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Life with Levi

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Wish it was your Gotcha day all over again

April 24th 2012 7:11 am
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My dear Levi, 14 years ago yesterday I held you in my arms for the very first time.
Almost 1 year ago, I held you in my arms for the very last time.

A lot has changed in that time. Garrett has come to stay with us for an undetermined amount of time. He has the same sweet soul that you always had, and since you were named after Levi Garrett's jeans, I think he may be here for a reason.

That is still to be determined.

When we got you, it was in the hopes of helping you find a good home. There was no way we were going to take on a 5th dog- a deaf puppy at that!- and move across the country a few months later.

Garrett loves tennis balls and sits on my feet- remind you of someone, buddy?

Oh, Juna is ruling the pack for you and she has calmed down quite a bit. Roper, sadly, is still exactly the same. Tonka still spends most of his time under the deck. Fling still mopes in her kennel, trying to be invisible to Roper and wishing you were here to lick her ears. And Gypsy is still Gypsy...

I miss you, my friend, some days more than others. You blessed my life for 13 years and are still with me every day. I just wish I could hold you in my arms like that first day.


Not much of a day for celebrating

January 29th 2012 10:03 pm
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Last week would have been my 14th birthday, but I had to celebrate this one without my family.
I took care of them for 13 years-that's a good long time for any dog. Thank you to all who sent birthday wishes my way. It was truly appreciated.
I was one loved boy and I always will be. Wishing all who read this the same!


Some cattle doggy things today

July 7th 2011 9:32 pm
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This morning mama got a call from a co-worker. She has a friend whose neighbor has been tying out a 16 week old cattle dog puppy because they don't like the dog. The co-worked asked if mama would be interested in taking the dog. We can't take on a dog now, but we would be happy to help find the pup a new home. Haven't heard any more on that yet.

Later in the day, a facebook friend posted a cattle dog in a shelter along with the following "letter". Yup, mama has been really missing me- lots of cattle dog references all in one day, and it's been over 2 months I've been gone already- but NEVER forgotten...

Letter from Your New Cattle Dog


I'm your new cattle dog puppy.

You probably picked me because you like my color

or my perky ears

or my inquisitive eyes

or the fact that I am so full of energy.

Like your other dependents I'll require food, water and shelter.

There will be vet bills and preventive care.

I'll need teeth cleaning,

pills for worms

and fleas

and heartworms

and ticks.

I'll need food

and vitamins

and supplements

and a comfortable bed

(and chew toys).

I'll need a comfortable place to stay out of the cold

and heat

and rain.

Like other pets I'll require a lot of care and training.

I need exercise.

I need to walk

and run

and to chase things.

Treat me right and I'll chase a Frisbee instead of your car or cat.

I might dig

or I might tear something up.

I might poop on your floor.

You can teach me to not do a lot of things, but don't forget--I still have instincts.

My instincts tell me to move things.

To herd

To bark

To use my mouth

To protect our space.

For all my faults I will give you a guarantee that I will obey, protect and serve.

I'll never talk behind your back

or serve the interests of another.

I will be loyal to you

I won't forsake you

Even if you treat me bad sometimes I will worship the ground you walk on.

I will wait at the door in anticipation of you getting home.

I live for time with you.

You will be my number one.

I will protect our home.

I'll let you know when danger is near. My ears will be our ears.

No matter how big the threat I will take the point.

My safety is not my concern.

And I'll provide you with unconditional love.

You can be in a wonderful or sour mood.

You can treat me good or bad.

We can be rich or poor.

We can live in a mansion or a tent.

Nothing matters except my unwavering commitment and desire to serve you.

So think first of all the responsibility there is to take care of me,

because I may not be there for you for the rest of your life.

But I will surely be there for you

for the rest of mine.

--by Christopher Greer


Thank you and here's what happened yesterday

May 12th 2011 1:29 pm
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First of all, I'd like to thank all of the kind pups and even kitties who sent me gifts and pmails to memorialize my passing. Mama has just been unable to write back to thank you, but she will do it in time. Thank you so much for thinking of us!

So yesterday, mama was having a bad day. She knew that one week ago, I wasn't feeling great, but she had no idea that it would be my last full day with her. So she was moping around at work feeling very sad and not wanting to be there.

Mama is a groomer, so on her windowsill are lots of grooming things- ear cleaner, cotton balls, clipper cooling spray, colognes...and a wire basket with syptic powder, e-collars and MORE grooming things. JUST grooming things. Always. Except for yesterday. When mama looked over to the basket to find some cologne, there was a tennis ball right in the basket. An old, furry tennis ball that had NEVER been there before.

Now mama knows I have had a safe journey, and I am still watching over her. For as long as she needs me...


