

November 6th 2008 10:58 am
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I have been tagged, twice by a couple of cute little Schnauzers. Yep, Mr. Tuggles tagged me first and then Patches got me too.

Here goes with seven amazing facts about ME!
1. I am my Daddy's girl. I love to hang out with him. He lets me go fun places with him out of our yard.
2. I like to play with my skinbro and a big long toy named Big Braidy. He pulls me while I hang on with my teeth.
3. ALL the toys are mine.
4. I like to wrestle with Drover as long as he doesn't get on my nerves too much.
5. I get nervous riding in the car. I just know we are gonna wind up at the groomer's house.
6. I keep an eye on the cats. Sometimes they need to be chased.
7. Cindy chews on my bones and antlers sometimes. I let her but I don't like it when she does. They are all my bones and antlers.

So there you have it. I will think about who to tag.


Rain, rain, rain

November 2nd 2008 8:48 am
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It is another good day to stay inside. I don't think I will get a walk today. I will just stay inside and do my barking from my perch on the arm of the couch. In front of the woodstove is a good place for a snooze.
Our Georgie cat came inside and was very wet. She said "hi" and went back outside! She is crazy.


It is a good day

November 1st 2008 8:42 am
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Oh yeah, I slept in. I got up and had breakfast. It's wet and cloudy outside.
I did some barking at the jogger and his dog.
It is still early and I am napping on the couch. It is a good day to sleep.
I will update my diary if anything changes.


Pumpkin play

October 29th 2008 1:01 pm
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Before I got trapped in the basement I got to wrassle with a couple of pumpkins. You can check out my video of me vs. the big pumpkin. It was bigger than me. Then Mommy brought over a smaller one. That one was easy. I could tow that one using the stem.
Fun with pumpkins! I recommend it!



October 29th 2008 11:10 am
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My house has a basement. If your house has a basement you probably have some of the same kind of stuff my basement has. Stuff that nobody uses anymore but it's "too good" to just throw out. Stuff that is only used during one time of the year and gathers dust all the rest of the time. You know what I am barking about.
We have a TV with a DVD player down there too and a bunch of exercise equipment that actually does get used, usually. Okey dokey. Mommy usually goes down to the basement early in the morning and marches in front of the TV. She moves forwards and backwards and sideways. She raises up her arms. I have to be careful not to get stepped on but I like to be down there with her. I snoop around finding bugs and dust bunnies and other stuff.
Today she went downstairs again. This time she lifted things while she watched the people on the TV. She stayed in one place in front of the TV. I started snooping because that looked pretty boring to me. I was snooping and suddenly I was trapped! I started whining. "Help me Mommy!"
She just would tell me to stop whining or "are you ok?". She was so concerned.
She said she couldn't see me. I could see her! I was right there! I was trapped behind the Christmas tree box, Cindy's crate that she doesn't use anymore, and the cross-country skis.
I kept whining to let her know I needed some help. I was good and stuck between all that stuff. Finally she called to Brother to come and help me. She claimed she couldn't see the pause button on the remote control to pause her exercise DVD. When she finally called to Brother she saw where I was. Brother came rushing downstairs to my rescue. He helped me get out of the trap. He told Mommy I must have gone under the old desk and then didn't know how to get myself out of there.
Thank you Brother for saving me! I would be down there still if not for Brother.

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