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Age: 11 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 11-25 lbs

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Lil'Little; Stinky Boy (I don't like that one); Stumpy; Gimpy (that's my Aunt's name for me) and Tiny Tim (My uncle calls me this. He's a big poop)

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:
-purebred-three legger-disabled
-dog rescue

October 3rd 2005

"Buddy" my blue bear (I have 8 of them now) & eating mommy's food. I love meeting people/dogs and LOVE to run!

Let's see: First I have to say GUS-GUS. Second, when people tell me "No!". Everything is NO NO NO. Put down your finger! I get it already! Third - yup, GUS-GUS.

Favorite Toy:
Buddy my Blue bear and Cutlet my rubber chicken.

Favorite Food:
Anything but my own. esp Boston Market Chicken! I HEART CHICKEN!

Favorite Walk:
Anywhere! As long as I'm outside! I love going to the park and for walks/runs.

Best Tricks:
I understand sign language! Also, I hate to brag but I can do a mean 360 degree jump even though I only have 3 paws. Back ladies. BACK!

Arrival Story:
My mom was not looking for a dog. I sorta found her. Mom saw me in a crate with a sign that read "deformed". The lady that owned me told mom she would not want me since I was born with 4 legs but only 3 paws. They said something about having me "put down" and called me damaged "merchandise". Not sure what happened next but my mom got real upset and came back the next day gave the lady some green stuff and next thing I know I went from a small cage to a 7 room apartment with my own balcony! That lady regrets treating me like an outcast now, and mommy says she heard that she no longer owns that store. I am lucky I am "home" now.

My birthday is on October 3rd. My biological "mom and dad" were foofoo dogs but I am not! I am a popular little guy inaround town in CT am learning to be now that I live in NY. I'm not sure why, but I notice that when people hear my name they laugh. What is so funny about the name Cujo? Mom says she named me Cujo because I have a big heart /personality and that I truly believe I am a BIG dog. Hey! Wait a sec... I'm not a big dog?...wait, I'm a dog? I thought I was a people?

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Cujo The Lil'Little!©

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"DOGSTERHOLICS", ♥ Maltese Mommys ♥, ***DOGGIE INFORMATION SHARE***, Allie and Nicole's(Nicky) CT group, Cesar's Dogster Pack, Connecticut K-9's!, Dogs of Connecticut, Maltese Group, Naughty Pup Club, New England Dog and Cat Club, Squeaky & Fuzzy, The K-9 Cafe, ~~~*♥Dog Park USA♥*~~~

Favorite Treats:
Duck/Sweet Potato; Chicken and Rice Nuggets; Carrots; Cheese; Vegetables; Greenies and anything dropped on the floor. ;)

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March 30th 2006 More than 10 years!

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Dogster's 2006 Holiday Picture Party!

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I miss my grandma

May 18th 2009 11:40 am
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Dear Diary,

Many things have happened since I last wrote. Mommy and I had moved to New York (stinky Staten Island to be exact). Grandma got very sick after the holidays and I helped mommy take care of her. Mommy said that Grandma had to go live in the clouds and become an angle like my Uncle Winston. I was not happy about that and when grandma became very ill I sat by her side until she went to sleep. Everyone wanted to be near her but I didn't want anyone to bother us so I would get cranky and yell at everyone to stay back. I loved my grandma very much and she loved me. We understood eachother and now I am very sad that she is not here anymore. Gus-Gus is now my little brother. He was very scared when his mommy went to be an angel and I decided to start being nicer to him because I know that if my mommy went away I would be sad too. Gussie is getting better now and at times we talk about his mommy/my grandma going away. He understands that it was not her choice but knows now what it means to die. I remember when Uncle Winston died. I told him about it and that when they become angels they are no longer sick and very happy. We also lost our best friend Cinci and Bogie. Savanah is sick too and they all have/had the same thing that made grandma sick. Cancer. I don't like Cancer and I am making sure that it doesn't get me sick so I am being careful not to catch it.

