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Christmas! Woohoo!

December 28th 2006 8:52 am
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Christmas was so much fun! I'll tell you all about it!
Well, on Christmas morning, Mom and Dad slept in, so I didn't get out of my box until later, but that's ok. After they got up, we looked in our stockings. Well, actually Brother and Sister looked in their stockings. I couldn't find mine. Maybe a burgler broke in and took it...yeah, that's it. I should call the police!
Anyway, after that, we got to the good presents. My family opened up all of theirs-I was trying to nice and patient, but it was hard! Finally, they got done and got my presents! There were 5-I counted them. I was ready to open them all, but they gave one to Cindy and helped her open it. It was a real yummy-looking bone, and they gave it to Cindy. She chewed it up in just a few minutes. They also gave Drover one of my presents, but he couldn't figure out how to unwrap it! Heehee! They had to do it for him. I let them unwrap mine for me too. I think they like tearing up the paper. They gave Drover and me each one more present, and helped us open them.
We got a fuzzy squeaky ball and a fuzzy squeaky bone. They're just the same as 2 toys we already have, except different colors. Those are Drover's. My toys are real cool-one's a big long fuzzy green...snake type thing. It has squeakies in both ends, and it's almost as long as me! The other's called Tarzan Ted. It's a fuzzy purple man-shaped toy. Drover keeps trying to play with my toys.
After we got done with presents, I was pooped! I got on the couch with my new green toy, and fell asleep. It was a great Christmas!


My new year's resolution!

January 7th 2007 2:07 pm
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It's the new year, and I have made a resolution! It's my very first resolution-last year I was too little to make one. This year, 2007, I have made a resolution! I have resolved to never get another haircut!
I like being fuzzy, and I don't like haircuts, so that's my resolution. I've been doing good for the first week! I haven't had one hair clipped! I did let daddy comb me, I had lots of snaggles. I'll keep you updated on my resolution on no haircuts.

Oh, something else I've been meaning to tell you dogsters about-I love laundry! It's so much fun to run back to the bedroom when one of my family bring up a load, jump up on the bed, and dive in! I like it best when the laundry's warm. I like to burrow into the clothes. Then my family comes in and takes away all the clothes. *sigh* I wish I could have a big load of warm laundry on the bed all the time!

Arroooos to all my dog friends!



January 12th 2007 10:12 am
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Brr, it's cold! It was nice and warm 2 days ago, but yesterday the weather turned cold. It was -5 last night! Right now it's real sunny, but it's only 20 degrees. On top of that, the wind chill makes it seem even colder! I've got a plan, though. Wanna hear it?
1. When I go outside, I only stay out for as long as I have to. I take care of the barest necessities-you know, going potty, sniffing around the yard, chasing Drover, making sure my toys are ok, barking, looking for cats...
2. I'm going to spend a lot of time sleeping in front of the woodstove. It's nice and warm, and the flames inside it are so pretty to look at when I'm awake. Drover and Cindy like the stove too, and so do the kitties.
3. When a nice, warm load of laundry comes upstairs, I'm going to dive into it and stay in it until my family takes it all away!
4. I'm trying to talk Mom into getting me a coat or a sweater. I want a pink one! Mom says I'd probably just tear it up. (Don't tell her, but I probably would. Heehee!)
5. I was going to put "Not get a haircut" here, but I got a pawmail from my friend Jennifer. She read my last diary entry, about my resolution to not get a haircut, and she said that might not be a good idea. She said that my hair would get long and matted and it'd hurt. Jennifer's 16 years old and she's real smart! So I'm thinking I might change my resolution a little. Maybe instead of not getting a haircut all year, I'll not get another haircut week.
Yeah, that's it! My new New Year's Resolution-I won't get a haircut until next week!
Arrooooo to all my pals!


I'm a pooped pup!

January 13th 2007 9:03 pm
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Wow! I had a busy day! Let me tell you about it.
The day started out like any other Saturday. Us dogs slept in until about 7am. After my family had their breakfast, things started happening. They started moving the furniture out of my human sister's bedroom and my mommy and daddy's room. Most of the stuff, not the beds. Then sister vacuumed. I like to bark at the vacuum. Drover is pretty much afraid of it. Oh, Drover wants me to tell you he is not afraid, he has a healthy respect for the vacuum. Right.
After my sister vacuumed, my mommy got out a bigger, louder machine. She cleaned the carpets. Now while she was running that loud machine, I helped Cindy watching one of the cats, Tod, under mommy's bed. He hisses and cusses at us in cat language. I really don't know why Cindy gets a kick out of watching Tod. Sometimes she falls asleep under the bed while watching him.
Anyway what with watching Tod and helping with the cleaning we didn't get our usual naptimes in. When mommy got done and we got the furniture back in place, I was able to start a nap. But then we went for a walk! How cool is that? It is really cold today, something like 10 degrees. But I am keeping my New's Years resolution of no hair cut, so far so good, and my hair kept me warm outside!
Lots of good things to smell, lots of tracks of little animals were in the snow. So much fun. I found out that ice is hard to walk on, no traction.
Anyway, when we got back home our house was warm and cozy. All 3 of us dogs crashed. I am heading to bed now. I can't keep my eyes open any longer.
Bark ya later, pups!


