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She's mean at me

April 17th 2013 9:39 am
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Sorry Pals for not barkin for So long in my diary. I blame Mommy, my typist. I've got stuff to bark 'bout but she's in one of those moods. She even has a Grumpy Cat picture on her laptop background. It says sumfin like "I think I might be emotionally constipated. I haven't given a sh*t in days."

Plus we've had the "witer's bwock" as our pal Zaidie would put it.

And I have to live with this!
But I told Mommy to fix herself a nice cuppa and settle down to take sum dictation from Me. Our pal Fizzy even thought I was dead or sumfin since I hadn't barked in my diary in so long.

But I am ok! Even though Mommy has been mean at me. It is all her fault.
Lemme tell ya 'bout it.
You pups probly know that My laptop (ok, it's really Mommy's) is in Brother's room. He hasn't been here in a really long time. Wonder what happened to him. It's almost like he doesn't even live here anymore.
Hmm, oh, what I was sayin?
Right, and of the 3 bedrooms, it is the lil-est. It has a twin bed, a small desk and a bookshelf.
Well, Mommy moved the desk and bed, kinda swapped places. It is a win/win! She can see her computer screen without glare. I can sit on the bed and see out the window!
For sum reason, the bedroom is kinda echo-y.
When I let loose with a barkbarkbark it's good and loud and echo-y. Makes Mommy jump. That one nerve she woke up with? I get on it.
She even threw a pillow at me the other day. Didn't hurt or nuthin.
But she did tell me to "shut up".
That is sumfin she don't say very much. Oh yeah, she tells me to be quiet. Enough. Stop.
But she don't like to tell nobudy "shut up". 'Cept in real mergencies.
Didn't make me stop barkin of course. Nuthin can do that. And it's spring. Lots of goin's on in the field round my place. Plenty of stuff to bark at.

And there you have it. The reason I haven't been barkin in my diary.
It's my mean Mommy's fault.

I'll try to do a better job at keepin things up to date in my diary.


We all need this!

April 1st 2013 5:46 am
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Check this out Pups! So cool and we need this!

Toshiba Petbook

Click down there where it says to Build Your Own!


Looky all the eggies!

April 1st 2013 5:33 am
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Thank you Pals! Thank you for all the eggies you sent to me and my furfamily too!
Mommy Finally discovered an easy way to send out the free eggies. After all these years on Dogster she realized how to click and send Lots of eggies all at the same time.
She catches on real fast. Duh.

I am plannin a quiet day. Mommy and Daddy will be doin sum yardwork. I will just lay 'round the yard. They will be out there so's I won't have to do any barkin if any bike riders, joggers or walkers go by. They will see the mailman so I will let them take care of gettin the mail.
They will be usin sum sharp yard tools for trimmin the shrubs. I will stay a safe distance away and not grab any of the trimmins to chew on.
They will be busy so's I won't bug them to go inside to give me any cookies.

Huh? Wha? Me? A Quiet day?



Barkbark. Is this thing on now?

March 26th 2013 2:13 pm
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Were you like me this mornin? Usually, Typist grabs her coffee and we make the rounds of keepin up with our Dogster pals. We play games in the groups. We sniff all 'round.
But not this mornin. We couldn't post nuthin. Nowheres.
We barked the problem to HQ and got a reply back this afternoon.
Here's what the Watch Dog barked:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sorry this happened. It wasn't just you. No one was able to add content to the site.

We got busy testing right away and OPS launched a fix as soon as they were able to diagnose the problem. You should now be able to post comments, send gifts, and post in the forums again. You should also be able to delete comments posted to your pet pages, pawmails, etc.

It was all related to trying to stop the spammers which prevented anyone from adding content via pawmail, forum posts, comments, or gifts. They have re-worked the code to allow legitimate members to post, add photos, etc.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to contact us with the information we needed and who also helped spread the word via personal e-mail.

If you thought we weren't happy with spammers before, this new twist takes the cake. We couldn't even post in the All Paws Bulletin to let folks know we were working on it. Everyone was temporarily locked out, even the Community Team.

NOTE: If you gave gifts that still haven't shown up after OPS got the problem fixed, let us know so we can refund any zealies you may have lost.


