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Some people are stupid and really make my mommy cry . . . .

July 23rd 2009 5:51 pm
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. . . . and some people are wonderful and really make my mommy cry. My mommy seems to always have wet eyes when it comes to the shelter pups. She goes there on the weekends (after chores and barn work and mowing) to bring food and treats for all the pups. She was there last week and saw this little pup in the exercise yard playing and running around. She came to the fence and saw that the pup had no hair! Miss Lisa came out and introduced her to Maggie, a pitbull mix who had been rescued from an abusive situation a couple of towns away. Maggie came to the shelter malnourished, dehydrated and bald, covered in demodex mange (the good kind, not contagious, luckily) Miss Lisa treated her, and got her fat and healthy again, but she's still missing a lot of hair. Mommy asked which rescue group wanted to take her and Miss Lisa got teary and said that Maggie would be PTS in 2 days, because people didn't want to adopt pit mixes. Mommy started crying and told Miss Lisa that she couldn't do that - Maggie had come from near death to this point and to do that would be so unfair!!! Maggie was play-biting Mommy's hand by then, and licking her and giving kisses - you know the things smart pups do. Mommy begged Miss Lisa to spare her and Miss Lisa agreed to give Mommy some time to try to place her. Remember - Mommy does labbies, not pitties. Anyway, with the help of her friend at the police department, Mommy did it! She found a home-based rescue person who was willing to take Maggie and keep her safe. Miss Dawn started crying when SHE heard Maggie's story, and told Mommy that she'd probably spend the rest of her life at Miss Dawn's place (Maggie's only 1 year old, so Miss Dawn doesn't know what she's getting into!!!) Anyway, Maggie leaves for the NC Second Chance Pit Bull Rescue on Tuesday. Mommy is putting a picture of Maggie up on my page so you can see our new furriend. Our good friends Shadow and Abby (the "naughty" twins) fight hard to ban BSL. Maggie is a good reason why EVERYONE should get behind this cause.



Uh-oh, I think I'm in trouble now!

July 12th 2009 7:38 am
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Mommy did a puppy transport yesterday and took 7 labbie pups to a foster home until they can go to their new homes in New Hampshire. We stayed home with Gramma and when Mommy came home Gramma told us to "go get Mommy". I got the water bowl in Mommy's bathroom and started to play frisbee with it to get Mommy's attention. It got her attention - it was half full of water! I think she was trying to play with it - she kept yelling TUCKER GIVE ME THAT, but then she got mad and put me outside. I did her a favor, I think - we got the walls and the rug and the bed washed BOL!!!

Am I in trouble?



June 23rd 2009 6:55 am
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Mommy wanted to go ride this morning while it was cool, so she took us outsisde with her. After chasing bunnies and the horses in the pasture, I got bored. Jake and Cody went for a swim, Maggie and Mocha went looking for bunnies and I decided to go find something to steal ---- Mommy went to tractor supply last nite and found these really cool sticks with white plastic on the end. They smelled great so I grabbed one ---OUCH - it stuck to my face! I pulled it off with my foot and it stuck to my foot! I tried to pull it off with my other foot and THAT GOT STUCK TOO!!!! I needed my mommy so I started crying and screaming for her ---- She said "TUCKER FRANNICOLA what are you in to?" and came running (on Maverick) off the track and up to the barn! After she stopped laughing at me, she pulled the fly traps off me and gave me a bath.

DOG! I'll never do that again! (never say never, I AM Tucker, after all)


Back to the vet's office

May 6th 2009 11:49 am
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Well, momma had to take me back to the vet this morning - she noticed that I was getting a big lump, like a spare tire, around my neck and that the back of my neck (where I was bitten) ws red and hard. I've been on antibiotics, so she didn't think anything was wrong, but started doing the hot compresses again. Last nite, my neck started draining all over the bed! She was glad she made the appointment for me and we saw Dr. Willie this morning, not Dr. Scotty. He got down on the floor and played with me a little bit before he started squeezing my neck to see where the drain points were. That HURT but momma said I was a brave boy. Looks like the bites healed over with a little infection still in there - he opened them up again and flushed them out so now I'm going to be a drippy mess for a few days. He told momma she's doing a really good job with me, and gave her some medicine to put inside the holes on my neck. When we got back home, she started yelling at Jakey again, telling him what a bad boy he was! Boy, that was worth going to the vet!