Good News and Bad News

January 16th 2007 8:59 pm
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Oh pups! I have some good news and bad news.
First the good - me and Drover are going to Petco tomorrow! Woo Hoo! Treat bar here I come! But the bad news, I will have to break my New Year's resolution of not getting a haircut. Aaarrrgg. That's the real reason we are going to Petco: haircuts. I heard mommy calling and making the appointment today. Hey, it's real cold here, maybe we can get coats too. And some toys. And Rev wants us to bring him a ferret and a parakeet.

Here's a big bark out to all my pals! Stumpy tail wags to you all.


Stinkin' coats!

January 27th 2007 10:39 am
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When we went to Petco to get haircuts last week, Mom got Drover and me coats. Drover's is fuzzy and red, and mine's cream corduroy-type stuff, with brown fuzzy lining. I hate mine! It looks stupid, and the back of it's all stiff and it makes me look like a beetle! It has fake pockets too. I mean, if they're gonna have pockets on a coat, why not make them real pockets? I could use pockets to put stuff in!
When they first put the coat on me, I tried to get it off, I was jumping around and trying to bite at it. They said I looked like a bucking bronco. It burnses us! We had to get it off of us! (Heehee!)
Drover says he likes his coat, but I think he looks silly in it. He looks like he's wearing red pajamas!
The coats are warm, and they're kinda nice to wear outside. But they're still stinkin', and I don't like my coat!

The other day, my pal Jelly wrote in her diary that she heard dogs barking on the computer, and had to bark back at them. I was thinking, maybe it was me she heard! I've been barking a lot lately, and I don't think we live that far away from each other. I'm in Idaho, and she's in Canada. Mom says we're actually not that close to each other, but I don't know-I can bark pretty loud!

Arrooos and tail wiggles to all my Dogster pals!


I'm so helpful!

January 28th 2007 12:59 pm
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Hi everyone! This morning, I did something really cool I want to tell you about. Mommy was getting laundry from the clothes hampers to take to the washing machine. She carried off a bunch of it when I noticed that she had dropped a sock! Brother saw it too, but I picked it up before he did. Well, brother told me to take it to Mommy, and Mommy called me so I'd know where she was, and I took it to her. I let her have it too, I didn't try to play tug-of-war with it! They were so proud of me! Then later, I took a sock from the dryer to Mommy! I even got a treat that time. I'm so happy with myself!

Also, on a different note, I have a poem about me! Here it is. It's called "Laundry".

Up it comes, right up the stairs,
free from dirt and from cat hairs.
Back it goes to the bedroom,
I run back there, yes I zoom.
They will dump it on the bed,
maybe dump it on my head!
It is warm, I dig and play,
then they take it all away!

That pretty much summarizes what happens to a load of laundry at our house!
Whew, I'm gonna take a napzzzzzzzzzz...


Ode to Jelly's monkey.

February 3rd 2007 10:36 am
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Hi everyone! This poem is a tribute to my friend Jelly
and her now-silent monkey.

Once there was a toy monkey,
with it, Jelly was spunky.

It screamed loud and clear,
heard by many an ear.
But the scream did not last, I fear.

One day while at play,
It dwindled away.
The scream, it just would not stay!

Now what should she do,
Get a monkey that's new?
She could try a new voice box too.

Oh Jelly, you're swell,
I hope your monkey gets well,
And that he will again be able to yell.


The "D" Word! *gasp*

February 4th 2007 1:01 pm
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Before I get started, let me give some background. The D word is "Daddy". When I hear the D word, I get really excited because it usually means that Daddy just got home, and I can go outside and bark and waggle my tail and "Arroooo!" until Daddy comes inside the yard, then he pets me and rubs my tummy! It's lots of fun.
So, I have no concept of time, but it seems like it's been a really long time since Daddy was last home. Mommy was talking about some class or something that he was at. I guess it could've been just one day, but it seemed like a really long day. I ate a lot of breakfasts, and went to bed a lot of times, and beat up Drover a lot. I think Mommy and Brother and Sister were being careful not to say the D word, because it makes me real excited.
Yesterday, though, they said it! I jumped off the couch and ran outside, and it was Daddy! I waggled at him and Arrrooooed at him until he came inside the yard and petted me. I was so excited and happy to see him!
A big ol' bark out to all my Dogster pals! Thanks, Jelly, you sweet girl, for letting us know how to do links!


Black eyes!

February 13th 2007 3:42 pm
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Drover gave me 2 black eyes! I know-shocking. I was shocked too, once I got over the pain. He just punched me all of the sudden *wham, wham!* in both eyes! If you asked him, he'd probably deny it.
Mommy says that it's just my hair, it's getting darker around my eyes, but it was Drover! She didn't see him punch me-nobody saw him punch me! They can't prove that he didn't punch me.
I just can't believe it- my own brother, whom I've invited into our family, shared my toys, food and nap spots with, punching me! At least I was polite, and didn't punch him back. I could've, though- I could've given him just as many black eyes as he gave me!

Oh, and speaking of toys, Drover is always taking mine. He's psychotic or something-he always knows which toy I'm about to use, and he grabs it. For example, today I was playing with Security Snake, and decided I wanted to play with Tarzan Ted. Now get this-the minute I decided to use Ted, Drover ran over, snatched up Ted, and started chewing on him!

Arroooos to all you Dogsters!

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