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My Good Life

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Happy New Year/ADOPT 08 CONTEST

January 4th 2008 7:33 am
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Well, it's been quite a year. I have been with my family for 2 years now and my life has been amazing. I even got to go to restaurant for breakfast! Our waitress brought me a piece of bacon, just for me!
Then, in October, I got the biggest surprise...a brother!
We were having lots of terrible fires and smoky days but mom and dad just loaded me into the backseat and we drove up to Los Angeles. I had no idea where we were going. When I finally got to get out of the truck, there was this skinny, shy red haired Golden named Nick! He smelled OK so we took him home. I pretty much barked at him all the way down I-15 but he seemed alright with that. I showed him around the yard and he took my toys but he was very sweet. We had lots of growling and showing "teefers" that first week and he gave me his kennel cough so I got sick.
But we are great pals now. We share space on the bed with mom and dad and we share our toys. He is teaching me how to play tug toy!
I love my new brother and I hope 2008 is a good year for us and for all my Dogster family.
Update May 7. Nick is turning out to be a great pal. We have truly become a pack. We take turns watching our fence line for anyone, dog, bird, truck, car passing back.Then we bark our heads off and race up and down the hill. We spend many hours lying by each other on the warm concrete in the sun and on the couch in the living room! We have recently started wrestling with each other. It's so much fun. I like to nip at Nick's ears and he puts my head in his mouth. Mom calls it "soft bitey". I try to dominate him but I have to admit, he has pinned me a few times! He lets me be the alpha, but only for so long!
I have lost weight since Nick got here. When we go to the park I run after him. And run and run and run. I never really did that before.
So the first half of 2008 was been wonderful!


Life is Grand!

May 7th 2007 5:58 am
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I realized today that I have not posted a diary lately!! I guess I have been just too busy. You know, going to the park, eating, napping, playing...all the important things in my life!
Right now I am on pool watch. I am waiting for the water to get warm enough to swim. It's almost there. We have had beautiful sunny weather lately and more to come this week. It's actually hot. Mom says that helps her feel better about paying $3.50 for a gallon of least the weather is nice and we can hang out in the backyard because we can't afford to drive anywhere!!!
That's fine by me..


It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Spring!

March 19th 2007 4:18 pm
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The weather has been so warm and sunny. Looks like maybe winter and rain are gone for good! Not that there was very much winter or rain but I am a Southern California blonde! I like the sunshine.
Mom's been taking me on hikes lately to Mission Trails. It's so pretty there and loaded with wild animal smells. I have been wearing my new purple harness. Gone is the Gentle Leader!!! I hated that thing on my nose and my Dogster friends thought I should try a harness instead. It works very well, once mom figured out how to put it on.
I'm a lucky girl.


2007 So Far So Good!

February 6th 2007 4:44 pm
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I'm a happy girl. This year has started out very well. My only hitch so far has been a little rain.
Now, I don't like rain but I have a doggie door and don't ever need to be out in the rain BUT rain equals MUD! And I can't help it but there are places in my yard, up on the hill, where the ivy doesn't grow and the mud is thick! When I am doing my border check which I do several times a day, I get a lot of mud on my feet. Mom just does not appreciate the perfect mud pawprints that I leave on the carpet! Oh well...this is the price for guard duty!
But when the rain stopped, the weather got very warm Mom took me to Mission Trails Regional Park right near our house for a little exploring and adventure.
That was so cool!!! We went on a nature hike and every time you pass by a large box with a picture on it (bird, deer, coyote), the sound that animal makes comes out of the box!!! WHAT??!! I was all over those boxes...I KNOW they had birds hidden in there. It was such fun....great smells all over the place. I could hardly contain myself.
I can't wait to go again. This time, mom says we are going down to the San Diego River! It flows right through the park.
I love my life....


