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Why do pitbulls get treated differently?

Vet Tale....

June 24th 2006 8:25 am
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Well, this actually happened almost a year ago, but it still needs to be told. I had brought in my pitbull & my husband's boxer in to the vet for a routine nail trim. My pitbull was hiding behind me nervous. Out comes the vet tech and startles my pitbull (Choppa). I told her to wait a minute and let him get use to her and she didn't. She took the leash from my hand and jerked Choppa to the back with his tail between his legs pulling to come to me. That right there just broke my heart. The vet tech then shut the door without me coming in there and then I heard her yelling at him to be still. I heard him whimper, then I hear what sounded to me like a slap and I started to go in there then, but after that it got quiet so I thought everything was alright. She opened the door and what I saw was my Choppa laying lifeless. The vet tech had apparently asked the vet to tranquilize him. It was unbelieveable!!! I was devastated at what was suppose to be a nail trim!!! I cried and asked the vet what was going on. He said that my dog was getting aggressive and he was afraid he would bite the vet tech, so he tranquilized him. Then he proceeded to tell me that for every vet visit from then on out that I would have to give him a pill to put him to sleep when I brought him in, which was BS!!!! First of all, if I was a dog and somebody didn't talk to me and jerked me around and yelled at me, then yeah I would bite them definitely! I was astounded at all of this by this time and especially me knowing that my dog was not aggressive and had never growled or really barked at anybody. Well, after that it was my husband's boxer turn to get a nail trim and when the vet tech come to get her, she greeted the boxer and was talking all sweet and petting her. That pissed me off to no end! It was clear as day to me then and I realized that she just simply apparently didn't like pitbulls. We head on our way home with me sobbing over my pitbull. Me and my mom had to carry him in the house with him trying to fight off being tranquilized. He laid in my lap and every now and then barely opening his eyes looking at me as if he were asking me what he did to deserve this. I cried the whole entire evening. The next day, my husband went to the vet's office and took every one of our records there and went to find another vet. He was asked when he got the records if something was wrong, and he let them have it. He told them that it was unacceptable the treatment that Choppa received and that we didn't want to go there anymore. So, we got a different vet. Now Choppa is a big dog weighing in at 70 lbs, so yeah everybody is scared of him and cautious, but is really a big loving baby. The new vet has never remotely made any suggestion about putting him to sleep. Just for precautions he gets us to put a muzzle on him, but that is much better than telling us he needs to be put to sleep every time. The new vet and vet techs talk to Choppa and he wags his little tail in appreciation of being appreciated!!!
I hope that nobody ever has to go through this, but I am sure somebody out there has because people are prejudice against pitbulls for some reason. Anybody that has ever owned a pitbull knows what I am talking about. They are really the best dog out there! I love my pits!!!! :)


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