My 9th life

May 6th 2011 8:14 pm
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My Grandma says I am like a cat. I have 9 lives. Seems I've finally come to the 9th one, and it sure came up fast.
A couple days ago, mama noticed I was having trouble getting up. I also didn't want to eat and my abdomen seemed swollen. She became extremely worried that night to see that my gums were pale- just like my "brother" Ringo's had been...the next day I was much worse- couldn't get up at all. So on to the emergency vet I went- carried in by mama. Seems my belly was all full of fluid- after x-rays the vet was quite sure it was my spleen causing the chaos. Mama would have done anything for me, but that surgery at age 13 had a very grim prognosis. The vet and tech felt that my time on earth was very limited either way, so mama decided to let me go with dignity.
I lived my whole life giving it my all- I have survived being left in a box by the highway, deafness since birth, paralysis and cancer. It was time for mama to give me peace. Sadly, peace for me means unbearable sadness for mama. Mama held me as I slipped away, telling me she loves me always and I was the best boy ever and it was okay to go. She was lying about that last part, but I knew what she meant. I will see her and my family again and I will be keeping a close eye on those whippersnappers that things don't get out of hand at MY house.
Thank you for taking such good care of us at this difficult time. The beautiful gifts on my page and the kind sentiments mama received on facebook are unbelievably gracious and so appreciated. Thank you for your love and support.


Aussie mix puppy

April 23rd 2011 8:17 am
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That was ME- 13 years ago...when mama was volunteering walking dogs at the Delaware County shelter and fostering for Aussie rescue. The shelter called to say they had a 3 month old Aussie mix pup that was deaf and they'd have to put him to sleep if mama couldn't take him. Talk about pressure. Mama drove up and took me home. I think it was on the way home I telepathically told her I wasn't going anywhere :)

I sure have had my ups and downs, but I'm actually doing pretty well now. The plumbing issues have stopped- I get out when I need to! And earlier in the week I was having a lot of trouble walking and wouldn't even eat one morning. My holistic vet gave me a super-charged acupuncture treatment and straightened out my neck and I'm back to good ole' Levi. Mama got me some new joint supplements with natural pain relief and they taste yummy!

I'm now officially the oldest dog my family has owned- up until a few days ago I was tied with Cali ;) I'm planning on shattering the record so that none of the current whippersnappers can think they'll outdo me. How does 16 years sound to you all??


Oh, yeah

April 9th 2011 10:20 pm
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I had to share this story with you! Today mama and Leah took me and Tonka to the base to walk the trails. Well, "good boy" Tonka ran ahead and barked at some little boys and scared the one boy about to death! The boy screamed and Tonka pawed at him and knocked him down!
So guess who got to be the hero dog?? That's right- good ole Levi went over to the boy and he hugged me tight around the neck and I just stood there soaking it in and glaring at Tonka! The boys' dad even took a picture of his little boy hugging me.
Mama was so proud of me- I AM always good with kids- especially the little ones. And she wanted to strangle Tonka for being such a booger!
Maybe I should start giving lessons to the whippersnappers around here...


Tennis balls

February 23rd 2011 7:43 pm
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Mama feels so bad about not writing how I'm doing, so here we go again...
I love tennis balls. I have always loved tennis balls. Mama was starting to think I was getting too old to care about them, so I showed HER. For the past week, every time mama goes outside with me, I bring her a ball to throw. And I chase it. Not as many times as I used to, but a lot more than she expected. And I'm pretty fast and accurate, too.
We go on long walks together. I have become the best dog on walks. I stay right with mama- I only go to places where I can be off leash and with no cement. My foot drags a bit and gets really scraped up on roads, so we stick to the dirt paths. Roper and Juna love to go with me because I don't pay any attention to them, and I like that they don't bother mama. Tonka is a different story. That boy loves to annoy me when he's got so much space. At home, he is terrified of me, though :)
I'm going to milk being a teenager for as long as I can! Bring on the balls, walks and extra treats- and snuggling with mama in bed every night!


My mama, the slacker...

February 8th 2011 8:55 pm
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Gosh, almost a whole year has gone by without my human even bothering to update on what has been going on here!
My 13th woofday was a couple weeks ago, and I am doing just fine. I've got a new lump on my left rear leg, but it doesn't seem to be bothering me. My mama has decided she is just not going to put me through any other surgeries. I've made it this far and it took soooo long for that last incision to heal on my front leg.
The plumbing is starting to go a bit, but mama is just keeping a closer eye on me. We do have a dog door, but sometimes I just don't feel like jumping off the bed, I guess :) Now mama is forcing me to make a mid-night potty run...
Our newest pack member, Juna, is doing fine here. She is not my favorite, but we mostly keep to ourselves and are working on a "mama sharing agreement".
We still go on walks through the forests around here, and of course I love it. I walk so nicely without all the running around and chasing things, and I stick right by mama. I got a coat and a sweater this winter, and a spiffy new collar, too. I saw my holistic doctor in December and I'll probably go again next month. Gotta keep everything aligned as I'm getting older.
I hope that all who read this are doing well, too. Please feel free to drop me a pmail to let me know what's new! Hope all are having a healthy and prosperous 2011.


Another little Chi gone to the Bridge too soon

July 1st 2010 9:30 am
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We were so sad to hear that our dear friend Tawni
made her journey to the Bridge yesterday. Tawni was one of our very first friends here on dogster, and the main reason we adopted our little Coco. Tawni and her sister Laci loved their big Boxer brother Tuck, so we knew it could work out here. And Niko and Cali really did love Cocobear. Tawni told mama that Coco would be okay when he hid under our deck that first night.
We know that Tawni and Coco are now running free at the Bridge- two amazing Chi's who left us way too soon. They are probably doing the happy Chi dance, eating cheese and playing with their big brothers who went before them. We know we will see them both again, but it is hard now.
We send lots of hugs to Tawni's family, and maybe if you read this- you will, too.
We love you, Tawni sunshine!

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