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"Dunkin & Bone"

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Sir Smiles Alot

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"Sir Smiles Alot"

Wow! Is He Out of It or What?
        ~ First Night Home ~

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"Wow! Is He Out of It or What? ~ First Night Home ~"

Look At My Joy

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"Look At My Joy"

Mom Likes This One of Me

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"Mom Likes This One of Me"

I Think I Gotta Pee

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"I Think I Gotta Pee"

Sweet Boy

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"Sweet Boy"

Each Others Best Friend & Kin

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"Each Others Best Friend & Kin"


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Dunkin Looking His Scariest

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"Dunkin Looking His Scariest"

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Dunkie, Tank, Little Man, Dunk, Dunkie Man, My Itty Bitty Brahma Bull, DunkinPunkinLunkin, DunkMeister

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Quick Bio:
-pound dog-dog rescue

April 1st 2004


doesn't want to go outside

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Favorite Food:
biscuits, fruit, nuts, chow

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Best Tricks:
the one-shoulder roll

Arrival Story:
I read an article about ARF in the newspaper. They had recently moved from a small compound to a larger one and they were in need of assistance, on many levels. I wanted to help. I pulled up the website and planned to donate some money or sponsor a dog, and possibly volunteer my time to help when possible. Well, they have all their dogs up on PetFinders and I had a look. When I came to his picture and bio I was immediately drawn to him. I was not planning on adopting, but 2 dogs caught my attention. I looked at his bio and pictures countless times and knew in my heart he was waiting for me. I made an appointment to visit him at the shelter and adopted him. He makes me smile. His happiness is contagious! He is pure pleasure on paws.

Dunkin had been in a kill shelter in another county and he was on the euthanasia list--not long for this world. The folks at ARF took him in. ARF is a no kill shelter. He had been at the ARF facility for some time and I simply couldn't figure why he had not been adopted right away. Well, now I know--he was being kept as a special gift and blessing for me. I couldn't be more proud.

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Happy Guy With a Big Heart

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easy going and easy to get along with. Not a bit timid

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when excited and having fun's my motto

Loyalty ~:
bonded to my human - like keeping her in my sight

Spirit ~:
as big as my heart, not a quitter, positive outlook on life

Emotions ~:
happy - tail is always wagging, and my body just follows. Loving my human as much as my heart will contain

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April 11th 2006 More than 10 years!

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A Way Home - Christmas Story

December 5th 2006 9:50 pm
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A Way Home

It was a week before Christmas and Elizabeth decided to take a drive to look at the holiday lights. Not far away from her country home was a residential area known as Candy Cane Lane. Driving through Candy Cane Lane had been a family tradition and one rarely missed since the children were little.

Her three kids were grown now, with children of their own and Elizabeth was looking forward to spending Christmas with her eldest son and his family. Elizabeth's children would be there, as would all her grandchildren.

It was a cold night and as Elizabeth put her coat and scarf on, Dandy, her little Miniature Pinscher ran up to her, barking and dancing on his hind legs. From the coat rack she grabbed Dandy's warm jacket. Panting and grinning he waited until he was dressed and as soon as Elizabeth snapped his leash on, he was ready--front paws marching in place. "Lets go!" Elizabeth said with a smile.

In thirty minutes Elizabeth was pulling onto the first street alight with sparkling colors and animated characters. With only the parking lights on Elizabeth drove slowly, joining the throng of adults and children looking around in awe. Recalling how her children had never grown tired of taking this drive, she smiled fondly. After losing her husband it had been lonely, but she had her faith, the love of friends from her church and, Dandy, her constant companion.

The little red dog's face was gazing out, his warm breath fogging the lower half of the side window. Elizabeth turned the defroster on, clearing the windows, blowing warm air around the two of them. "So beautiful!" she thought. She turned the radio on and Christmas carols added joyous sound to the scenes around her.

Within half an hour Elizabeth turned on her headlights and pulled onto the country road that would take her home. Fog drifted from an empty field abutting the street. The thick grayness eddied around the car and Elizabeth found it increasingly harder to see anything past the windshield. She slowed down and pulled over, hoping she had cleared the roadway. She locked the doors and turned the engine off. With a prayer, she asked God to keep her safe until the fog cleared enough for her to drive.

