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Update on our lifes...

April 5th 2008 12:49 pm
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Hello to all of our dogster & catster friends!
As most of you know me & mommy, and the rest of the family have been VERY busy lately. As most of you all know as well golf season is rolling around the corner. With currently trying to get a new putting coach, & working with my full swing coach, & working w/ my personal trainer daily for at least 2 hours... usually more. AND yet mommy still has to work w/ her school golf coach while at school golf practices. PHEW! it has been a very busy life lately. Mommy knows exactly what she wants. and this is my year to fight for it. Last Year was the last year i will accept T5th at our state golf meet... i won't accept anything other than 1st. I know what i want and im going to go get it.
As you can tell im verymotivated & pushed right now... PLUS im still in school for another 2 months. LOL!
I'm very sad that i don't get to see or talk to any of my dogster or catster friends... :( i miss you all so much, & think of you all everyday. I try so hard to get online... but my parents have been requested by my personal trainer & mental coach (its 1 person) to limit ALL of my time on the computer. He can look daily at everything i do on the computer-- has permission from my parents. Because he / they want to make sure im working on homework while online... & when not online im busy doing other homework or golf stuff. GAH! as you can see there is ALOT of stress on mommys life right now. And my golf teammates & coaches add loads of pressure.

I love you all... & check back for updates. Mom's first school golf meet is this Thursday. It's 18 holes & her goal is to go out there & put her name in 1st place... show them that they all better be careful. BOL!
love you all & hope to get some messages soon!

~Dezi & Mommy~

ALSO, Dezi & Roxy have been keeping me busy... i've uped my time with the dogs. Daily we go on 2 longerish / medium walks (just so the girls burn off some energy). & i am constantly watching them because we have big dogs living w/ us right now (because my brother is back living with us for awhile).
All dogs are doing great & in great health!! :D DEZI EVEN GREW to be 5 lbs now! :D she used to not eat on a "normal basis" & only when she wanted... now she eats every morning and night as we like her to so she doesn't "hurt her immune system".

LOVE YOU ALL! please keep us updated on you all.



October 19th 2007 4:30 pm
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I see the days i see, i miss the days i miss, i wish the days i missed would come back.
I watch the days i watch, i count the days i pass, i wish those counted days would all come back.
I fly the days i fly, i walk the days i walk, i wish those walking days would all come back.
All those days we pass, that we wish we could have back, i wish i could count to ten and they'd all be right here again.
When we loose something we want most, it's that special thing that we didn't realize we wanted until after they are lost.
Keep the things now, cherish the things we attempt at pushing away, & remember every last moment, cause it just might be.


There's more... :( & an update on the 5!!!

September 9th 2007 7:56 pm
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so... 3 weeks ago, my Great Uncle Claude was diagnost with Cancer... they gave him 2 weeks... he died today... : plus with everything else in my life.... im so scared... IDK wut's going to be next...

Sarah- the driver, was (im pretty sure) let out of the hospital yesterday which was quite a bit earlier than they thought... also, yesterday morning Kaitlin (the worst passanger, also, front right). She woke up yesterday monring & remembered her mom.
Other than that i don't know any updates....

I'm so scared...
I'm so sad right now, & for the last 3 weeks i have cried everyday... :( i've been so scared for my Uncle Claude, & now the girls, plus my familys business, school, golf... & it's just hard! i'm trying to make the best of everyday... Today at work, i did everything to have a smile on... & i did everything to laugh...
Tonight i finished up my homework then got on dogster & checked my PM... I had a message from a pup named DarlaMae... it was about the 5... She was wishing me & everyone else luck... i was crying before i had started reading the message, & i was super sad about my Uncle. I read DarlaMaes message, & it made me smile... It was the first time in a long time... & that's wut i really need most right now... Thank you so much DarlaMae!!

I'm sorry i must be going because i'm beginning to cry...

~Dezi & mom~


For the Five!