Happy New Year

January 9th 2007 5:05 pm
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The new year is looking to be a really good one. My birthday was on January 1st. Mom and dad don't know my real birthday because I am a rescue dog so they made one up...sounds good to me.
The day was fun. Mom went to her exercise class and I hung out with dad. We all went to the park a little later and I saw several of my human friends who pet me and tell me I'm so pretty...oh, this girly-girl loves that! Then we came home and mom put a turkey in the oven. We took a nap and when I woke up, the house smelled like what heaven must smell like!!!
I laid on the floor in a puddle of drool in front of the oven for hours. And it was soooo worth the wait.
After football, mom and dad gave me a Frosty Paws and sang Happy Birthday to me. Wow, what a great day.
I don't have a brother yet. Mom's just not sure she can handle another dog...I am quite a handful myself! But the year is shaping up quite nicely. I got another calendar gig...I am Miss October in the "Golden Dreams" calendar.
I love my life.


My Thanksgiving

November 22nd 2006 4:29 pm
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This will be my second Thanksgiving in my forever home. I have many things to be thankful for. Mostly I am thankful that mom and dad adopted me in July of 2005.
I get to spend a lot of time with mom during the day and we hang out with dad weekends. I am rarely alone. I am thankful that I have people around much of the time.
I am thankful for the park, for all the food I eat(a lot!), for a warm pool to swim in during the summer, and a warm bed to sleep on at night(with mom and dad of course). I am thankful for my backyard and the squirrels, rats, bunnies and other creatures I rarely see but can smell...I know they are out there somewhere!
I am thankful for my Dogster friends. They make mom laugh and sometimes cry sharing their stories and their lives.
I am thankful for my brother Duke who I never met. Mom and dad found me on the same adoption page where they found Duke. He led them to me.
Thanks, big brother, my angel.
So, on this, my second Thanksgiving here, I wish for all doggies to find a home like I did.
Oh, and I would like a brother for Christmas!!!


Is It Time To Eat Yet?!

October 30th 2006 6:11 am
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Well, I knew this daylight savings thing would become an issue and it certainly has. I loved that it was lighter in the morning when I got up...I don't like to do my morning business in the dark. But around 3 in the afternoon, I started giving mom the "dinner death stare". I get up on the couch with her and just stare until she goes into the kitchen. How was I supposed to know about the time. I can't turn my tummy clock back! I felt like my stomach was eating itself, I was soooo hungry.
When she finally went into the kitchen, she was working on people dinner and I had to wait even longer!!!
But finally, I was served my meal. It was dark by then. I hope this is not an every day thing. When do we turn our clocks ahead again?
I'm just going to have to get more treats during the day to tide me over.


Autumn Days

October 3rd 2006 1:36 pm
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The sun appears to be fading earlier these days. Mom says it's autumn. All I know is that I start getting hungry for dinner earlier. I have been giving mom the "dinner death stare" about an hour earlier than usual. Oh boy, when they turn the clocks back, I'll be wanting dinner about 3pm! Maybe I can get in an extra meal. That would be cool...breakfast at 6am, dinner at 3pm, and another meal at 7pm. Works for me!!!
I love food.


Remembering 9/11

September 10th 2006 12:19 pm
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Although I wasn't born yet, mom says I have to "paws" and remember all dogs and their people that were affected by the events of September 11th. Mom says she saw losts of video of rescue dogs searching the World Trade Center rubble, getting their paws torn up and risking their lives. And also the therapy dogs that came to help the people so deeply traumatized by all of it. I live very far away in San Diego but we are all Americans and we must never forget the courage and sacrifice and countless acts of kindness. So tomorrow, on the 5th anniversary of 9/11, give your people big sloppy, wet kisses. And moms and dads, give your dogs extra loves(and treats too!).


My Day and Going to the Vet!

August 28th 2006 3:20 pm
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Well, mom finally made me go the vet to update my vaccinations and refill my Sentinel. My brother Duke had heartworm so we are careful about that. But why, oh why, do they have to take my temperature? Why do they have to go THERE??? My nose is cold and wet...I have no fever...can't they tell from that? Oh, the indignity...
Otherwise, it was cool to see Dr.Jeff. He keeps treats in his pockets and is very kind and gentle to me. And as usual, all the office girls were happy to see me...I got loads of pets and compliments on my new blonde highlights I get from swimming. AND I lost a couple of pounds...keeping my girlish figure even though I love to eat!
All in all, a good check-up. Tired me out though. After a nice nap, we went swimming.
It was another good day in paradise. I'm due for a Frosty Paws about now.

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