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Adventures of a lead dog

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Antoher normal day

March 27th 2007 9:29 am
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This looks like another routine day for me. It is getting warmer here which means those annoying birds are plotting to steal all the snow. Every year the same thing happens. They show up and my snow is gone. I've heard some dogs don't like the cold and snow, but they aren't sled dogs. We are at our happiest when it is snowing and cold. I am a lead dog. Actually, I am the only dog. I have been the lead dog since I was a puppy. I have to be the first one everywhere we go. It might be fun to pull a sled, but it would seriously interfere with my main occupation my serious work which is sleeping. I am constantly having to help my family. They start to work and I have to bring a toy because I know they don't want ot workl Believe me, I know these people. They don't like to work. I guess they aren't working dogs like me. I've got to go now. I hope I go out for dinner early today. Mom said I am having Arby's today. I like roast beef, but I don't like the cheese they put on it so Mom orders it without cheese or buns-just meat. They know me there so it isn't an odd order to put the meat in a container. I hope all you dogs out there are well and happy.


I hate birds

March 28th 2007 6:26 am
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Yesterday was a normal day except it was way too hot for Michigan in March. I keep hearing about global warming which is a very scary subject to mention around a sled dog-we aren't fond of warm weather. I don't think they realize the real reason for the problem. It is those pesky birds. They steal snow. Think about it-whenever they start singing, the snow melts. Coincidence, I don't think so. Conspiracy is a better word. If all you dogs out there would start going after the birds, we could make this world a better place. If you leave it to the humans, you can forget it. They don't even know the birds are responsible. Let's face it-humans are stupid. Woof Woof. Other than it being a bit too warm, and the air conditioner not being on, it was a good day. I ate at Arby's. then I babysat for my 23 year old brother. He thinks he is watching me, but the truth is, I watch him. I think Mom lets him think he is in charge so he won't feel so bad. My other brother Jeff tries so hard to be a husky. He has a beard so I know he is trying to look like me. Of course, he will never be as handsome as I am, but I love him so I won't tell him that he will never be as handsome as me. It just isn't possible for a human to look so good. First of all, they are kind of goofy-trying to walk on only their back paws. You'd think they would get some sense and walk on all fours. They have such little noses. No wonder they can't smell as good as us dogs. Where is their tail? I have a lovely curly tail. Humans have nothing. I never mention it because I love them, and I don't want to make them feel bad . It is hard enough for them that they haven't learned to have fun like us dogs. I have to get back to sleeping. HOWL. . . . . . . .


March 29th 2007 10:28 am
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Hi. I guess it is time to add another entry to my diary. You know what they say-"a dog's work is never done". I don't see any snow outside while I was at the window doing my neighborhood watch. I guess it will be one of those miserable days without snow-oh, well, life isn't an ice rink (keep your rose garden-I prefer an ice rink). I don't hear the birds singing. I've already covered my opinion of birds in my last entries so I won't spend any more time on them. Do you think if I call Oliver Stone and brought him up to date on the bird issue that he might be able to make a new conspiracy movie? Iwonder if that would help the situation? Anyway, I had nice day yesterday. I had my usual Arbys which I picked at. I am perfectly willing to eat all the candy they will give me, but the humans think it isn't good for me. Here is the way I see it. If it tastes good, it must be good for me. What could be more simple than that? Even a human should be able to understand that. Do my humans get it-no they think I should eat nutritious food. I've watched them. Believe me, I see them stuffing down the candy. I think they just don't want to share. My family stayed home yesterday so I didn't have to watch my brother which is quite a job. He requires constant care. It is a relief when he goes home. I'm sure all of you dogs understand. You love them, but they can get on your nerves, can't they? I have been thinking of writing a book. If humans can write them, how hard can it be? I love you humans, but there is no way you can ever be as smart as a dog.


Mike and Ike's Tropical is the perfect food.

March 30th 2007 6:35 am
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I'm beginning to look forward to these diary entries. It is good to get to talk about things. Again, no snow. Why does it only snow in the winter? Why can't I live in a lovely place like Alaska? Are penquins birds, and if so, are the birds who steal my snow selling it to the penquins because I know penquins like snow too? There are so many questions in life. Maybe I'll never know the answers, but I keep wondering. Yesterday I had Arbys AGAIN. I'm not complaining about the Arbys, but I would prefer candy. My family knows that. I'm always on the lookout for candy. Instead of going on a rampage about birds (maybe someday you people will listen before it is too late), I'm going to explain the whole candy issue. Mike and Ike's tropical flavor is the perfect food. It has all the nutritional elements needed for a dog's diet. First of all, it is FRUIT-look at the package-fruit flavors. It has citrus, fruit, vegetables (some of them are green), and sugar-the four basic food groups. Don't you people know anything about the food groups? The only one that isn't covered is the ice cream group. My mom bought me some "special" ice cream called Frosty Paws or something like that. It was so awful, I wouldn't eat it. I will eat her ice cream if she will put it in my reach. I've been known to put my tongue on ice cream cones that are passing by me-like the humans have never heard of a toll. I hope all of you out there get all the Mike and Ikes and ice cream you want. I won't because my Mom "thinks it is bad for me". I've got to stop writing and go to the kitchen and see if I can find a new method for getting what I want. Looking cute doesn't get you much. I wonder if I could. . . . . . .