I feel like I've gone 12 rounds with Holyfield!!!

April 30th 2009 3:12 am
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We were bad last nite. We were getting ready to go with Mommy to the barn and Jake tried to get by me to be first out the gate. I got mad, and Jakey started biting me and we got to fighting. Mommy was screaming at us but Jakey wouldn't let me go. He had my ears and my neck and was dragging me all over the yard and I kept yelling for Mommy to come help me - she ended up hitting him over the head with a shovel and dousing him with a hose to get him to let go of me!
I'm sore. I have a couple of holes in my neck and a really bad gash on my ear, but I'm okay thanks to Mommy. Don't like getting those shots though, but when she cleans out my ear it feels ok. Jakey got put in the barn for the night - he wanted to make friends this morning, and I let him see what he did to me and he said he's sorry, but I'm not gonna forget this --- he's not ready to take over my job yet!!!


I have the best Pup Pals in the world!!!

March 3rd 2009 10:33 am
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Just wanted to thank all of you for being my pals - you are the greatest pups in the world and I really appreciate having you all as my furriends.


Now Grandma knows how smart I am, too!!!!

March 3rd 2009 10:32 am
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Grandma is always trying to outdo Mommy (SHHHH - don't tell her I said that!) We've had really cold weather here in NC (15 degrees last nite) and our water in the tub outside froze solid so Grandma put a big pot out on the deck for us to drink. With 6 of us, that pot didn't last long - Jakey thought it would be fun to play soccer with the empty pot, but when Grandma called us in, he left it out in the yard,under the tree. Guess who Grandma asked to go get the pot? Right. ME.

She had to call Mommy up at work and tell her how good I was, carrying that pot across the yard, up the stairs and into the house. Of course, I deserved a treat after that. When she wasn't looking, I stole her eyeglass case and hid it from her. Bet she'll call Mommy about that too.


Mommy says I'm so smart!!

February 23rd 2009 2:38 am
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WE all know how smart we are without Mommies and Daddies telling us! Yesterday, Mommy was riding Petey out on the track and the wind was really bad (she said 65 mph gusts) - she had her favorite ball cap on and it was really tight on her head - a wind gust picked it up and pulled it right off! IT was flying around the track and finally landed. She called ME and asked me to go get it for her - I ran out there and stood guard - Cody and Jake wanted to play with it. She told me to bring it to her so I picked it up and went over to Petey and sat down. Jake came over to see what I had and I told him to get away! Petey doesn't really like us that much (Cody chases him all the time), so I couldn't climb up on him, but I got up as far as I could and Mommy reached down and took her hat. She called me a GOOD BOY and told everyone how SMART I am.

Like I said, why is she so surprised?


My Tag Page

February 18th 2009 1:42 pm
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Here are my favorite things!

1. I love to sleep in bed with Mommy- I sleep between her and the window so I can hear everything that goes on outside

2. I love to chew up plastic bottles, eyeglass cases, remotes, mail, socks and anything that Mommy and Grandma don't want me to have

3. I love to pull Mommy's sweatshirt - especially when she doesn't want to play! I can always get her to laugh.

4. I love to go for rides in the truck - I sit shotgun!!!

5. I love to play with my furbrothers and fursister.

I've tagged my puppals:

1. Nestle, Dark Chocolate
2. Bodie
3. Gromit
4. EmmaJean
5. Amber
6. Jake
7. Ben
8. Chester
9. Shooter
10. Buddy Boy
11. Dalton
12. Beaucepheus

Come on, let's play!!!!!


I"ve been tagged by MIA! Wanna play?

February 18th 2009 1:31 pm
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OK, my pal Mia has tagged me and I'm inviting you to play, too!

Here are the rules:

1. Write down 5 things that you LOVE to do and think are fun
2. Tag 12 of your closest pup pals and ask them to join in!
3. Leave me a bone, so I know you are playing with us!



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