September 7th 2007 9:16 pm
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Two nights ago, Wednesday September 5, 2007, there were five girls going to a Spaghetti dinner out... kinda in the country which was on a gravel road. These five girls are a part of the cross country team at our high school, & the spaghetti dinner was for the whole cross country team because they have a spaghetti dinner at someones house every night before the day they have a meet. Anyways, these girls were named Sarah- The driver, Kaitlin- the front right side passanger, Anna- Sitting behind sarah, & on the left back side seat, Cathy- middle back seat, & Morgan- behind Kaitlin & in the back right seat. The girls came to a stop sign, & must not of a seen a car coming from the right, (there was the sun there), & so they started going, when in the intersection of this gravel road, with the speed limit of 55 they get hit by another vehicle who's going 65. The girls were directly T-boned right into Kaitlin. A cop actually saw the girls stop, so he knew it wasn't the factor that they didn't stop. I'm not sure of who's fault the accident was. The Jaws of Life had to come & get the girls out of the car. Kaitlin was airflighted to Des Moines immediately, & the other 4 girls were taken to our hospital here in town (Ames). Des moines is 45 minutes away from here. Later that night, Sarah- the driver, was taken to Des Moines because she got worse. Anna was ok & get realesed that night. Cathy, the originally thought her legs were broken, but ending up it was just cuts & scratches, she was as well released the night of the accident. Morgan got away with only a broken collar bone... i know, i say only... it's a bad thing... but just wait! Morgan is in a sling & wanted to go to school the next day but the doctors said no! At first they thought Kaitlin had a few brain injuries, & some problems on the inside. Ending up, Kaitlin has broken ribs, liver damage, she had lots of internal bleeding & on Wednesday at the accident she was bleeding through her ears, she has a punctured lung, & a whole lot more! Kaitlin has something that went wrong behind her ear ( i don't exactly remember because there is so much), but if it would've cut AT ALL, any more, kaitlin would've bleed to death at the scene of the accident. There is a thing that pumps blood to your liver, & one that pumps it up to your brain... The one that gets pumped to your brain, kaitlin also could've bled to death if that would've been cut any more. On Wednesday night they found out Kaitlin had brain fractures, then they found out on Thursday morning that there was more than they thought, & it was worse, there was ... i forget the name of it right now... but something really bad... BOL!... On thursday day during school it was very sad... you'd walk into a class room, & it would be dead quiet, you might walk into a class & you would hear tears, with lots of hugs being given... Thursday night the cross country team had a meet. They had to go, & all the team ran in support of the 5. Kaitlins mom had talked to some friends at school, & K's mom said that Kaitlin said she wanted them to run. So everyone at Cross country did as Kaitlin and sarah asked. It was hard, but everyone finished strong. Thursday night a friend of Kaitlins (not on the cross country team) went down to see Kaitlin, & she found out Kaitlin has short term memory loss & currently can't remember her parents... Kaitlin as well doesn't understand whats going on & screams alot. The doctors only think this is temporary... or they say they hope.As for sarah, she has a spleen... ruptured? or something like that, & she is absolutely devastated... sarah will get home at the earliest sunday or monday... but we aren't sure. I hope tomorrow that i can go down to visit them since its a saturday. Both Sarah, & Kaitlin are in Intensive Care. It is going to take a very long time for the girls to heal, between inside outside, & all around themselves. We aren't sure if kaitlins head will eever be the same... but as her mom says, there is one thing we won't lose in Kaitlin & that is her fierceness. On Wednesday day during school one of Kaitlins friends, Emily, told Kaitlin that she never wanted to see her again... what if Kaitlin would of died? How do you think Emily would of felt? I need to live now... as an individual goal, i plan to everyday say 10 positive things to others. And no 1 thing can be repeated, nor can i use 1 person for 2 positives... 10 people, for 10 positive things to say... I need to share the kind of love i want. I need to put out the drama, & bring in the love. Is it really worth spreading rumors & then hurting someones feelings? Or is it just some dumb little thing that could really hurt someone... If a person wants something, strive. I asked myself Wednesday night... why do i spend so much time on dogster... i took me a few minutes to find all the answers i wanted...but when it came to it, i still didn't understand why i spent 8 hours a day on dogster. If i were to die tomorrow, is that how i want to live 8 of my 24 hours left that i have to live? or do i want to be breathing that air outside with those friends of mine who make me smile... Then it hit me... Dogster is love, & everyone here shows it. I ask all of you to pray for the 5 girls, the ones in the hospitals, & the ones not. It's not until something happens to us, of someone close that we realize some of the most important things of life. It just doesn't come to use. It doesn't make us take that short breath & life doesn't give us that moment of shock to understand it all, until it happens. & we realize that we need to live now, because we might not be here tomorrow. You say it won't happen to you, or that girl/ guy right next to you... but you don't know... you don't know until it happens. Take action, & take charge now... These girls were fairly close to me, & i just ask you to pray for everyone in our school that we get better, & everyone heals...

With love,
~Dezi & mommy~



August 7th 2007 8:01 pm
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Everyday I live, i live to see you smile.
Everyday I live, i live to watch you grow.
Everyday I live, i live it to see you do what you love to do most.
& yet Everyday i live, i still wonder why i can't be happy knowing that you are happy.

Everyday I live, i live to see you smile.
Everyday I live, i live to make you happy.
Everyday I live, i live to brighten your day.
& yet Everyday i live, i wonder what your still not happy about.

Everyday I live, i live to see you smile.
Everyday i live, i live to watch you awake.
Everyday i live, i live to watch you end your days in joy.
& yet Everyday i live, i don't get why you don't fall asleep knowing you are happy.

Everyday i live, i live for you, to know you have everything to have & to hold, you live to know that i am your everything, & i do everything to make you happy.
You are my everything, on my everyday, & my entire life. I don't know wut i could do with out you.



August 5th 2007 7:55 am
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It is a new Dogster tag game. You are Loved! You pick three Dogsters that you think are fantastic and tell a little about why! Don't forget to let them know how much they are loved with a p-mail, star or a rosette. By what I have read, you do not tag the one that tags you. There are so many great dogs and their families on dogsters that it's tough to pick but I'll start with......

Scooter- Scooter has helped me through ALOT these past couple weeks, & idk wut i'd do wif out you scooter... your amazing! Thank you SO much for everything you do!

