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My puppy years!!!!

7 Mariya facts:

May 24th 2007 8:01 am
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1. I love food!
2. I love lounging around inside, while the other pups are outside.
3. I love to go for long rides in the truck.
4. I love to go to the lake, and swim.
5. I love belly rubs.
6. I love sitting under mommy's feet while she cooks.
7. I don't like that I have to share mommy, but I do anyway.

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It's a jungle in here!

May 25th 2006 10:44 am
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I was just remembering the day mom bought Mr. Monkey for me, when you press his tail he screams, and says: " DID YOU JUST PULL MY TAIL ", he says lots of other things to mom said there were 45 phrases, when you press his tail, or tummy. I remember when she gave him to me in the mini van, she squeezed his tummy, and the monkey BURPED !! really loud," YIKES " I got so scared I ran under all the bench seats to the back of the van. Mom called me back up to the front, & told me she wouldn't press it again. When we got home I sniffed Mr. Monkey then we played with him, I learned to love that monkey, and started carrying him everywhere, I went I even made a home for us in mommies closet I would also rest my chin on him when I would sleep.


My first vacation!!

May 22nd 2006 10:18 am
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The first vacation I ever went on was with mom, and dad to a siberian husky specialty/trade show, there were alot of people there with their dogs, they were all camping at a fair ground where the show was held, mom didn't know we were aloud to stay there so she had rented us a cabin a few hours away. At the show there were alot of people selling sleds, skijoring equipment{which mom, and dad bought for me} harnesses, etc. I got to see alot of puppies! At that time I was just a little girl so I was afraid of all the team dogs, as they were in big packs together barking, and growling at me. We watched some people racing on their bikes with dogs, I found out later that it was called bikejoring, and now I do it to. I also saw a man there called Ramy Brooks, he was a guest speaker, I don't know who he is but mom says he races in the big race { The Iditarod} . Well after the show we went to our cabin, it seemed like forever to get there, when we finally did it was pitch black out so we couldn't see the surrounding area around the outside of the cabin, but could here a heavy water flow; mom & dad were tired, and said it was time for bed, the inside of the cabin was amazing. In the morning we got up, and went exploring, there was a hiking trail that went up up up, to the top of a hill. Wow what a view, we had a waterfall right outside our cabin door, how cool is that?? Well till next time; keep on biking, hiking, and howling!


Queen of the fireflies!

May 15th 2006 6:07 am
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How did I get this title, hehe well mom started calling me that when I was a puppy, cuz I would wake her up to go potty at night, and when I was finished doin my business, I would chase fireflies, I loved doing it so much I would trick mommy into taking me out a few times a night just to pounce on them.


The adventure's of Mariya papaya!

May 10th 2006 6:34 am
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Went back to the pond again, now that I know how to swim, it's a blast; this time I ran around the pond, and would jump in randomly, so when we almost got back to the beach part, I jumped in, and went under water, when I came up I had a stick hanging out of my mouth, mom told me to drop it, but I just chomped down harder, so she opened my mouth to shake it out, and an arm fell out of my mouth, mommy was shocked, I had jumped into the pond and gone under water to catch a Bull frog, the stick was just a bonus, mom shook the froggy out of my mouth, he was fine I wasn't gonna eat him {hehe} He hopped away, mom said that was the most amazing thing I had done for my age, and breed, ya see I was only 3 1/2 months old, and that froggy, was big for my mouth, but I was able to keep him hidden til mom tried to get that darn stick. Oh well better luck next time!


My first time swimming!

May 8th 2006 11:45 am
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Mommy, and I went to a pond, I thought it was pretty big, had been there a few times before, but only got my feet wet. I loved running around the pond, to see the fish, frogs, and ducks.......... One day this strange looking duck was following us while we were walking around the pond, he was kinda scaring my mom cuz if we changed our direction he did as well, finally mom asked this older gentleman..... what is wrong with that duck, he's kinda creapin us out... the guy said , don't mind him he follows everyone around, the duck came very close to us so I jumped in to get him,I was on a 26 ' flexi so mom could keep me close, the duck came closer..... so I swam out, then right as soon as I got to the 26th foot of my leash the duck swam 2 ft away from me so I couldn't reach him; he swam back , & forth again & again so I followed, mommy looked at me , and said Mariya your swimming { in the deep water with a duck} I had alot of fun that day I was 14 weeks old when that happened, I love swimming now, all cuz of that crazy duck!!

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