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Diary Of An Elliot Terrier

Happy BIrthday To Meeeeeeeeee!

September 17th 2006 6:11 am
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It's my birthday! It's my birthday! It's my birthday! It's my birthday!

I have had the most fantastic day so far....! And I slept under the duvet in my people's bed last night!

First I went for a walk with my bestest friends in the whole world - my big sister Asha, my mate Duke, and my girlfriend Lady. And Daddy came too! And it wasn't just a normal walk - we got on a bus to get there and everything! We saw cows and ducks and fishermen! It was GREAT!

I got the bestest toy EVER - A Babble Ball - it's soooooo cool! I got a new tag and have another present to come but its not here yet!

Mummy made me a birthday cake and we had a tea party! My cake was yummy, banana and cinnamon and I shared it with Asha. We still have some left for later too - I wanted to eat it all but mummy said no - what a spoilsport, its MY birthday after all! I had candles and made a wish - not tellin' what it was though!

I love my mummy & daddy - they make the bestest birthdays!

Come and join me and my doggie friends at : )



May 15th 2006 11:07 am
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Woah - ain't updated in a while. Bin' busy, ya know? I am now an AGILITY DOG. I am lovin' every minute, and makin' mam proud of me. My favourite is definitely the tunnel, I could just run through that thing all day every day.

Apart from agility, I 'ave been practicing being a GOOD BOY. I'm gettin' there, eventually... one day I might be classed as good as my big sis' Asha. Mam says there's still a few 'wrinkles to iron out' - can't think what she means, though I know it winds her up that I keep headbutting my way through the door gate to get to the bin/food/litterboxes/toilet. But what does she expect? I'm a boy dog!

Oh, this is a good one...

Asha walked into a bar and said
"Can I have a..............

.......Vodka & Coke, please?"

The barman replied....

"Why the big paws?"

Get it? Cracks me up every time!

Oh, and this week I 'ave bin mostly very busy with my website.

The Honourable and Very Much Adored Elliot von Smelliot Esq.


Dear Santa

November 30th 2005 12:58 am
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Hey Santa,

Here's my christmas list!

- A Cat Torture Device (a water pistol should do!)
- Eau de Foux Peu - my favourite scent, to attract the laydeez
- Peanut Butter Flavour Water
- A BIG Bone!

Mum has made me promise toleave your cookies & milk this year, and I promise I won't chase off the erindeer either!

Elliot von Smeliot - *Ruff*


Latest Adventures

July 1st 2005 1:43 am
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Last Sunday Mum took to me to Brysons Dog Show. Brysons are a fantastic animal refuge who rehome lots of my doggy friends to better homes. It was a great day, though a little too hot for me. There were loads of other dogs and people to meet, but I was impeccably behaved and had a really fun time running around with my little friend Josh and making my mum proud. My new primary photo was taken that day, aren't I growing up into a handsome guy???


Sunday October 3rd 2004

October 3rd 2004 3:18 am
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Time: 11.05am

Hey loyal fans.

Me favourite day of the week is Sunday, it's the day I get to do ALL of me favourite things in one day. Also, me favourite month of the year is October, as the beaches are now mine again after a long summer of not being allowed!

Mum gave me her old duvet in my crate last night. It was sooo comfy for a little while, but once Mum fell asleep (I could hear her reathing get heavier!) I got pretty bored and decided to have a little chew...

This morning, I was barely visible in a warm snuggly nest of fluff and duvet-stuffing...Mum shook her head and gave me 'that' look, but I prefer me bed to have the 'lived in' look!

I am always completely hyper first thing on a Sunday morning, as I know I get to go to the park first thing and meet me mates. As soon as Mum had her clothes on, I was jumping around like an 'idiot' whatever one of those is. Mum particularly likes it when I scrape my nails down her shins before she gets her jeans on!

As soon as me and Asha had our leads on, we dragged Mum all the way to the park (she loves it, really - it keeps her on her toes! Literally!) and got to get off the lead. It was great - I got to play with a Jack Russell and a Lab, but me best pal Holly was not there this morning, I wonder what's happened to her.

After an hour of immaculate off-lead behaviour, I met a rebellious Collie in the park. She gave me her tennis ball and told me to run, I did. It took Mum and her Dad ages to get us back! It was fun, but then once I was caught, I had to go home :(

After an hour of rest and recoup, just had a lovely brekkie and ate the lot, without those pesky cats getting any. My Aunty Shell always comes round on a Sunday afternoon, so must preserve my energy for then. Se likes the shin-scraping tecnique too...

Well, I must go for now, my friends, I feel the call of the wild...Well, the call of the far corner of the back garden...


See you later, dogsters!

Elliot von Smelliot Esq.

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