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Age: 11 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 1-10 lbs

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My parents call me (with much love) a little pooper, marshmallow, snowy, doggie (in russian) and many more names that are just so darn cutalicious, but my human sister Juliana calls me Tricky Ricky (hey, that rhymes :) ), bun-buns, and cutie patutie!!!

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:

September 20th 2005

OMG! I totally love spending time with my parents and my human sister Juliana. They like to take me places and buy me clothes and bring me to classes so I can learn to be a good doggie and...um...and... Well, A LOT more!

The bathroom is so much fun. It has this weird white stuff in a roll and a funky thing that goes !SWOOSH! when you pull the handle. It also has jars of yummy smelling gunk. Yet , the door is always open, and I can't go in. Humans can be really strange...

Favorite Toy:
Hmm, this is a toughie...I recently recieved a bundle of new squeakys, but I ripped some apart and the trunk of an elephant, but c'mon! He was asking for it. This week, I like my squeaky hydrant. It was the first toy I recieved from my new family.

Favorite Food:
CHICKEN!!! GO CHICKEN!!! ChickenChickenChickenChicken!! Man, I love that word. My sister sneaks it [to me] when my mommy scolds me for being bad so I wouldn't be depressed. Sometimes, I get it every day! Chicken rules. I like fruits and veggies too.;)

Favorite Walk:
I like to take walks around my neighborhood so people can marvel at my cuteness. But there is a meany next door to us, so I like to pee on his lawn. Tee-hee-hee! I'm a naughty baby!

Best Tricks:
Like I said earlier, my parents take me and my human sister to doggie classes so I'll be trained. Now, I can do sit, down, roll, stay and Juliana taught me to jump. I hope no flaming hoops will be involved.

Arrival Story:
Juliana tells me this story if mommy or daddy scold me for doing something naughty so I'll always remember how they love me to death!! It was a sunny and chilly day. Juliana's parents said that they were taking her to Brooklyn to get math books and forced her to go. But they were actually gonna go get me instead! Sneaky. Anyways, they pulled up near the pet shop and went in. Meanwhile, a scruffy old man picked me up and his two smelly daughters poked and prodded me. Then Juliana walked in. I could smell her from a mile off. She smelled like apples and cookies. I wanted to be part of her family and put on my cute look (which was just a regular look, cuz c'mon, I'm always adorable!). I guessed it worked though, becauese daddy came up to me and said that I was gonna be their newest addition to the family. I was overjoyed and hopped into Juliana's arms, where she cried joyously and I lapped up all of her tears, which were not salty but unusually sweet. I loved my family ever since. That night, I was welcomed into my new home. I received a huge bed, five new toys, and a wee-wee corner, to which I adapted, slowly but surely many accidents later. The next day, I got another, smaller nap bed, more toys, and THREE new sweaters. All on the same day. I even pee'd on Juliana from delight TWICE but she forgave me. Cuz it was the day after thanksgiving, I thanked her for forgiving me with lotza warm kisses cuz she didn't understand when I barked. Yet. ¢¨ú

I'M ADORABLE. Does that help? Seriously, I love my family. Mommy and daddy, and of course, my sister Juliana. This is a fmily, this is perfection, and this is what love is all about. XOXO Ricky¢¾

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RIP Sassy! You will be missed! We <3 you

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Life of a Superstar

Happy Fourth of July!

July 4th 2006 3:36 pm
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My first Fourth, and I'm so excited. There are burgers on the grill. There are hot dogs (or shouldI say cats) and veggies! but most importantly, THERE'S CHICKENNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

Fireworks aren't booming tonight, but there was quite a fiasco a couple days ago. *BOOM BOOM BOOM!* Man, those things are loud. I thought they'd never stop exploding!!

Tonight, mommy said we're gnna pig out. Yum, totally can't wait!

Whoa, dad's got a fire going. I'm gonna go help him cook now, or eat. Or BOTH!

*starts to drool*



Ouch, another trip to the EMERGENCY ROOM!!

June 10th 2006 7:12 pm
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Okay, so Its a windy, warm kind off day here in Fair Lawn NJ, and guess where I am???

I'm in the EMERGENCY ROOM!!! The last time I was there, it was because Julz sprained my foot by stepping on it, a complete accident.

This time, it was my neighbor's mommy's fault.

