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It's Good to be Queen!

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Thinking of you

September 29th 2009 5:19 pm
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This is from mama- dear Cal Cal,
I have been thinking of you lots lately, my sweet angel. A few weeks ago, I saw your trainer, Noel, and she said she had pictures of you herding sheep many years ago. This past weekend, I saw my friend Stacey. You know her- she introduced us to the wonderful world of sheepherding. I remember the day we drove to the farm like it was yesterday, but it was a decade ago. You turned on to those sheep and never looked back.
Today I took little Tonka and Roper to Sue's to herd. Sue loved you, and knows how much I want Roper to start working like you did.Roper is a tough nut, and I forget how I got you to listen so well and be so calm around the sheep. Tonka is going to be like you- he is your distant cousin and you would have loved him and Roper, too. I wish I could feel your soft fur one more time, Cal. Tonka knows this and he's been extra snuggly with me these past few days. Some day we will see each other again, my angel, but days like today it is hard to wait. I hope you are herding the sheep in heaven and bossing around your brothers and sister.


Has it really been a whole year?

June 6th 2009 3:27 pm
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Yesterday was my first Bridge day annifursary, and it really doesn't feel like I've been gone from the earth that long. Sadly, too many of my pals have joined me here this year, but we have been having a nonstop good time! My family has not even been too sad about my annifursary- they knew they gave me the best life an Aussie could want and when I started to feel horrible, I got to be out of my pain quickly.
Now it is pawsome here, but I need my pals to know that your humans would like you to stick around a good long time until you really need to make your journey ;)


My first woofday at the Bridge :(

March 7th 2009 11:23 am
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Today I would have been 14 and if it wasn't for that rotten tumor, I'd still be spinning around for birthday cookies with my family....
Now parties at the Bridge are no small event- Niko, Ringo and Meg made me a huge bacon and cheese birthday cake with yogurt frosting and I had so many friends come to run and play with me! But my humans don't get to come...I've been watching them and I know they do think of me often- my little girl has a stuffed Aussie that she always wants to snuggle with when she's thinking of me. She calls it her "Cali dog" :)
It seems like just yesterday I was eating my yummy cookies from Sadie's bakery- you can see the video here on my page. I had a wonderful and pretty long life- all of you who have lost a dog know it's never long enough. I will be content to celebrate many woofdays without my humans, but I know that some day they will get to share my cake...or at least give me another slice!


Thoughts of me

October 13th 2008 9:05 pm
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Fling's breeder told mama a while back that she had an Aussie pup who would be great for us. Her daddy is related to me and her mama is related to Fling, and she is a sweet calm blue merle girl. Mama got another pic of her today (her name is Chil) and put it in my photo book so she could compare how I looked as a pup. My mama still thinks about me every day and she would love to add another blue merle girl to our pack. My humans may "try her out" with my family and see how she does....if it works out we'll just need to convince daddy.


Never forget

September 2nd 2008 5:15 pm
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For anyone who has lost a beloved pet, this will seem like common sense...but you know our owners NEVER forget us. Last week, mama found an old video of me playing with Turtle and I was barking. Fling had been sleeping near mama's feet, but when she heard MY bark, her ears perked up and she ran around the house looking for me.
Today, mama took Roper and CB to a little park and there were 2 Aussies there. A 9 month old male black tri- who he thought might be Fling till he realized it was a BOY :) and a gorgeous blue merle girl named Allie! Now Rope never knew me, but he was sure smitten. Well, almost as much as he is with his pal Char. I think really it was mama who was smitten. Mama knows that some day there will be another little blue merle Aussie who will worm his or her way into her heart, but for now 4 is good. Okay, so for daddy 4 is good- mama would have 4 more right this minute if she could.
It's been almost 3 months since I've been gone, and mama thinks about what a wonderful life we had together EVERY day. Give your mama or daddy some licks and let them know how much you appreciate each day you have.


Almost 2 months

August 3rd 2008 6:48 am
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I've been here at the Bridge for almost 2 months, and I know my family thinks about me every day. About 2 weeks ago, the door of the kennel in mama and daddy's bedroom had been accidentally locked. Now I had been spending more time in there my last couple weeks because I'd had a messy bum....
When mama walked over to open the door, Levi and Fling JUMPED off the beds tails wagging fully expecting me to come running out. Then their tails and ears dropped as they realized the kennel was empty...they both went in to fully sniff the kennel just to be sure. Mama was crying as she realized how much my pack misses their leader. Those 2 had lived their whole lives with me, and Levi especially misses having me around.
Fling has taken over the position of alpha, but her heart really isn't in it. She had much more fun challenging me than watching over Levi and Roper's scuffles.
On a sad note, our dear friend Raven ( has been diagnosed with the same kind of cancer I had. Hearing that brought back all the feelings mama had when she found out I was on borrowed time. Please stop by her page and give her some love and support. She is an amazingly special girl. And give your own dog(s) lots of extra belly rubs, ear scratches and a special treat, too.


