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Drover got more cookies than me.

August 13th 2007 5:52 pm
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Mommy made a new batch of cookies today! They are called Rover Rewards. They are yummy!
But since Mr. Drover was "sensing something" bad this morning and being Mommy's shadow, he hardly went outside to even potty. So when the cookies had cooled enough from baking he was inside, I was outside. I think he got a whole bunch of cookies by showing Mommy those big sad eyes. When I came back inside, his breath smelled like cookies. Humph! He probably got half the batch.
And then, I was inside with sister and I heard Mommy going outside. Tricky Mommy! She took Drover for a ride in the car! I didn't get to go! Yeah, they were only gone a couple of minutes, but still, I like to ride too! I was waiting at the door when they came back. He smelled like a car ride! Humph!
Cookie breath and car ride body odor!
I am more of the "family" dog. I spread the love to everyone. Drover is a Mommyshadow, Mr. Velcro Drover. Maybe I am missing out because I am not a velcro pup. Something to think about.




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