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Hangin' Out - by Dakota

News from the Rainbowbridge

September 22nd 2005 8:43 am
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Hey Guys!

It's me, Dakota! Now, that I've crossed over, everything is good: no more muscle pain, I can ran all day long, I get only the best food and there are no little puppies that get on my nerves.
Sometimes I peak through the clouds and see my family at home. And I can see that beautiful black box next to the fireplace in our living room with my picture on it. I hope they're doing well without me.

Allright :-) gotta go and run!
Dakota, the Dude

P.S.: almost forgot: there's not hardwood floor anywhere!!!


Summer Blues

August 18th 2005 2:16 pm
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Hello :-) it's me, hangin' in there.

First of all, it's pretty cool that the deadly heat seems to be over, finally. Man, it was hot a little while ago. And to make it worse, my people went on vacation for 10 (!!!) days in July and I had to stay home. Even Sheila and Jersey went somewhere else!!

Rene, our neighbor took care of me, but he didn't realize how bad it had gotten with my backlegs and mom hasn't informed him properly. So, he was almost at a point that he called my folks on their vacation because I wouldn't wanna come out of my doghouse and didn't really like to eat either. Well, I couldn't tell him that I missed mom and dad and even the puppy girls (...I hate to admit that though...) and when everybody was back I was again a happy dude.

Everybody has been back now for over two weeks and life is o.k. again. I love to come into the house in the evening and beg for my dinner. Mom even started to make breakfast for me instead of just one meal a day; she says that that might be better for my digestive system. Whatever, as long as the food is good :-)

By the way, the little monster, aka Jersey, gets very much on my nerves. She sometimes stands in front of my doghouse and barks and barks and barks at me. And I growl and show my teeths, but she doesn't stop. I don't let her nowhere near me or I bite her. She knows that. But she teases me. Sheila is much nicer, she doesn't do anything to me, not even barking.

Mom said that once I go to sleep forever that they will cremate me and put my ashes into a nice urne and put it next to the fire place in the living room. Cool. They will remember me forever. Dad might even get a little paw-print tattoo with a "D" or even my whole name. Maybe :-) I think they love me a lot.

Dakota-Dude, who's is now exactly 12 1/2!!!


Still hanging' in there :-)

June 15th 2005 4:21 pm
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Hi Guys!

Yep, I'm still around. And still love to do a lot of things. And mom thinks that as long as I am a happy dude, there's no way I'm going to doggie-heaven.

I love:
- my pig years
- my dinner with yummy stuff added, such as gravy or an egg or yoghurt
- laying in the grass in the front yard
- rubbing my nose in the pillow
- when mom and dad come home
- my cookie in the morning
- to try to catch a tennis ball; sometimes...
- sniff Sheila's and Jersey's butt
- marking the tree in the front yard
- to say "hi" to everyhone who walks by when I lay in the grass out front
- to say "hi" to the neighbors Leo and Rene
- barking at the neighbors
- watching TV with mom and dad
- licking their plates after dinner
- being pet for 5 seconds
- having my teeths brushed (not for the brushing but for the yummy toothpaste!) see? there's still a lot of stuff I like to do :-)

Dakota, the old dude


Probably my last walk.

March 7th 2005 10:36 am
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Hi Everyone!

Mom took me for another walk on Sunday. It was less than half a mile but it didn't go very well. She had to pick me up twice while I was walking (on even surface) and put my leash under my belly for last 200 yards to support the weight for my back legs. Not good. Not good at all....

When we finally got home she told Steve and he said that they will have to take me to the vet the week after next (when daddy's back). He will than tell us how much longer I'm gonna make it. That really sucks.

...but I guess it's not really cool just to sit and lay down all day and not being able to get up. Last night, I had a very hard time to get up at all.....

(mom almost cried when she saw me...)



Peace is over!

February 10th 2005 8:24 am
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Hi everyone, it's me again. It's been a long time since I barked a few comments into my diary. But I guess I was too busy.....
Because that little one, Jersey, is quirming around all day long and I have to watch her like a hawk. She is not allowed to come closer than 2 feet and usually she respects that personally space of mine. Well, if she doesn't, I just show her my big teeth, and boy, they are still veeeery scary!

Fortunately, both Sheila and Jersey now have their own doghouse. So I have one just for myself and they usually leave me alone there. And mom still treats me like the leader of the pack and feeds me first and stuff. She greets the other two first though since it takes me forever to come to the door when she comes home, but that's o.k. I don't like the "touchy-feely" stuff anyways. Just acknowledge me, pet me for a while (please no longer than 5 seconds at a time) and then leave me alone. Oh, and a couple of treats once in a while are o.k. too.

Walking? well......that's getting a little difficult. When mom takes me around the block a few times a week, she almost always has to pick up me back legs once or twice, because I tumble and can't get back up unless the surface is perfectly levelled. Mom doesn't like to talk about this though. And as long as I am still happy and not in pain, she just tries to make my last days as enjoyable as possible.

Greetings, from the Big Dog,


Not good...

November 9th 2004 8:15 am
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Dear Diary,

Yes, I am finally getting old. Until yesterday, mommy took me for a walk with my little sister every single morning, always! And this morning, she left me home for the first time. She thinks that we should start taking small walks in the evenings now, without my silly sister, who always wants to run and stuff. Well, I guess, mommy is right: my hips sometimes really hurt from Arthrithis and sometimes I even fall and can hardly get up again. And since I am such a big boy, mommy can't help me up. But I wanna go for walks!!! I love it! and my tail is up, and my ears, and I get all excited when she askes me whether I wanna go....! Maybe just walking around the yard in our court is enough, and then go back to the lawn and enjoy the sun. Nice.



The Front Yard

October 14th 2004 7:57 am
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The Front Yard is definitely my second favorite place; it comes right after the backyard. There's lots of grass and I can watch people and there is shade and I can pee allover and on each bush! Definitely one of the best places on earth. Plus, I don't have to walk that far. 'Cause that's getting a little difficult for me. The only thing I don't like is the hose......I hate water. Except for drinking. And sometimes my mom plays with my little sister with that fricking hose.....that's when I have to run!!!
But the front yard is definitely a good thing.

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