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Streaming consciousness #2!

April 11th 2007 10:11 am
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Here's my second streaming consciousness diary entry! I had so much fun writing my first that I decided to write another. I have a busy consciousness, so this might be a long entry!

Yesterday morning there were a whole bunch of cows and horses in the pasture right next to our yard. They're still there today. I've been barking at those cows and horses, telling them to get out of here! They're too close to our yard! Sister took a picture of me and the cows yesterday-I'll make her get it posted soon. Oh, guess what! Mommy's making me and Drover some doggy treats today! They're called "Barbeque Barks", and I can't wait to try them! Drover'll probably hog them all. He's such a hog sometimes. Cindy, on the other hand, will hardly stop watching cats to get her treats. I always offer to eat her's if she doesn't want them. The new cats are pretty cool. I like to watch them and chase them and try to play with them! I haven't gotten any new toys for a really long time- it's been a month or two since I got any new ones! Drover's always hogging my toys and playing with them when I want to use them. I have to attack him and squeal in his ear to make him give them back. I like my toys-they're fun! Oh, I've been thinking about something else that would be fun! I want to tie a bunch of helium balloons around my tummy, tether myself to the ground, and go floating up into the air! That'd be lots of fun- sort of like flying! I came up with idea of the balloons awhile ago, and at first I thought I would just use the balloons and not the tether. I couldn't figure out how I would get back down, though. I thought about taking a needle along with me and popping the balloons, but that would make me fall. I thought about untying them from my tummy, but that would also make me fall. Then I came up with the tether idea. That'll work, as long as I can get somebody to pull me back down, and Drover doesn't cut the rope. That's something he'd do, too. I bet'cha he'd do that! Drover's just kinda ornery like that. Everyone thinks he's so sweet, but that's all an act. Like the groomer- she thinks he's so sweet, so she's nice to him when she grooms him. When she puts him in the washing machine, she puts it on the delicate cycle. I get no such treatment, even though I'm so cute. Hmph. Yesterday Mom called the groomer and made us appointments. We go in on Friday. I don't like haircuts- or rather, hairshrinks. That's all the groomer really does- wash us so our hair shrinks. I can smell those doggy treats baking. They smell really yummy, kinda like pizza! I like pizza. Actually, I've never had any pizza. I've had some human foods, but not pizza. My family was having waffles this morning. I wanted some, so I went into the middle of the kitchen and barked once, real loud. My family wasn't expecting it, and they all jumped. Unfortunately, they didn't make any waffles jump onto the floor. *sigh* Hey, I just heard the oven timer beep- I think the treats are done! I'm gonna go check it out.

Barks and tail wiggles to you all!




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