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Homemade toys!

June 6th 2007 5:21 pm
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A week or so ago, Mommy came home with some new toys for Drover and me. They were a big tiger and a big leopard. They were shaped the same. Whiskers came off first. Then I went to work on the earhair, got that gross stuff off of 'em both. They were fun. Drover and me decided to play tug a war with them. The leopard was the first to split apart. Mommy sewed it and cut it in half. We had a head and front legs and the rear end part to play with. The tiger is still here. We haven't got the stuffing out of him , yet.
Mommy is tired of having us destroy toys so quickly. She said it is getting too expensive to keep us in toys.
So Mommy said she would make us some toys. Using tougher fabric would surely last longer.
Cool, she just handed Drover a round soft thing and I got a long floppy thing.
No problemo! Drover got a nice whole started in his round thing. I got the stuffing started coming out.
Whoops! Mommy just said she is never gonna buy or make us another toy! That round one just went in the trash! What a waste.
This could be bad - no more toys? Ever? Yikes, I guess we just pushed the envelop.




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