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Why do pitbulls get treated differently?

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October 1st 2012 7:18 am
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Choppa is my first pitbull to ever own & I am sad to say that before him I use to be one of those people who said "I am not ever owning a pitbull" because I fell into the hype of the "bad breed" reputation, but I fell in love with Choppa as a pup & he completely changed my thoughts on this breed and because of him I got a female pitbull named Kadie and I also stopped & rescued Chevy off the side of the road. I am sad to admit, but had I seen Chevy before ever owning a pitbull, I would've just thrown him some food & never attempted to get him, but yet because of Choppa I stopped & was determined to get Chevy and got him. Also because of Choppa and Kadie, we had a beautiful litter of pitbull puppies and 2 of my close friends took a chance on owning their first pitbull and they love their pits dearly as well. Because of Choppa a lot of lives were changed so positively… I love you Choppa with all of my heart!


My Beloved Choppa....

October 1st 2012 7:13 am
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Choppa has had a severe stroke. Wobbles when he walks. His left front paw tries to draw up and he will stand and put it down trying to figure out why he is falling. He has lost his ability to bring water in his mouth from his tongue & he just licks. He has lost his ability to grasp and chew his food. Right now we are getting whatever we can get down him, and Choppa is trying his hardest as well. We got a can of Vienna to slide down his throat last night and Choppa picked up 1 all by himself so he is really trying hard. My heart hurts so bad for my baby. I am praying he can regain his function.

Praying to God that if it is time for Choppa to pass on that he take him without me having to put him down and if it isn't his time yet to please please help him regain his function.


NO more lawn mowers or 4-wheelers

September 19th 2008 9:34 am
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I just had the life scared out of me this morning.... Choppa HATES the lawn mower & 4-wheeler with a passion. Well my husband was on the 4-wheeler picking up piles of grass & Choppa was barking/crying running along the fence the whole time. My husband quit & ran to town to get his oil changed & I looked outside and Choppa was on the ground belly up and Kadie was barking and pushing at him. At first I thought they were acting silly, but when I saw Kadie nudging him and he rolled over and over again about five times I knew something was wrong. Me and my mom went outside and he tried to stand up and fell down. His eyes rolled back. It felt like we were losing him!!! We quickly got a bucket of water and poured it on him and tried to soothe him. He kept fighting it & trying to stand up and he would fall back down. I looked and noticed that he had thrown up on the porch. His body was just jolting cuz his heart was beating so fast. His tongue was longer than I had ever seen it before. We kept pouring water & finally he calmed down and started looking better. Scared me to death!!! Never ever again will he be outside when the lawn mower or 4-wheeler is going!!!! I shutter to think that I could've lost him this morning. Thank God my baby is okay!


Pitbull Prayer

December 22nd 2007 1:18 pm
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Lord please embrace the pitbull breed.
"Vicious dog" is all that one reads.
These dogs are silent victims of abuse.
"It was a pitbull" is always the excuse.
I hold a candle burning bright
for euthanasia, BSL and pits made to fight.
Be there and let them feel your love,
for many feel no love but yours above.
For the suffering please take them home,
where they can be happy and free to roam.
I pray for the people who are naive,
to stop the hatred that they perceive.
These feelings of mine I had to share,
prompting this poem and prayer.


Author: Choppa, Kadie & Chevy's mom


Pittie blessings...

October 27th 2007 5:44 pm
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I am so blessed by my pitbull babies! Just reminiscing back I can remember getting my first pitbull (Choppa) and yea I have to say I was a little bit nervous because we were hearing so many negative things about them, but I was drawn to him and just had to have him. Not long after having him he got sick & vet was almost 100% it was parvo. We didn't know if he would make it or not, but he pulled through and that was a bonding experience for sure. Choppa was and still is amazing and taught us so much, and I knew right then we had found our breed of dog that we just click with. We had owned lots of dogs before, but we had never owned a dog with such a heart of gold and so intelligent it was unbelieveable! I am very thankful that we gave this breed a chance. We will always own pitbulls & they are so not what the media makes them out to be. After Choppa got about a year old we decided on getting him a play mate so we looked around and found Kadie and she was just so sassy yet very sweet. They are best buds now. Raising the two of them was so much fun! Never a dull moment with Kadie and Choppa LOL, they couldn't be anymore like kids than they are LOL! They produced a litter of 10 beautiful pups. Everyone said Kadie would want to be left alone when she gave birth, but that was not the case. When it was time she climbed up in the recliner by my husband to have her pups. He realized she was in labor & took her into a big closet in a spare bedroom & he helped her deliver all 10 pups. They were perfect & all of them did just fine. When it come to finding homes for the pups we didn't know just how hard it was to find good people, but it was awful. You wouldn't believe the people to come up and bluntly tell you that they fight their dogs & also there were the not so obvious idiots, like the ones carrying around huge amounts of cash that you knew something wasn't right about. We didn't sell them to make money though, it wasn't even about that. It was about them finding good homes. So we took our time and screened everybody that got a pup. Two of our pups are on my pup pals on here Zeus and CJ. My friend looked at the pup to pick her one out & he ended up choosing her LOL! My other friend was puppy sitting CJ and I saw how much he loved her and I made the best decision that I could have and I told her that she was his new mommy. We ended up getting Kadie spayed because we realized how hard it was to find good homes and didn't dare want to do that again, instead we had rather just get one from a shelter and help out there. We wanted a pup that would be a part of Kadie and Choppa, but at least there are enough babies out there that they had that who knows we may end up with one a part of them one day. We almost lost Kadie when she got spayed, but luckily baby girl made it through. Going through raising Choppa and Kadie and having pups was such an experience for us. Just when we thought we had finally learned everything there was to learn about pitbulls along came Chevy. We surely wasn't looking for another dog, but there he was on the side of the road looking lost, scared and hungry. Of course no way we could have just left him there. We knew he would hesitate to come to us not knowing us and it took three long hours of disappointment until we finally got him. Our initial plans were to get him healthy and try to find him a good home, but nope it didn't work that way at all LOL! Just seeing him bond to us and knowing he had been through alot but through it all he could still learn to trust and love us was just heartwarming. So no way we could let him go, he had done stolen our hearts. I really wish more good people would take the opportunity to open their hearts and give a home to this wonderful breed. We love Choppa, Kadie and Chevy with all of our heart and they are absolutely amazing! We are blessed to have them in our life!


