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The Honourable Journal of Princess Bash...


May 15th 2006 10:59 am
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I love Spring - and as you can see by my new primary photo, I am thoroughly enjoying the gorgeous weather this month!

I am full of the joys of spring and mummy keeps calling me a 'new dog' for some reason - I hope that doesn't mean I'm being replaced... I think its just because I am doing great on my new medication (which means I get a piece of chicken EVERY night!) and very happy with life at the moment.

The one bad thing with our 'new dog' regime is that I have to get my teeth brushed every day... I HATE that toothbrush.

Hi to all my adoring fans, handsome suitors and fellow divas. A big tail wag to all my Ruffdogs mates - the most special dogs. To be special too, visit

Princess Asha xx


Dear Santa

November 30th 2005 12:54 am
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This is what I want for Christmas year, Santa. I know my mummy tries he best to get me everything I could possibly want or need, but there are a few extras she forgets every year...

- A gilded crate with 3 mattresses
- A genuine diamond collar (they can't fool me with diamantes!)
- Chilled Evian on tap
- My marrow bone filled with Caviar rather than marrow

Its not much for a girl to ask, as you can see. Oh, and I promise I won't try to bite you this year!

Asha x


Update On Me!

October 13th 2005 6:12 am
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Well, I feel fine, though my hind legs are a little stiff and I sometimes go dizzy. I am still playing & happy, and definitely loving all of this attention I'm getting from Mummy! She wants to write something here to give all my pup pals here on Dogster an update on whats going on with me...

'Asha does have luxating patellae (kneecaps) as well as HD, but this is not her biggest problem right now. Her blood disorder has reared its ugly head again and is a cause for concern. She has tested negative for Von Willebrands Disease, but her platelet count is very low, we are waiting for more blood results to confirm a definite diagnosis. I am worried it could be immune mediated, and am being very protective of her at the moment.'

So thats what Mummy has to say, I guess that explains the dizziness & why I am getting so many bruises at the moment...but being the strong girl I am, I'll not let any of this hold me back! I am glad to hear I will NOT be getting any surgery in the foreseeable future, as its just too 'risky' according to Mummy. Mummy is doing lots of lovely things for me...Doggie massage is very relaxing and I love the beautiul crystals Mummy puts on me to help me too.


Things Aren't So Good...

September 25th 2005 10:36 am
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I'm not very well. I have all kinds of things going on at the moment.

My back legs hurt - mummy is giving me special tablets to take the pain away. Something bad happened last Thursday - Linds the vet did something to my leg and then I fell asleep. I woke up on mummy's knee and felt awful for ages afterwards. I heard mummy talking about 'xrays' whatever they are, but the vet doesn't know why I'm hurting yet. I might have to go to another vet, but as long as Mummy is with me I don't care.

I heard Mummy whispering that I need to have blood tests next week. My front leg is very sore where I had my injection, and my mummy says I have a 'blood clotting problem'. This means I bruise too easily and if I get cut, it doesn't stop bleeding. My blood is going to be sent to some high tech expensive place for lots of tests to find out why I am so different. I don't know who Von Willebrand is, but he doesn't sound like a very nice guy.

Despite mummy being a little upset, I am thoroughly enjoying all the extra fuss and hugs I am getting at the moment. Mummy & Daddy are giving me lots of special treats and cuddling me every moment they get. I like being a Princess...

Asha x


Lazy Summer Days

July 1st 2005 1:25 am
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Whew, it's hot here. Me & Elliot are spending our days not doing much at all, as its either hot hot sun or torrential won't find me leaving the house in the rain - I won't even go out into the garden for the toilet when its wet, until I'm desperate.

I got some new bling this year, in the form of a pink collar with ASHA written in diamonds - it's very me! I am using my girlie charms to get away with everything lately too, in fact I only have to turn on the sweet & innocent look to get anything blamed on that brother of mine. He doesn't mind taking the blame though, as he gets to lick my bowl when I'm done in return for his silence.

Well...must go and finish my nails!


Sunday October 3rd 2004

October 3rd 2004 9:55 am
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Time : 5.45pm (UK)

Well, my adoring public (!!), here is the first of many journal entries by me, the beautiful, adorable GSD/Lurcher Princess!

Today has been a very long day. I got rudely awakened by my little brother, Elliot (he's 'common as muck' - see Family!) singing to be out for our longest outing of the week, on a Sunday morning. Both me & Elliot can tell the date & time, though I choose not to be so brass and exitable as the common folk...

I got daintily off my pink satin pillows (ahem...), went straight outside into the garden to 'do my business' then came straight back in to wait patiently by the front door for Mum. I'm such a good girl, compared to Elliot, even Mum says so sometimes!

Once in the park I watched in disdain as Elliot ran about like a lunatic. I prefer to trot along at Mum's side, and the grass was damp this morning, so I kept to the path. Paws as beautiful as mine do NOT get wet, not by anything other than rose-scented Evian of course...

Enjoyed my morning stroll thoroughly, even excerted myself enough to growl semi-menacingly at a man we had to pass, as Elliot was a bad infuence on his little dog somewhere in the distance. I would not have bitten him, I'm so far above that, but it was just a warning not to come too close. After my past, one can't be too careful, after all.

I had a bit of a secret giggle watching Dad trying to catch Elliot at the end of the walk. He had somehow acquired a second-hand tennis ball, and was running around proudly, with the disgusting saliva-filled mud-ball. Yuk!

Got back home 90 minutes later, wiped my paws delicately on the doormat, and took up prime position on the best seat in the house - my seat, that is, the most comfortable end of the sofa!

Since then I have gotten up a few times, to go into the garden (I have my own 'private' area at the back), and to eat breakfast, guarding it from those pesky cats. I had dry dog food this morning, I'm sure Mum realises that I expect Caviar & Lobster this evening, and possibly a glass of Cristal whilst I get my nails of course...

A girl can dream can't she?!!

Plenty of Loves (but NO kisses...)

Princess Asha xxx

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