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A new Job

June 9th 2007 7:03 am
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Usually, after I eat my breakfast, I snuggle on the couch with Daddy. We surf with his laptop and he scratches my tummy. Well, he is gone for something called A.T. and will be back later. Whatever. I have no concept of time.
So I have decided I have a new job. Not that I have given up on my morning barking, just that I added something in to replace the tummy scratching from Daddy.
I like to go scratch on my sister's bedroom door. I scratch and scratch until Mommy lets me into her room. It's my new job to tell her good morning in my special Schnauzer way. My feet are usually cold and wet from being outside to potty. I like to get right in her face, so she's knows I am there! After some wet kisses and dancing around on her bed, I usually leave her alone. It's time for her to get up anyway. Good Morning, Sister! I am so good at my job.




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