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Home Alone

August 22nd 2007 3:04 pm
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We had a nice morning at home with Mommy. Daddy had gone to work, sister had gone to college and brother was away at work. We were helping do some yard work and napping and such. The phone rang and I knew Mommy was talking to brother. She said she would be right there to pick him up. Always before when the family is leaving, we go into our kennel boxes. Now, my Mommy is old and forgetful and she was in a hurry to pick up brother from his job.
She didn't put us in our boxes! Of course, the Mommyvelcro Drover ran around the house yelping. Cindy was sleeping. That left me to try to calm Mr. Worrywart. He was up on the bed looking out. He was running all over the house screaming. Oh my, but he was carrying on so. Hours passed. Or what seemed like hours.
Finally Mommy and brother returned. Drover melted into a puddle at Mommy's feet. It was sickening.
Then sister got home. She had shopped at Petco for some food for us. She didn't get us anything else. I don't like to wear clothes but she told me about a cute little sweater that would have been perfect for me. It said: " I used to be nice, but I got bored." Hmmm, let me think about that for awhile.


I Saw Notme!

August 30th 2007 10:54 am
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I am not making this up! I saw Notme in my house!
My family had to leave for awhile yesterday. Drover and Me were put into our kennels in the closet/storage area. Cindy is a "good dog" and doesn't have to be in her kennel. Well, she goes into her kennel when the family leaves, but she doesn't have a door so she can lay around the house. She used to have a door on her kennel but she was a naughty dog, once. She tore up a cover that was in there when the door was closed. That was a long time ago when she first moved here. So anywho, she doesn't have to be shut up in her kennel. She is "trustworthy". She hasn't even tried to get to the kitty food or chew on a box of Christmas decorations for a long time.
So back to my story. I have a good view of the trash can from my kennel window. It's right next door, so to speak.
I saw Notme getting into the trash.
Yes, in broad daylight, that Notme found the meat wrapper and licked it to bits. Notme even ate the pork chop bones! Anydog knows we are not supposed to eat pork chop bones! Notme found a little package that had had kitty treats. That must have been yummy. Notme took some of the trash into the hall where I couldn't see very well. Notme didn't seem to like the coffee grounds. That Notme made a big mess.
Now I don't know if the Notme at your house looks the same, but here at my place Notme looked just like Cindy!


Cheepings and peepings

September 2nd 2007 12:15 pm
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A mystery is afoot in my house. There are cheepings and peepings in our food pantry. I can't see what is making those noises! It is making me crazy.
Mommy makes yummy cookies for us dogs. And she did make us toys once, except we chewed holes in them real fast. She said she wouldn't ever make us toys again.
But I think somehow that is what is happening. The cheeping and peeping must be toys for us. I think Mommy is somehow making the toys. The toys are in a q bator or something like that.
I hear the cheeping. Then when we are outside, she carries a small box away. Drover says he can see Mommy going into our barn carrying the little box. He spys her as much as he can.
It gets quiet for awhile then the cheeping starts back up. I guess another toy is ready then. Pretty soon, we have to go outside, then Mommy carries that little box away again.
She must be hiding the toys in the barn until it's time to give them to me. That must be it! Maybe my birthday or Christmas! It's hard for a pup to wait! I wish a could just catch a glimpse of what the toys are like.


A diary pick of the day~ Sept. 9, '07

September 10th 2007 7:36 am
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Cool huh? Thanks, Pups, for reading my lil 'ol diary! And thanks to all of you who left a rosette for me! Super cool!
And to the pup who left an any on o mous rosette, we haven't figured you out yet! Mommy got a headache trying! She's not much of a detective. "sigh"
Thanks again, Dogsters!


Grass for breakfast

September 12th 2007 8:13 am
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That's what I had for breakfast this morning. Grass. I just didn't feel like eating my usual dog food. I had a bit of an upset tummy.
I was helping cover up the tomatoes last night so they don't get frozen. I might have eaten some of the little green tomatoes. I did bring one inside and it got taken away.
I did eat some scrambled egg. That was yummy. I think I am feeling better now.

I have a Dogster friend named Larry the Dude. He is a little dude and he has to have a scary knee surgery! He is a very upfront, honest guy and says in his diary he would like rosettes.
Here's how to get to his page: Larry
You know, in case you have an extra rosette laying around. Or you could even throw him a few bones!


My pink Loofa dog is kaput

September 12th 2007 4:17 pm
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Drover did it. He was just going around and around the kitchen and living room. Playing his silly ol' keep away game. The whole time he had my loofa dog in his mouth, he was making holes in it! I am sure of it. So when I tried to get it away from him, things got loud and violent. Mommy took it away from us.
She says it is beyond repair. I think she just doesn't want to try to fix it!
Another toy down the tubes.


Just lookin' around

September 18th 2007 2:28 pm
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Mommy came out of the barn and asked, "Zoe, what are you doing out here?"
I was just out lookin' around a pile of grass and tree limbs and junk. I've been out there before, with Daddy. I guess Mommy was surprised to see me out there by myself. Daddy was at work and sister was gone and brother was in the house.
So I came over to Mommy, kinda sheepish like, and she picked me up and carried me back to my yard. She put me down and asked me how I had gotten out. The gate was latched. I took her to another gate that we don't use often. Look there, Mommy. Sure enough, a place just big enough for me to get out under the gate. She fixed it up so I can't go out that way by myself anymore.
Hey, I just thought of another place I may be able to fit under! The gate of the chicken yard has a low place! Maybe I can go check out the chickens!
I'll keep ya posted!


Helping with carrots

September 20th 2007 12:39 pm
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If you read my diary you can find out about all the things I do around here to be a good helper. I've got another job.
Daddy dug up a bunch of carrots last night. He didn't let me help with that job. This morning Mommy had all the carrots in the kitchen. She said she was peeling them but it looked like she was throwing a bunch away! Anyway, sometimes those slivers of carrots would not go into the trashcan. I would clean those up off the floor. Mommy would pay me with little round pieces of carrots! She told me if I ate too many pieces of carrot, I would turn orange! I'm not so sure about that but I do like carrots!


The Other Turkey

September 25th 2007 5:28 pm
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You know, Drover was talking about cleaning off the turkey poo from the bottoms of shoes? There is something called turkey that is Way better than the poo part.
I heard Mommy call it turkey, it is in the house on our kitchen counter. It doesn't look like the big white birds we could see from the corner of our yard. But she called it turkey and she gave each of us dogs some tasty bites!
I can't see the big white turkey birds anymore and I don't hear any gobbling noises. I am gonna have to think on this problem.


Con Artist

October 1st 2007 12:49 pm
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That's what Mommy called all of us dogs: con artists.
If we come in from outside and sit nice at the pantry door and be quiet and turn on the "cute", we get cookies. That's it, sit, be cute, get cookies!
Try this at home and see what happens!

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