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Dear Diary, what is velcro?

Can anyone tell me what velcro is?

March 22nd 2010 9:57 am
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I think I sometimes bug my mom. She says we are velcroed together. I am next to her 24/7 if possible. She really doesn't mind but she never has no place to put her feet. I sleep with her, I am at her feet when she is sitting, so she always has to sit ackward, cuz she will do that before she makes me move. I am in any room she is in, and if my sister Caution (mastiff) sleeps in the bed with us, well my mom usually has no room to move. I am on one side and sis is on the other and she is immobile cuz we snuggle right up to her. She really doesn't mind she just says her ol' bones need to stretch every now and then. I love my mommy dearly and she realizes this. She knows there will be a day when she wishes I was at her feet, so she really doesn't complain alot. She does spoil me rotten, she says I have the "cadillac life". This is also my first diary entry. woo hoo i love dogster.

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