My mind is a jumble

June 21st 2008 5:03 am
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Cali, I have so many memories of you, but it's hard to get them out in any sensible way.
I knew I would miss my special girl, but I had no idea how much. Fling and Levi have little pieces of you, though they seem to know not to look for you. It has been so quiet around here- I automatically reach for the mute button when a dog barks on TV, but there's no reason to now. Dog mealtimes are still an exciting time except there's no one spinning down the hallway waiting to practice sit, down and stay with spare pieces of kibble.
I miss you jumping onto the bed when everyone is outside so that you could get your own personal belly rub and snuggle time. I miss your piercing stare that seemed to be able to read my every thought.
I know you are with your dog pals now- you were never back to the same girl after Niko and Ringo left us. I just can't picture you with wings, even though they are right there on your page. You don't need them. You are entertaining all the dogs at the bridge with your light speed running, spins, flips, frisbee catching and amazing loving personality. Some day we will be together again, my precious girl- until then know that you are missed and loved more than you know.


An up and down say the least

June 8th 2008 10:41 pm
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Well, this has sure been a roller coaster week for me. All week I had been straining so much that I was making myself throw up. My tummy was constantly in a knot and I only wanted to be outside. Mama got me some pain meds on Wednesday and they did help me get a bit of rest. On Thursday, June 6th I woke up feeling horrible. I had lost control of my bladder and couldn't even stay inside for more than a few minutes at a time.
Friends, I had the most amazing life a dog could ever ask for- I was loved every minute of every day all of my 13 years. My mama could not stand to watch me be in pain. She called my favorite vet and daddy came home to take me in. Well, I got to the vet's office and trotted right to the back. My doctor and tech both own Aussies and they know what a special girl I am. They let me lay on a fluffy pink blankie and gave me lots of love. Mama's eyes were full of tears as she looked at my beautiful face and stroked my fur. I felt a tiny prick then I fell asleep.
When I woke up, I saw Niko, Ringo and Meg wiggling like crazy. I have not stopped running, playing, barking and spinning since then. And of course I've been licking Niko like crazy. Some day I will be joined by the rest of my dog and human family, but I've got a lot to keep me busy till then.
Oh, and I almost forgot- HQ chose me as DOTD today. Thank you so much to HQ and all the wonderful pals who have sent my family love, pmails and gifts for my page. I really do love you all!


Not the best news...

May 31st 2008 2:35 pm
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I guess I should update here- the tumor on my anal gland is malignant and in a really dangerous place to operate. Also, this type of cancer doesn't respond well to chemo. It usually spreads pretty quickly to the lymph nodes. The vet did bloodwork and x-rays and those both came out great!
I am going to enjoy the time I have left- the vet says another 6 months to a year is pretty much max. I am 13 and a few months, so another year sounds good to me. My brother Niko was hurting so bad at the end of his life- my humans have already said they won't let me suffer.
I'm not ready to give up my crown just yet- bring on the treats and trips to the dog park!
If my dogster family isn't around so much, it's because they are planning on being spoiled this summer. We will check in every day, so send us a pmail and woof at us!


Sore bum

May 22nd 2008 7:17 am
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Well, this is kind of an embarrassing topic for a lady, but I've been having poop trouble lately. Sometimes I feel constipated, sometimes diarrhea and when mama cleans off my bum it feels "weird" to her.
So last night she took me to work to wash me off and the vet said she would check me. Well, she put on that horrible glove and felt around in there! She found a tumor on my anal gland, then she put a needle in it. I didn't like the glove but I didn't even flinch for the needle...
The vet says she will tell mama as soon as the results of that needle test come in.
Because of where the tumor is, it would be very risky surgery to do it, but that lump sure is in my way!
I'm eating, running and causing havoc as usual, but I'd sure appreciate it if you'd keep me in your thoughts and prayer while we get this lump thing sorted out. I need to be around a few more years to keep my pack in order.

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