The entry I put off writing

March 31st 2007 7:27 am
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Today is Saturday. I know that means a lot to some of you dogs because your owners might have the day off, but my owner had already retired when he got me so we always spent a lot of time together which brings me to a very sad entry which I deliberately put off writing. My Dad who was obviously the most wonderful person in my world died in early Feb. He was sick a lot and in a wheelchair so I spent a lot ot time keeping him compnay. He quit breathing, and I was laying next to him at the time. I really miss him. As I mentioned, he was the one who told me about the birds stealing my snow. I might not have realized if he hadn't told me. I made him an honorary husky. Some humans just seem to understand us dogs-they are the best. He was also the wise one who said I shouldn't have to eat dog food. He didn't think it was good enough. Considering the dog food news lately, he had a point. Now back to my diary entry- another day without snow. I wouldn't necessarily start a revolution against the birds, but I would join one is it were started. That is a hint to all you huskys who live outside. I am an inside dog which I don't mind. I like to sleep in bed, and a pillow under my head is a nice touch. I often sleep on my back which my Mom says she hasn't seen a dog do before. Unless it is a warm day, I like to cuddle up next to her (or Dad when he was alive). When I was a puppy, I used to sleep on top of Mom's head on her pillow which was very comfortable and made me look like her hat. I know I was far cuter than any hat she could buy. I hope you dogs out there have a HOWLING good weekend. Woof Woof.


Max to the rescue

April 1st 2007 7:48 am
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This is truly a good day. My friend Max has a new site that is for all of us dogs that hate birds. I think this may help the world. Why can't you humans understand that underneath all those feathers is a little traitor? Yesterday I saw a large feather out in the yard. They are taunting me. I don't mind penquins. Even though they are buying our snow, they probably don't realize it is stolen. Any bird that loves snow so much if okay in my book.
I think it is time I mentioned that I live next door to the cutest dog ever-she is a cocker spaniel, and I go nuts everytime I see her. She is so adorable. One day I got away, and I was sitting in front of her door-hoping she would come out. She likes me too. Sometimes it would be nice not having a leash. HOWL HOWL


Where can I order candy?

April 2nd 2007 6:20 am
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Mommy bought 3 boxes of Mike and Ikes-tropical flavor- yesterday. As I've mentioned previously, they are the perfect food so I helped myself to a box. Then when Mommy found out, she confiscated the other 2 boxes that I took off with. Why can't I have all the Mike and Ike's I want? Why is my Mommy so mean with candy? She is nice about everything else. I like candy. Candy likes me. These are the kind of questions that doggie philosophers have pondered for eons. Does anyone know how a dog can order candy on-line and have it delivered discreetly in plain brown wrap so Mommy won't know it is candy? Any help from you computer geek dogs would be appreciated.


April 3rd 2007 6:53 am
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I've been hearing about dangerous dog food on the news. I'd like to know what is going to be done to the jerks who caused all these problems for dogs. It is hard for me to imagine anything or anyone worse that birds, but these jerks are worse. I think our representatives and senators should know that we are very angry about the situation.
On the positive side, there is supposed to be snow in the forecast sometime this week. I am thrilled. I hope all of you dogs out there get some lovely snow in your area.
I still haven't heard from any of you computer geek dogs about the candy issue.


Alaska is the perfect place to live

April 4th 2007 7:53 am
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My Mommy wants to move and I'm all for it, but I want to move to Alaska. It is the perfect place. It has the climate and snow that everyone loves. It doesn't get hot, and I would like it there. My stupid Mommy isn't listening. She wants to move to a place without snow. Can you believe it? Why doesn't she love Alaska? It has ice, snow, cold, the Northern lights. What more could you want? What is so great about palm trees? I could care less. I think trees exist so I'll have something to water. HAHAHA I am still waiting to hear from you computer geek dogs about the candy issue.


Snow Flurries yesterday

April 5th 2007 7:00 am
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We got snow yesterday. It was only flurries, but a dog has to take what he can get. It was cold and wet, and beautiful. I enjoyed it.

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