Digger- PLUS BUDDIE! we've had lots of great times together... no matter wut, i know i can always count on you being here for me, & for you to always have pawsome advice to share with me! :D *huggles* idk wut i'd do wif out you!

Sadie- I understand we both have 2 different lives, live in 2 different worlds, & live in 2 TOTALLY different parts of the country... but the one thing i don't understand, is how you are so great at being such an amazing pup? You do EVERYTHING so perfect, & one day... one day, I want to be just like you! :) *huggles* thanks for always & forever being my friend!

okies, & i would just like to thank Copper for choosing me... i wish i could do more than 3... :( but thats all it says im aloud... but i hope i can get tagged again, so i can tag more pups!! :D hehe...

Copper- You are such a fun, loving, & sweet pup who has a whole big heart of love... AMAZING = you! :D hehe... *huggles* thanks for being my friend! :D


PAWS Angels WAGS for Kindness

June 4th 2007 1:19 pm
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So you may be asking what the PAWS stands for at the end of my name... right? this is in dogster groups:
the PAWS Angels WAGS for Kindness group is a group that i started... and we strive to help out other pups, and to make them fell better or welcomed or to help them through rough times... etc.
"we do all we can to make the pups who are in need feel like they are VERY extraly loved... if you know of a pup, please let us know and we will take care of them with helping them out in every possible way we can. "

We give rosettes, PM's, and Friend Requests...

If you would like to know more about our group or even to check it out... feel free to PM me or to even check out or group... the link is: ess-7852

If you think this group is weird or pointless... think about it yourself... do you like getting rosettes? what about stars?!? or even a simple PM? or even a friend request? How does it make you feel?

Please, if your unsure of wut this group does... PM me so i can help you make your decision! :D
We are currently still in the process of making our group better... maybe a few weekly parties... etc.


~Diva Dezi~


Tag! your it!

May 23rd 2007 7:36 pm
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Hey puppers! My Jebediah tagged me and now I'm it. I get to choose 7 of my pals to tag.

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Here are 7 fun facts about me - Dezi:

1. I LOVE to run around and chase my furry wittle yellow ball!

2. I like to hog all of mommys bed at night! :D

3. I always have to have the same EXACT thing that roxy has, and... it MUST be the same EXACT one!!

4. Bath's scare me, but i wuv the after afect because i gets to run ALL around! :D and rub myself, and mommy doesn't care! BOL

5. I LOVE going on walks, but for the first block i try and just chill in the grass and try to make mommy not go! but after that, i am the lead of the pack and havin da time of me's life! :D bol

6. I really am a shy dog when WOTS of mommys friends come over, and all i want to do is sit in mommys lap, and look cute, or i'll pway, and just wook cute! hehe

7. I wuv my sister, even dough im a wittle mean to her's sometimes... and secretly i give my sister kisses, and wots of wuv... but pwease... PWEASE don't tell anyone!! hehe

Pass on the fun...

Woofs and puppy kisses, Diva Dezi

I pick:

1. Dylan!
2. Max!
3. Bailey
4. Fling
5. Abby
6. Drake
7. Penny



May 16th 2007 7:23 pm
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Today, it was nice and hot outside... and mommy took us outside to the park to play, and it was wot's of fun! :D usuawwy i can't be off da weash but mommy didn't see anyone and so she wet me off da leash!! :D exciting right?!? we'll it gets even better... we got to pway wif my FAVORITE ball... actuawwy... we should make that pwural!! hehe... my FAVORITE ballS!!! ... my lil yellow tennis ball, and then the ... CHUCK! IT! i wuv it ... because it goes... o so far! :D hehe... that means i gets to run further!! after pway times outside, we went for a long walk, and we stopped and visiteded our friendsys outside.. we stopped to talk to gunner... he was hyper today!! *thinks* he's usuawwy hyper dough... hehe... and den we saw... i fink his name.... its chuckers!! hehe... we gots to see chuckers.. he was kinda grumpy today dough... his mommy, anne, she said he's got a shot today... :( i gave him kisses and huggles...
After our walk... we came home and an hour waiter... my BESTESTEST friends came over!! DAISY AND HOLLY!! hehe... they came to visited us! we pwayed and pwayed for 4 hours STRAIGHT!! it was cute... we even cudduwled up in da couch together as best friends! :D...

how was all of yours days?!?

aww... now its about time for ni night time... hehe... *huggles and kisses to all* and all a good night! :D o ya!! and mommy promised to read dat story to me before bedtime tonight!! hehe...

~Sweepy Dezi~


Jungle and help

March 10th 2007 6:02 pm
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So i was out of the jungle, and then i was brought back into it.. and all of a sudden i got lost... and was alone... but then i had a guide... he was amazing... i felt as if he led me out of the jungle... i was for sure i was out... and i was for sure that i wouldn't have to find my path anymore.. when all of a sudden i was sucked back in... and i was in fact wrong... when i thought i was out of the jungle... i had only thought i had gotten out... i was only 1/2 way out... i think i took the wrong turn, and made a mistake somewhere along the road... but now... i am back at stage one... and lost ... all over again... :(


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