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Love-Seat-Look-Out no more

May 21st 2013 12:37 pm
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Don't worry! You pups know I gotta have my Love-Seat-Look-Out by the big livin room winder. I spend most of my inside time up there. Even if I take a snooze, I sleep with one eye open. I don't miss much that goes by My place.

But My Soldier Daddy told me I could save time with a aack-row-nim. They use those things alla time in the military. To save time I guess.

So I won't be callin My Love-Seat-Look-Out My Love-Seat-Look-Out no more.

Here's the new name: Observation Point (OP) Zoe. That's military jargon for My Love-Seat-Look-Out. Kinda rolls off the tongue, don't it?
From now on when I bark 'bout OP Zoe, I mean My Love-Seat-Look-Out. Hope it's not Too complicated. And don't worry, it's not top secret stuff so we won't be havin lil black drones watchin us.

Back to OP Zoe for a snooze. I mean, maybe the neighbor with the fifty-leven dogs will go by soon. Good barkin then!


A walk, watch out for a trick

May 12th 2013 3:20 pm
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So, 'bout first thing yeserday mornin, Daddy took Me and Tux for a nice walk. Down 'long the river. Good smells. Good walk. We even saw where a porcupine pin cushion guy had walked in the dry dusty road place. It looked like he was tryin to cover his tracks by brushin his quills along the ground. Or maybe it was a lady porcupine. Swishy hips made the trail.
I guess that's just what they do, natural like.
Anywho's, it was a good walk. Mommy stayed home with Drover to play his 'round the house keep away game with his orange man toy. His legs are too wonky to go on a real walk with us.
When we got back, they started makin like they were gonna be leavin.
And they did. Leave.
For a Really Long Time.
Hmm, tricky takin us for a walk tryin to wear us out. We still barked like crazy dogs when the mailman left a box on the front steps.
Turns out, they went to Sissor's gradumatootion thing. Took days or sumfin.
We were really glad to get out when they got home to, well, you know what. Then we were tired out.

Be watchin out for a tricky walk. You might get left alone for a super long time. No food. Slimy water dish.
Just a warnin.


Soldier Saves Doggies

May 10th 2013 2:55 pm
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So, my typist has the big banage offa her paw so I told her to get with it and type!
This is a big story! Lemme tell ya 'bout it.

'Member my Daddy is a soldier man? He is in the Idunno National Guard. And yes, he works more than one weekend a month. He works on the vehicles and tanks and stuff. The shop has big, really big, garage door things.
So, yeserday it was kinda hot. Daddy was the only one at work right then. A couple of doggies came in to check out the shop. They wandered round. They saw a couple of humvees, an ambulance, a trailer and a couple of big trucks.
There aren't any houses around very close so those doggies musta been wanderin round for a spell. They musta found sumfin good to snack on cause one of them threw up on the floor.
They even went up the metal stairs to where the boss's office and the break room is. Then they didn't want to come down the stairs. But Daddy carried them.
Then he checked out their collars. There was a phone number on their tags. Daddy called the number.
Only took the lady 'bout 5 minutes to get there and get her doggies. They had wandered maybe 'bout a mile or more.

My Daddy is a true hero! I bet he gets a new ribbon to wear on his dress uniform!


Early breakfast!

May 6th 2013 2:41 pm
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It's a good thing we are all early mornin pups and peeps 'round here. Mommy is havin her crappy tunnel surgeried tomorrow mornin at 6:30. She made sure she asked the lady a.m. or p.m.
So us pups will get to eat earlier than regular so's that Daddy and Mommy can get to the horsespital in time.
Oh yeah, I don't know when I will be able to bark at you pals. Mommy has sum lame xcuse 'bout havin a bandage on her wrist place. And maybe not feelin like doin much for an hour or so. Humph.

But I will bark when I can and I will be readin your diary entries and comments and stuff.

I will also bark EXTRA LOUD at school buses, lil men movin irrigation pipe, peepoles walkin, ridin, or otherwise goin past my place and all the other usual stuff I bark at. You will be able to hear me and know I am ok.

Bark on!



May 3rd 2013 1:18 pm
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First off, gotta bark Big Condogumations to our buddy Hammy, or as we should probly call him Mayor Hammish McDuff. Yep, tomorrow is a big day for Hammy. He got (with a bunch of our help) voted to be mayor du jour of his fair city. Conwags Hammy!

