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Mommy Tricked ME!!

November 11th 2008 3:32 pm
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If you can't trust Mommy, who can you trust? I have (had) 2 bumps one on my leg and one on my side - I heard Mommy telling Daddy that she needed Scotty (Dr. Scotty) to look at them. They didn't do anything, and Daddy went back to NJ. Well, Maverick got gelded today (Mommy's stud horse), and Dr. Scotty came to do the operation. He started to call me and get down and play with me like he always does - Mommy let me out of the back yard and I went to say "hi" and next thing I know, I'm waking up, shaking my head, and I have 2 owies with STICHES!!! She tricked me!! She didn't take me to Dr. SCotty's office - he CAME TO MY HOUSE!!!!! Anyway, he said they were just lipomas and not to worry, but I have to be quiet for a few days so I don't break my stiches. Bad Mommy. I still love her, but BAD MOMMY!


We'll miss you, Floyd - Have fun at the Bridge

October 17th 2008 10:16 am
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We lost a good furriend of ours yesterday. Floyd was our neighbor, a young border collie mix who was found by his pawrents on the side of the road when they went to a horse show in Ohio 2 years ago. He hated being inside, and basically lived on their porch and in their barn and came out to play whenever we were outside. Cody and Floyd used to run the fence line between our properties, Jake and I would wait until they came close to us and then join in for a section or two, and Maggie would just bark at all of us!

His dad was super careful to make sure all gates were closed and there was no way for him to get out. BUT, the barn help wasn't paying attention and when he opened the gate to leave, didn't realize that Floyd had snuck through. He ran out onto the road and got hit by a car - probably the first time in 2 years that he had left the property.

We grieve for Bryant and Alison and for Otis, Floyd's fur-brother, but we know that we'll all see Floyd again at the Bridge.

We miss you, little buddy.


It's time to play . . . . Christmas Tag!

December 15th 2007 6:26 pm
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My gal pal Bailey tagged me --- Thanks, Bailey! Well, here are the rules for Christmas Tag.

First, write a letter in your diary to Santa Paws, with 5 requests. Then you have to give whoever tagged you 5 bones or treats. Then tag 5 more cats or dogs.

Dear Santa Paws -

I know you've been busy lately, but I've been a really good boy. I've been watching the house while Daddy is away, and keeping my brothers and sister Matilda in line. (I've been keeping Grandma in line, too, but we won't go there). Anyway, here is my Christmas list:

1. plastic bottles to play with
2. I like socks, too (Bailey likes them stinky, I don't care - I usually steal them from the clean wash basket - Mommy gets sooooo mad!)
3. a new Kong - Cody stole mine.
4. some Frosty Paws, and
5. for Daddy to come home more often

Thanks, Santa Paws! I'll try not to drink all the milk and eat the cookies Mommy left for you.


I'm tagging these 5 pals:

and Sugar


Rest well, little sister

December 13th 2007 10:46 am
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Well, it's been a week since our sister Megan crossed the Bridge. Mommy still gets tears in her eyes when she talks about her, but she smiles a lot now, too. I hear her talking to Grandma and to Daddy about the things Megan used to do when she was younger, and how Megan and Mocha raised me after Mommy and Daddy found me and brought me home. Mocha played with me and Megan taught me right from wrong. She was very very bossy, all the time, but she sure taught me a lot - - - like how to spring straight up in the air like a Springer Spaniel! We never thought she'd make the trip with us from New Jersey to North Carolina, but being here made her feel a lot better, and she had 4 good years here. I miss her, too, but I'm glad she's across the Bridge now. She was ready to go - she kept telling me she was tired. We all go out and visit her under her tree every day, and she tells us she's watching out for all of us. We'll see you again, little sister. Rest up and be ready for us!


HOORAY! Daddy's coming home!

November 16th 2007 11:34 am
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Is it Friday? Daddy's coming home today and he's staying for 2 weeks! YAY! Mommie goes to pick him up at the airport and then they're going somewhere (rats) and we have to wait until later to see him! I can't wait to jump on him and tell him how good I've been!


I'm the Man of the House!

August 21st 2007 11:21 am
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Well, it's official - Daddy has to go to NJ to take care of Grandma and Uncle Nicky, so he'll be there at least part of every month. That means I'M IN CHARGE! I have to be sure to let Grandma and Mommy know this, so they all do what I want. Jake and Cody are jealous, but they're babies so they have to stay with Mommy all nite. Matilda and Megan are just girls, so they don't understand, and Mocha is a big crybaby - Can you imagine him in charge of anything? Mommy came back from NJ last nite and I was too busy to go see her. Really, I wanted her to know I was upset that she didn't take me with her to see Daddy - I miss him! She finally went to bed without me, and about 2:00 in the morning I felt sorry for her so I jumped on her and started biting her through the blankets. She jumped up and was glad that I wasn't mad at her anymore. Can't understand why she put me outside, though.


Spring, 2006

April 24th 2006 2:04 pm
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Life is good. I have a big bed to sleep in, wonderful "litter" mates to play with, a loving "litter mom" and "litter dad", good food and lots and lots of room to play and run around in! I just wish Cody would stop trying to trip me and bite my neck! I'm bigger than him and I know my Mom would be upset if I really put him in his place. He's so jealous! I can't get to sit by Mom at all! It's a good thing I sleep next to her to protect her - it's so nice when she puts her arm on me and rubs my head at nite.

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