So, the day began smoothly. I woke up, acted like a brat, etc etc. Then we went to the library. Julz got her seventh grade reading books, and we went back home. That is where it began.

As soon as we got home, my grandparents proclaimed the power was out. We didn't know why, but our across-the-street neighbors did. They were like, the leaders of the street. Nothing happens without their knowing so. Julz took me across the street to find out. Turns out a transformer (I think) cuaght fire and blocked out electricity!

So our neighbor's (who Julz is friends with kinda) mommy was picking me up and playing with me and stuff. Having fun. Then she put me down. I felt something crawl up my front right paw and a suddenly sharp pain escalated through my paw tissue!!!

Julz jumped three feet in the air and completly freaked as I "eeped" and YOWped" like a little baby piglet!!

Julz scooped me up in her arms and ran like an Olympic runner across the street like a bolt of lightening. She tossed me to mommy, ran inside the house, and came back a second later with chopped carrots, ice, tweezers, acohol pads and swabs, and a bandage. As mommy and daddy carressed me trying to figure out what went wrong, our neighbors search for the answer out where it started. They found a half-dead bee. I was stung, and apparenly, its stinger was trapped in my paw, cuz a bee dies right after it loses its stinger!!

Julz dialed Oradell Animal Hospital and explained our dilemma. Mommy rushed us all over and wesat andwaited for a nurse. We waited about a minute and when the lady tried to touch my paw, I stuck out my snarling front teeth, growled massivly, and bit her fingure. Hard.

She said "Okay, we're gonna put a muzzle onhim, then 'm gonna get some more people, and we're gonna pull the stinger out."

It was a big stinger, and by the time they got it, my paw was bleeding!! They shaved all the fur off around it and gave me Benadryl from allergies to bees in case I have any!!

I have to wear a cone (e-collar) again and I can't walk at all. I can't even limp!!

I hope I'll get better soon. There's such nice weather outside andI wanna play!!

As for the evil bee, Julz crushed it with anger for hurting me, her precious baby! Julz is the greatest!!!


I Forgot to Mention... I got FIXED!!

June 10th 2006 6:51 pm
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Okay, so it was maybe like three weeks ago, but Julz completely forgot to write it here!

Mommy said something the night before I became a girly boy that I was getting fixed tomorrow. I wondered what she meant,since I was already perfect and in no need to be fixed.

The next day, she took me to the vet. Uh-oh. The VET!!! I hate the vet. He always pokes a needle into my butt, or pulls my tongue out of my mouth to poke on my teeth. My vet is nice though. Sometimes if I'm really good and don't bite him even once, he'll give me a treat.

Before mommy hands me over, she always whispers "I love you, I'll see you in 10 minutes.". But this time, she whispered "Good luck little Ricky. Juliana, daddy, and I will pick you up tomorrow".

WHAT?!? Not in ten minutes!!?? Eekkk! Mommy, I thought you loved me!

The vet and a person called an anesthetic techncian picked me up and pulled me onto a long, sterile white table. The anesthetic techinician placed a needle into both my paws and took out the red gushy stuff inside me. It hurt. Then, they poked another neddle into me and I drowsily fell into a dreamy slumber.

When I woke up, I had small stitches where my wittle berries used to be and a wierd plastic cone thing on my head. I found out later it was called an e-collar. Furthermore, one of my teeth was missing. *sniff* Everything hurt and my mommy was there yet!

I had to sleep that whole night with no food, no water, and no Fuzz-Fuzz, which is my cute little wiener dog chew toy. I had a small, cramped, little, cold cage and it was very scary! I remembered the night before, I woke my family at 3 o'clock in the morning and behaved really badly. I chewed up my wee-wee pad, pooped and daddy kinda stepped in it, pee'd on mommy's carpet, and woke up Julz from her "beauty" sleep! Was this my punishment? Did my family leave me once and for all?

The next day, my wildest thoughts and nightmares didn't come true, because mommy, daddy, and Julz all came back for me, took me home, and gave me a huge pile of chicken for lunch AND dinner!!! Yum-yum!!!

Ten days later, mommy to off my cone, and I licked out my stitches. Mommy got verrrry mad and thought I might need to me re-stitched. Once was bad enough, so I thanked dog when Mr. Vet said it was okay that I licked them out.

Now, I'm perfectly fine.

Okay, so I'm horrible again. Read my next entry to find out!!!

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