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My Second Chance

The "ups" and "downs" of rescue

December 4th 2009 2:51 am
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Mommy has mixed feelings this morning. She tried to coordinate a rescue effort for a sweet pup out of a different county shelter to go to NY to a forever home - Tyson was an 8-month old chocolate labbie mix who was never allowed to run and kept chained in an apartment by his old owner. He was going up North to a family with a huge yard for him to play in. Mommy introduced Miss Cindy to the people at the Raleigh Shelter, and they pulled him and he spent the last 3 weeks at Miss Cindy's house, waiting for a transport. He left on Wednesday to go to his new home. Miss Cindy wrote Mommy last nite saying that when the driver went to check on them, she found that he had died in his kennel. No apparent reason - he was perfectly healthy when he left the shelter and when he was at Miss Cindy's house. At least he had 3 good weeks ---

THENNNN, she pulled 3 puppers from Miss Lisa (OUR shelter), a yellow girl, black boy and chocolate boy - they were with us for a few hours before our friend Miss Lou came to get them to go to New Hampshire to their FUREVER HOMES!! That made Mommy feel better - especially since Miss Lou was taking them and only them - no transports! Mommy's been sad for Tyson, but glad for Janx, Preena and Pryor - I guess that's what happens when you give your heart to pups in need - sometimes it hurts!

We love our mommy, and we're so happy she rescued us!!!



January 20th 2009 3:43 pm
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WOW - Mommy came home from work early today so we could go out into the barn area and run around the property. IT was so much fun! The snow was up my legs and when I put my nose in it it was like being underwater! Maggie and I ran and ran and ran - Jake was rolling and Tucker was barking at all of us. Mommy took some great pictures - they are up on our pages.

I think I LIKE SNOW!


HOORAY! Daddy's coming home

November 16th 2007 11:35 am
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Tucker told me that mommy will be late today because she's going to pick up Daddy! I can't beleive he's coming home, and he'll be here for 2 whole weeks! I can't wait to show him how fast I can run and how fast I can rip up mommy's sponges in the barn! Think he'll be impressed?


Wow! I'm here 2 years now!

October 9th 2007 1:19 pm
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Mommy says we're having a party! Saturday was my second anniversary with my family - she was in NJ visiting Daddy and we missed it, so we're celebrating tonite - she's making good stuff (yes, Jake, there will be Frosty Paws), and I get to be the boss for once (take that, Tucker!)


I'm a "bad boy"

August 1st 2007 7:48 am
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Okay, please explain to me how when I chase and kill field rats, I'm a "good boy", but when that pesky new cat comes into the back yard (MY TERRITORY) and I grab him, shake him, play with him, and have a tug of war with him with Jake and Tucker, all of a sudden I'm a "bad boy"? Boy are humans confusing! I ended up getting scratched and bit and bled all over, but what does Mommy do? Picks up that cat in a BLANKET yet, carries it to the front porch and sits there holding it and petting it and acts like it's the end of the world! When I try to tell her that I hurt, that I got scratched and bit and am bleeding, she shakes her finger at me, pushes me away and calls me a "bad boy". Jake and Tucker got yelled at, too, but not like me! She ignored me for 2 days until Sarge (the cat) got back to his old self. He got skinny from not eating ("stress") the vet said, but nothing was broken and he'll be okay. Maybe now that old cat won't bother me anymore. Maybe now she'll remember that I'm a good boy.


It's My Anniversary!

October 6th 2006 1:40 pm
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Happy Anniversary to me . . . . Today (the 6th) is one full year since I came to live with my new family. It's been so much fun - I've learned so much about living with other dogs and people, it's the best life ever!


I love my new l ife!

May 2nd 2006 7:42 am
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When I first came to live here I wasn't sure how everyone would like me. I was skinny, noisy, and jealous of the attention everyone else was getting. Then, they all told me that they had been rescued too! Everyone left me alone while I ate and ate and ate - they let me have my "me" time with Mommie and Daddy, although Tucker did get upset when I growled at him for trying to climb on the couch next to Mommie, now they are all my bestest friends in the world.

My old Daddy came to visit - I knew who he was and I was happy to see him so he could see I was okay, but I went and sat by Mommie's side so he'd see I really wanted to stay here. I'm so happy he let me stay with my new family!

Best of all, I have a new toy! I think they call it a Hammock - Daddy put it up to watch Mommie ride the horses on the track. As soon as he hooked it up, I jumped in - IT SWINGS! And if I move around a little, I can get it to swing faster - Mommie took some pictures for my page. It's even more fun to wait for Mommie or Daddy to get in, then surprise them by jumping on them!


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