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June 16th 2006 9:54 am
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I'm regressing to my early days. I've been chewing on furniture, biting, and worst of all, pooping in the basement! I've been having a lot of time outs lately. My family's getting kinda frustrated with me, so if anyone has any suggestions, PM them to us! I'm sure my humans would appreciate it. My kitty friend Uncle Tod (the one who hates dogs) suggested beating me into a bloody pulp, but I don't really like that idea.
Personally, I think my regressions could be rooted in some deep psychological problem, most likely something that happened to me when I was a puppy. Subconciously, I'm remembering that incident, whatever it was, and that's making me misbehave. I'm not sure Mommy will buy that, though.
Oh, oh! On Saturday June 17th, I'm 8 months old! Yipee!




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