Halloween Tag!

October 23rd 2007 4:18 pm
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I was tagged by my bestest pal Tyson!

Here are the rules:
Each player needs to tell seven random facts about themselves. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their 7 facts. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play

1. I can't stand it when Kadie steals my toy and then doesn't want to share.

2. Another pet peeve of mine is flashing lights. I can't stand flashing lights, especially around my mom.

3. I love to go riding.

4. Bedtime is always nice cuz I love to snuggle by mom.

5. Bed sheets and blankets are soooo nice when they come right out of the dryer and I have got to snoot on them immediately.

6. Milk and cheese are favorites that I get to have every now and then.

7. I love when my pawrents come home from Wal-Mart because I know they always have me a treat. When they put the bags down, I have to immediately search through each bag until I find my goody!

The seven pups that I choose are CJ, Zeus, Darla, Max, Sienna, Buddy Lee, and Belle.

Happy Halloween Pups and have a pawesome time with HOWLOWEEN TAG!


What Does BSL Do?

September 5th 2007 8:12 am
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I had to modify my poem a little bit from my original version to submit it to, but it still turned out great & they going to publish it!!! I am overcome with happiness!!!! I dedicate this to everyone that has been affected by BSL.

BSL does nothing but separate.
It is a word us pitbull owners have come to hate.
It tears familes apart,
And treats pitbulls as if they don't have a heart.
How awful to euthanize a dog because of its breed!
It only asks to be love, but is misunderstood indeed.
I wish BSL wouldn't spread.
Hard to think one day this entire breed might be dead.
Thousands of pits are euthanized from overcrowding.
"Well then stop BSL" us pitbull owners are shouting!
So what does BSL do?
It takes away good dogs from owners like me and you.



August 19th 2007 12:02 pm
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Some people told me you would turn on me being a pitbull,
but I soon learned that those people were wrongful and cruel.
My neighbors and some friends stopped coming to visit us because of you,
but I told them to accept us they have to accept my pitbull too.
I will defend you until the day that I die,
to prove that you are not what they say you are in the public eye.
You are wonderful in every way,
and you prove that to me every day.

All my deepest never-ending love forever and always,



TV segment about pitbulls

August 19th 2007 7:38 am
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Our local news channel was asking people to email them their thoughts on pitbulls cuz there is so much talk about them being viscious. They received alot of emails & 3 were chosen to be read on TV. One article is mine and one belongs to a good friend of mine! It was nice to have our voices heard. Somebody has got to speak out for innocent pitbulls & I will sure be one of them! Just thought I would share it....

WLOX-TV Editorial
Viewers Respond To Recent Editorial On Pit Bulls, Vicious Dogs

July 6, 2007 11:14 AM CDT

We received a number of letters from our recent editorial concerning Pit Bulls attacking several coast residents. Most of the letters came from owners of Pit Bulls.

Lopez wrote, "You portrayed Pit Bulls as vicious animals that need to be banned. You are trying to fix the wrong problem. The owners need to be held accountable. Have their picture plastered on the news because they allowed it to happen. Instead of portraying Pit Bulls as savage animals that need to be put away to protect society, why don't you call public attention toward the atrocities committed toward animals on a daily basis. Or is it just easier for you to say, 'NO MORE PIT BULLS?'"

Wheeler wrote, "Any dog can be a bad dog. It's up to the owner to decide that. The owner should be at fault in these cases, it is not the dog's fault. I think they should not be allowed another animal of any kind for the rest of their lives. No animal should have to be with someone with that kind of background. We need to better our animals by making sure the right people are taking care of them and that way everybody is safe."

Simoneaux wrote, "Outlawing such a wonderful breed would take away family pets from good owners like me. Don't punish the breed, but punish the owners for their lack of responsibility. Maybe if the finger starts getting pointed towards irresponsible owners and not the pit bulls, then something will change. This is not just a dog breed issue and anyone who thinks such is ignorant."

We welcome your opinion on any of our editorials.

WLOX-TV Station Manager



March 7th 2007 7:21 pm
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My baby Choppa and my other baby Kadie had their first litter of pups on 3/4/07. Choppa become a proud papa to 10 pups!!!!!

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