Now on to the borin-ness 'round here.
You pups know that I have 2 skinsibs. They are both old and can take care of themselves and all so they don't live here no more.
Sure nuff, Brother has a birthday comin up. He is gonna be 21. All legal.
We sent him sum plastic storage containers. Just what a 21 year old single guy wants and needs, huh? Axfurly, he asked for them. :-/ And sum geeky t-shirts too. And books. We didn't send those.
And then Sissor is commencin, gradumatatin, sumfin from her 4 year university. She already has a 2 year degree from sum other school. She is needin a bit of a break so's she gonna go work up in Jellystone National Park again this summer or maybe furever if she don't get a Real job. Yep, she is gonna be turnin the big wheel for Old Faithful to go on and off. Or maybe she can get promoted to groomin bison. Or makin sure all the bubblin hot pools and mud pots are the right temperature and have the right kinda bad smells. Whatever.
Then, if she gets a Real job and doesn't work at Jellystone the rest of her life or maybe move into our basement, she wants to get a pet-friendly apartment. And adopt a cat. Or twelve. And knit. She sent this picture to Mommy saying this will be what she is like in just awhile:
Sissor's life
*sigh* I love my family but what can I do?

And then, my typist Might be outta commission for a few days. Next Toosday, she is gonna get surgery-ized for sum crappy tunnel on her left wrist. She will still be able to use the mousie to point and click but as far as typin, well, unlike sum secamateries that Hunt and Peck;-), my typist uses both hands. On the home row even. So she may not be able to take my dictation for a hour or day or while. She is plannin on milkin bein outta commission, so we shall see. Bol!
Maybe I can get Daddy to help me bark in until Mommy comes to. :-0

That's 'bout it in my lil corner of the world.

Keep calm and bark at evfurrything!


Happy May Day!

May 1st 2013 6:03 am
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The birdies is singin. The sun is shinin.

Mommy says when she was a lil girl, she would make lil paper baskets and put flowers in them on May Day. Then she would put them on neighbors' doors, knock and run. A nice lil surprise.

Nuthin like that will happen here.

We woke up to snow on the ground.


Beware the Glurg!

April 30th 2013 5:29 pm
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We had a big bowl for our water. Mommy was gettin tired of havin to refill it a bunch o' times all day long. She got sumfin kinda like this.
For a few days, she put the new water thingy and our old bowl close to each other. So's we would maybe try out the new water thingy. But still be able to get drinks in case we didn't like the new water thingy.
Then she took the old bowl away. So's now the new water thingy is all we have to drink outta. Three dogs and a bunch of kitties all drink outta that new water thingy.

Mommy and Daddy were eatin supper. I was standin there by the water thingy. Mommy thought I was skeered of the new water thingy.
It was makin big bubbles and glurg sounds when the water was refillin the dish part where we get out drinks.

I wasn't skeered. Just leery. A good security dog is always leery of new stuff.
Not skeered.


Pain in the Patoot

April 26th 2013 11:06 am
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Way back the last time I got groomed/tortured the groomer/torturer did sumfin bad to my tookus. I even barked to you pups 'bout it in my diary.
I did Finally get over feelin the badness on my cute lil patoot.

Now the horror has started again.

I am eatin. I am poopin. I am barkin. Not as much as usual so that shows that sumfin is definitely wrong with me.

But evfurry now and then, I just gotta run 'round 'cause my bobbim is buggin me. It makes me crazy.
Sumtimes I just let Tux bark outside and not bother to go join him.

I don't know why I have to keep goin back to the groomer/torture (mostly torture) place.
And then there is the whole stinkin poodle feet I gots.

I gotta go lay down.


I'm alright

April 24th 2013 8:06 am
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Pups! I am feelin fine!
I ate breakfast. I am eatin cookies. I pooped. I have been barkin.

Evfurrything is A-OK!

And I got a Diary Pick this day! Woo Hoo Me!

Thank you to Nina for the neat piccie to display!
And thank you pups for the gifties you've sent.
Anya has sent a ladybug. I like to eat bugs.
Got a steak from the four Snarky Schnauzers. Yum!
Finley sent a fun kite to fly. No wind today here at my place. That's unusual.
Pepper sent me a lil blue birdie. Stay back kitty cats. That's My birdie!
And Duncan and Hamish sent a steak. I'll have that later when I'm back from the groomer/torturer.
I'm gonna try to edit this entry. Hope things don't get messed up.
But I got a purdy pink ribbon from Hershey and Winkie.
And Buddy and Angel Abby sent sum purdy two-lips!

If I survive the torture place, that is. I will try to update to let you know how it went.

But for now, I am alright!


I'll be alright

April 23rd 2013 2:45 pm
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I should be alright. Sumtime.
I hope.
And there is no sympathy round this place, lemme tell ya.
Well, ok, so Mommy is watchin me. Talkin nicey-nice to me.
I did eat my breakfast and I am eatin cookies when she offers them to me.
But I am just not "right". Yes, I am barkin at the lil men workers in the white pick-up trucks and other stuff I normally bark at.
But I am just not "right". You know how that goes.
I haven't urka-gurkaed. Mommy hasn't seen me poop so she doesn't know what that looks like.
But I am just not "right".

She must think I will be fine by tomorrow.
I have to go to the groomer/torture place.

I am a tuff Schnauzer grrl. I will be alright.
I hope.

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