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Tycen's last day

April 10th 2014 12:05 pm
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In less than three hours the vet will be here to put Tycen down. After a 16 month battle with osteosarcoma, these last couple of days have been particularly tough and it's time to let our boy go. Tycen has been the sweetest soul his entire life and we will miss him dearly. Thank you Tyceb for being an incredible friend and family member. We will love you always.

Love mom and dad


We have cancer.

December 24th 2012 8:23 am
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I haven't been on dogster in awhile, but a lot has happened with our pup recently and it's now time to put a little bit of focus back on him. Tycen turned 8 today. For a giant Doberman we feel very blessed to have him reach this milestone. Of course it is a bittersweet birthday. Two days ago we learned that our beautiful boy has bone cancer. We still don't know exactly what this means for him. As it is Christmas eve we can't get into see the oncologist until Wednesday. So for at least a couple more days the cancer has free reign to grown and do what it will.
We expect that amputation may be an option and for some reason my husband and I have yet to flinch at that idea. If he can live a meaningful life just a bit longer on three legs, then we are willing to try. Of course we don't know if that IS an option yet.
So, Tycen, for your 8th birthday, mommy promises to do whatever she can to give you the chance to see your 9th birthday. As long as you are happy and pain free, even if it means you will lose a leg, we want to try. You have been the best to us, and we'd like to keep you around a while longer.
Love you big baby.


My pool

April 20th 2006 10:51 pm
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Hi my name's Tycen. Since my dad's deployed right now, I am the man of the house. Well, sctually my big little brother Shane is the man of the house, but I help mom feel safe.

Being in a military family isn't sooo bad, We have a house with a big yard and a pool. The pool is the greatest! I like to swim when it gets hot. Mom makes fun of me because I get in the pool when noone is looking and I lay down on the concrete steps and all you can see from the house are my big Dobie ears sticking up over the water. Then I like to run inside through the doggie door and get water all over the place.

When it gets warmer, mom and dad will swim with me. We like to race from one end of the pool to the other and back, but dad says i cheat because i don't always touch the side before I turn around.

I'm a preeeety good swimmer for not being a "water dog" and I know how to tread water and float. My brother Shane freaks out about the pool. That's ok more for me.

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