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October 29th 2007 1:40 pm
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Like I was talking about, Daddy and Brother were hunting over the weekend. I asked them to bring me back some antlers, cause I like chewing on them. They brought me antlers last year, and those are almost gone, so I need more! Well, Brother found some really cool antlers for me- they're deer antlers, and they have a skull attached! Its so cool! I think there might still be some brains in the skull. BOL! Actually, Daddy cut the antlers into smaller pieces, and the skull disappeared- I don't know where that part went to. I've been chewing on my antlers a lot- Mommy says they're giving me toots. Cindy's been chewing on them too, even though they're mine. One by one I am sneaking them into the house.

On the downside, I got a stinkin' haircut today. We went to a different place- we didn't drive as long to get there, but Drover and me still had to wear stinkin' bandanas after we got our haircuts. What is with those bandanas? Anyway, I'll go chew on some more antler to cheer me up. I sure wish I could find that skull again.




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