Dandy barked excitedly, his body trembling beside her. His sharp yips had startled her awake. "What hour was it?" she wondered. Dandy continued to bark, looking out the passenger side window, then back, to the seat behind them. Elizabeth stiffened. "Is someone out there?" she whispered. Elizabeth heard a thumping, and felt Dandy's tail wagging happily. She looked out into the night--all was a dark void.

She was freezing. Elizabeth's feet were numb from cold and she was shivering despite her heavy coat. Dandy sighed, and then fell silent.

"It is too cold for you to remain here, Elizabeth." His voice was calming. "Turn the car on. I shall see that you get home safely."

Was she dreaming? She didn't know. What was happening did not make sense. But if it was a dream, what did it hurt to follow along?

She started the car and turned the headlights on. Fog shrouded the ground on both sides of the street, but the road before her was clear. "Oh, yeah, this had to be a dream," she said this to Dandy, before pulling out onto the street.

She drove up on the driveway, turned the car off, opened the door and stepped out. She could discern the faint glow of her porch light, but that was all. Fog had again claimed the night.

"I don't know how you did it!" she said to the voice in her dream. Dandy pawed at her leg. Elizabeth turned around and taking Dandy's leash, directed him out of the car. Before heading for the porch she said, "How may I thank you?"

"Wish me a happy birthday, Elizabeth," He replied.

"Is that all?" she stated, perplexed.

"It is enough..."

Her knees nearly buckled. "Happy birthday... Jesus!" she gasped with delight.

"Thank you..." like an afterthought, "for remembering Me."


The only holiday that is a birthday--Merry Christmas!!!


Copyright 2006 Dunkin Clyde's human

Wishing you the merriest of Christmases, and hoping you will remember the reason we celebrate this most special of holidays!


Return From Rainbow Bridge -- Put to Life

April 17th 2006 2:42 pm
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Return From Rainbow Bridge
--Put to Life

He was black with tan markings. He had short legs, and a head that looked too big and disproportionate to his wiry-haired long body.

After his mother weaned him he ate what she brought to the old barn, but he wasn’t growing like he should. After a while he wasn’t feeling so good. His mom tried to play with him but he felt too poorly to join her. Soon he was vomiting and his stools had turned yellow and bloody.

One day, his mother had gone out into the surrounding field and never returned. The barn wasn't her home, she'd been abandoned there when her owners discovered her pregnant. Alone, sick, and afraid, the tiny puppy cried out to her until he could cry no more.

The next morning a human appeared at the barn. An older man taking pictures of the countryside and the barn. He found the pup. The pup appeared to be very sick and the man couldn't tell if he was alive. He reached down and gently nudged the little body and heard a whine. The man quickly went to his truck, put the camera away and pulled a towel out from the back seat. He jogged back, picked the ailing puppy up and wrapped him in the towel. The elderly gentleman drove to the nearest animal shelter and took the skinny pup to the vet hospital there.

A young man at the new place took the pup into a room of steel and tile. A woman in a white outfit quickly looked the puppy over, then shook her head.

“His Parvo has progressed beyond any treatment options.” She caressed his head, while looking into his large eyes. The pain from his sickness was etched in the fur boy’s expression.

The lady looked at her assistant. “Does he have a name?”

The young man shook his head, and then turned his gaze away from the poor pup. This was a part of his job he found soul bruising. He took in a deep breath and steeled his heart.

She continued to stroke his head and the gravely ill pup’s eyes lost some of that edge the pain had instilled - so wonderful did it feel to be caressed so. Her voice was soft and soothing - the pup’s breathing became less erratic and the look of illness stored in his eyes faded a bit with the pleasure of her ministrations.

The vet asked her assistant to fetch what she needed. The young man winced. He didn’t think he’d ever get used to this -- another innocent soul to be put to death.

He turned, quickly clenched his eyelids shut to stop the burning of pent up tears. He gathered the shaver, syringe, and the vial of liquid.