Woofs! & Tail Wags!

-watch dog-
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

So Pups, commence barkin! Stat!


Tra-la! It's Spring!

March 22nd 2013 8:32 am
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Oh, isn't is lurvly to listen to the lil froggies peepin? Hear the baby birdies chirpin when their mommy brings them a worm to munch. See the lil chicks and duckelins flittin here and there. The wooly white lambkins are frolickin in the green pastures. Sniff the purdy daffydills and crocuses.
I don't know what kinda alternate reality you might live in if that's what your Springtime is like.
My Springtime looks just like Winter!

Lemme tell ya 'bout it.

The calendar that Says it's Spring isn't talkin to the Weather 'round here. Didn't get the memo. Things happen lots more slowly here in Idunno than Any Other Place In The World.

The first day of Spring we had clouds and Lots of wind. So much wind that wobbley Drover 'bout got knocked over by it. And it was cold. Stay huddled 'round the woodstove for keepin warm kinda cold.
The next day of Spring, it started rainin. And the wind was still blowin, of course. And it was still cold. Blah, who wants to go outside when it's like that?

Today started out ok. I mean, it was dark and stuff, but not too cold. Then when Mommy opened the blinds, all's we could see was Snow. Lots of it. And it's still comin down.

Happy Spring.

And Happy Birthday to Mommy. She is sumfin like 5 or maybe 7 or maybe you add those or put them together sumhow. Anyways, I know I won't get nuthin good. She always likes to have a carrot cake but there is always raisins in there. Bad for dogs. Blah.
And Sissor is gonna come home for the weekend. She and Mommy will have tea (that Sissor sent her) and Squee!! over yarn (that Brother sent her). And watch old black and white Hitchcock movies (that Brother sent her).
We sure know how to pawty over here, don't we?

I hope your weekend will be better than mine is lookin like.


Soon-to-be-Spring barkin!

March 12th 2013 2:52 pm
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You pups know that I have plenty of farm stuff to bark at 'round my place. Tractors, lil men in pick-em-up trucks, big farm machinery and lots more.
And you gotta know that it's gettin near to spring time. That means the farm work starts back up after the slow winter time.
But let me tell ya. I had a bark fest today and it weren't even no farm stuff at all.
Lemme tell ya 'bout it.
Of course, I barked at the mail vehicle when it stopped at our mail box. That's not really a big deal since it didn't bring no packages to me today.
But I was relaxin on my Love-Seat-Look-Out and the Brown truck stopped in the road and then backed into my driveway! This was gonna be good! Tux jumped on the Love-Seat-Look-Out to help me with the barkin.
Mommy hollered over the din to for us to go outside. We went outside barkin the whole time. Watched the guy get outta his truck. Watched him get out two boxes. Watched him wheel one of the boxes 'round to the front of the house.
We were watchin and barkin the whole time of course. Kept barkin til he got back in his truck and pulled outta the driveway.
Then we went in to see what was goin on in there.
A big box was layin near the front door. I helped Mommy try to figure out how to open it. We finally got it figured out. It is sumfin that has "some assembly required" and we will wait for Daddy to do that part.
But the other box, Mommy had carried in. Purdy soon, she opened that box and took out some pieces of wood. More of the "some assembly required" stuff. But not as many pieces as the other box of stuff.
As she was doin the assembly stuff I was chillin on my Love-Seat-Look-Out. All of a sudden, it was red alert again! Tux jumped up there to join me. This red alert musta surprised Mommy 'cause she didn't have us go outside to do our barkin. We got to stay in and bark at the Fed Ex dood as he brought a box to our door.

Gosh, this has been a good barkin day! And it ain't even spring yet.
What will happen tomorrow?!


Nap go boom

March 8th 2013 4:35 pm
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Mommy decided to take a nap on the big bed. Of course, I had to join her. First she was on her back on her side of the bed. Then she rolled over to the middle of the bed.
That's when I fell off. Not that she pushed me. Not that I didn't have enough room. I musta rolled over or sumfin and rolled right offa the bed.
I stood there for a bit and then Mommy asked if I was ok and invited me back on the bed. I jumped up there and we axfurly snuggled a lil minute. Don't tell Daddy, he might get jealous.

