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Bright and Early, on the job!

May 8th 2007 1:04 pm
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Busy morning from my lookout spot on the back of the couch! Three different groups of people went walking or jogging by about 6:30 to 7:00 this morning! I have got a lot of barks in me when I am on the job of security!
I am Schnauzer, hear me bark!
I am not sure how long I may be able to keep my back-of-the couch-at-the-big-window lookout. Mommy told me she may need to move the furniture Again! Something about summer and brother and sister may want to sleep in.
Yesterday I watched while Mommy and Brother took turns riding a noisy blue thing in the front yard, where I am not allowed without my leash on. That thing looks fun to ride on, I could ride on Brother's lap.

I pulled a sneaky on Mommy. She got each of us dogs yummy bones the other day. They are kinda messy so they are supposed to be outside bones. HA! One at a time I have been sneaking them inside! They are all in here now! Sister did toss one of them back outside, it had little ants on it. I barked the ants off and brought it back inside! Hee hee.
Back to my chew bones, Pups!




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