As the vet shaved a spot on the pup’s forearm and prepared the solution, the attendant held the boy pup close, talking softly, petting him gently. In moments it was done. The attendant felt the last breath the pup in his arms gave up - just as the frail body went limp.


He awoke and found himself in tall green grass. He sat up and looked around. He saw dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, playing and relaxing. All of them appeared healthy and happy. Next to a large bridge of many colors he noticed others sat watchfully, eagerly, and he wondered what they were waiting for. Was there something coming across the bridge?

He stood, then padded over to the bridge to see what the others were looking for . . . Humans!!! Long lines of them behind a misty rainbow veil. As soon as the humans came into view, the pups and older dogs ran forward to meet them and there was much happiness.

The dogs whimpered of their joy and the humans thanked God for taking such good care of their beloved fur kin. When all the furkin had joined up with their humans the shimmering mist enveloped them and bore them away.

In a short time cats and kittens had gathered at the bridge. As the rainbow mist swirled to life the felines became watchful.

The black and tan pup walked slowly away. He knew no human would come over the bridge for him.

“You are right, small one. You have no one to wait for . . . yet.”

The pup was startled by the voice and he turned a full circle to see who was talking to him. He saw no one, but the air all around him pulsed a silver-gold.

“You will be put to life. To be loved and spoiled. That is what happens to dogs who didn’t have that their first time on Earth. Those of you, who had no human spirit-mate; no heart partner. But you will now! A woman and her son. May you be a blessing, each to the other.”

The pup wagged his tail.

“You will also have a name - Benjamin. Whisper it to them when you are first together and that is what they’ll call you.”

The pup barked and his eyes lit up with hopeful anticipation. Before he could bark again, he was gone.

“I’ll see you later, Benjamin. And you will come back happy, for I know you deserve it!”


On Earth a litter of puppies was born, and one of the boys was named Benjamin.

Copyright 2006 Dunkin's human


Three Weeks Ago, Today

April 15th 2006 11:05 pm
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Three weeks ago my human came to take me home. I'd been at the ARF facility for almost 2 years. We had just moved to a new location with more room and the local newspaper ran a feature about ARF and the lady who runs ARF.

My human read about my then home and she wanted to do something to help out. The wonderful lady who runs ARF sold her home to buy the land and the buildings on it so we all could have a better place to stay. She loves every fur boy and fur girl she brings to stay with her and she has saved many lives--like mine. By the love and devotion of the lady who runs ARF and the volunteers that help out there, not to mention the humans who foster out some of the other fur kids, there are some special fur boys and fur girls waiting for their forever homes.

Well, my human pulled up the pictures and stories of all the dogs saved by the angels-on-earth humans at ARF. She saw two furries she liked. I was one. She said she looked at the pics of both of us and read our stories, over and over. Seems I pulled at her heart the strongest. She said everytime she saw my picture, she smiled and felt happy inside. The same night she read about me she filled out an application for adoption. She said she was interested in another dog and me, but that she and her husband were leaning toward me as their choice.

After sleeping on it, my human knew she wanted me but she was afraid someone else would come along and adopt me before she had the chance. No coincidence, she received an email from the lady at ARF the next day, and then they talked on the phone. An appointment was arranged for my soon-to-be human to see me the next day.

They had me out and waiting for her. I was in the yard, strutting around, happy as always and I could tell that when she saw me she was filled with joy and warm smiles. That made me feel the same and I strutted all the more proudly, wanting her to see my stuff.

She kneeled down to give me some hugs and I nearly knocked her down. I'm pretty sturdy and strong, combine that with my exuberance to give her some love, I was not to be ignored. She had come straight from work and was wearing her nice clothes. I had been rollicking in the dirt and when I climbed up on her for some hugging, I got dirt and fur on her, and you know what?--She smiled and laughed and snuggled up to me. I licked her and hugged back. We were made for each other.

And on that Saturday, my human came to get me. She brought her husband and he fell in love with me, too. My human hugged all the ladies at ARF good-bye, then I happily walked out with my humans to their van, knowing I had finally found my forever home.

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