Then we decided to get up from our nap. Drover was snoozin in his bed in the corner. Tux was wanderin 'round the room. Georgie had been purrin in Mommy's ear. The kitten Gypsy had tried to attack Mommy's feets. Sam was wanderin on the pillows. Ellie was purrin all over the bed.

We couldn't snooze no more with all that activity.
We got up.


They're out there

March 7th 2013 12:18 pm
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I just know it. I can hear them. I can smell them. I just can't see them.
Lil mousies. Unner the snow in my yard. Makin tunnels through the grass.
I wish there was a button I could push that would make all the snow go away Right Now. All of a sudden. Leavin those mousies surprised and shocked to see Me standin over them.
But I don't think there is no such button. And when the snow does melt, the mousies have moved on.
So I am left standin on the snow that hasn't melted.
Listenin. Hearin. Smellin.


The rumors are true

March 5th 2013 1:29 pm
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Ok, so it's not a rumor.

I know you city pups go for walks on sidewalks and paths and stuff that other peepoles and pets walk and run and bike and scooter on. So that when you have to make a "privacy please", a "number 2 download", "go poopy", your peepole has to pick it up. So as not to disgust the other peepoles out there. They carry special bags to save your doo doo. Sometimes they throw it away in a trash can. Sometimes they take it alla way back home and do who knows what with it.
'Round My place, cats and dogs and horses and cows and geese and well, whatever comes along can poop and don't nobudy care if it gets picked up.
Yeah, we are redneck hicks 'round here.

But only a hop, skip and jump down the road is a city. A small city with a university and Applebees and Five Guys and a Joanns Craft store and lots of other places our lil town doesn't have.
This is where Sissor is. She is a student at the university but she has a job too. And right now she is pup sittin on two cute lil pups of one of her seniority-ized co-workers. She is stayin in the lady's house.
Now these lil dogs get to go for walks. On sidewalks. And on sum trails too.
I checked with her and Sissor is 'posed to carry lil plastic bags and pick up the lil pups' poops. Or else the PPP (Pocatello Poop Police will come and arrest Sissor and the lil dogs too.
And that wouldn't be no good.

I sure wouldn't want to have to post bail and get Sissor outta jail. The lil dogs, sure thing. Just not pocketlint Sissor.
Oh and don't tell anyfur but Sissor told Mommy when she takes the lil dogs on a trail, she don't pick up their poops.
Don't tell anybudy that.


Goin's on 'round My place

March 5th 2013 10:50 am
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Not too much goin on. Unless you like to watch the wind blow then watch puddles dry up.
It is good for a bark or two. If I'm lucky, a wally world bag might blow by.

The other day, when there was still snow on the big field across the road, some worker type trucks came along. Then a big thing drove back and forth all over the field. I guess it was spreadin out sum fertilizer. It was a big water bug lookin machine. I had Mommy try to find a picture of what it looked like but she couldn't fine one. So I can't show you. You'll just have to trust me that it was a Big machine. It has arm thingies that automatically move to both sides so that a big swath of field gets covered with the fertilizer stuff. There is a driver person that sits in the cab part Way up there. I mean, he has to climb up a ladder thing to get up to the controls.
Anywho, it was good to bark at it when it came close to My place. In the past, it has knocked over our mailbox. I gotta watch for that.

And cats are sneaky.
We have this lil kitten, she's not really so lil anymore but she is still a kitten. I like to chase her around the house. She likes for me to chase her around the house. This mornin I chased her up on Brother's bed. Don't worry, Brother don't live here no more so we didn't wake him up. The bed is pushed close to the wall and she skinnied down between the bed and the wall. To under the bed.
I kept lookin for her. I had my head smooshed down there.
Daddy came in to help me look for her. He looked under the bed. I jumped down to help him look under the bed.
She wasn't under the bed.
Now how did she disappear so easy?
Durn cats are sneaky.

We played the same game the other day. I waited and waited on top of the bed. Mommy got up from her computer. I got off the bed.
The kitten was Sleepin in the dog bed over there.
Grrr. Cats are too sneaky.

I better get back to my Love-Seat-Look-Out. It's 'bout time to bark at the mailman.

Later Pals.

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