When I moved to NY I had to leave my old home behind. I spent a lot of time marking my new spots but it was increasingly annoying because mommy couldn't take me for as many walks as I would like but also Gus-Gus seems to always want to mark the same spot I mark immediately after I mark it. So I do the same again. I mean, there is only so much pee pee a little body like mine can hold so now I make sure I drink up all my water so I can go out and out mark him. We get along like brothers, we sleep and cuddle and play and even go to doggie day care together now BUT we always compete. He doesn't like my big dog friends though so I at least have some freedom since I love to play with the big guys.

Mommy said one day soon we will be leaving New York and going back to Connecticut. I miss my home and my parks but mommy said we will not go back to the same 'house'. She said sheis looking for a nicer place. Mommy broke it to me in her momish way that we will be having another baby brother soon! I looked all over for him... under bed, under tables, on the couch and outside when she told me. I couldn't believe it! Not again! However, mommy said this baby is in her belly. I asked mommy if I was in her belly but she told me that the puppy stork brought me to her. This one was a people baby. I don't know how I feel about this. Another bossy people person telling me what to do? Well as long as he stays away from my treats and bones and toys I think we will be OK. Gussie seems to not be phased by this change and I think its because he will be a big brother too now like me. He idolizes me. :)

Well that is it for now. I'm sure all my friends forgot who I am and I surely miss them on Dogster! I need to get back into the swing of things... soon mommy will have this 'kid' running around so I will need my outlet to vent again. Just when I thought I was getting used to a little brother, another one is coming. Hmm. Well at least Gus will be the middle child now. He fits the mold anyway... he is psycho!

Woof WOOF!


Chhhh Chhhh Chhh ....Changes!

April 13th 2008 7:23 am
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Dear Diary,

It's been a long time since I have written to you. I am sorry Diary! There has been so much that has changed since my last entry that I am not quite sure where to start! For one, I am no longer living in Connecticut and now live in Staten Island NY. I dare bring this up in front pf mommy because she will cry. She doesn't like Staten Island very much. I think it's "eh OK" (the best part is seeing Grandma more) but this island is very very NOISY!

Let's see, the last I wrote I believe we were getting ready to celebrate the holiday season. Grandma, Aunt Daniela and my PITA friend Gus-Gus came over to mommy's house and we had a nice holiday dinner together as a family. My Aunt Daniela brought us back toys , treats and (yuck!) clothing from England. My grandma brought me my favorite cookies and toys as well. Santa was good to me too.

After New Years Grandma started not to feel good, so mommy and me would visit her on the weekends. On Valentine's Day Mommy sat me down and told me that we would be moving to live with Grandma. At first I was estatic, I ran to grab my suitcase and buddy but then as the days started to pass I watched mommy start to pack up our stuff in big boxes. This reminded me of the time we left one my first home and I never saw it again. So I started to worry a little bit about what this meant. I started to ask mommy if I was going to see my friends and Carol anymore. She told me yes, but not as frequent as I do now. She told me that Grandma was not feeling good and we had to move with her to take care of her and Gus-Gus. I was happy about Grandma, but NOT happy about Gus-Gus. Mommy explained that one day we would come back to CT but for now it is important we do this. She promised we would visit our friends in CT once a mnonth (mainly so that I could keep my groomer - in staten island mommy said they have a truck that drives around cutting dog hair with a Floabie Machine - whatever that is! OUCH!)

I am happy to go wherever mommy goes. So we moved into Grandma's house and since then I kept my word and have stayed by Grandma's side. Literally stuck like a glue. I noticed that Grandma had days that she didn't feel so good so when we are downstairs playing, every so often I make my way upstairs to her bed to check in on her. I bark to wake her up and she puts me on the bed with her where I lay down next to her and lick her arm until she sleeps again. When I see she is OK I find my way downstairs again to resume playing.

When Grandma gets better I am hoping we can go for walks again and play in the backyard. I don't mind living here (give or take a Gus-Gus or two) but I find having my entire family under one roof makes me feel less anxious. I miss Carol and Cinci.....and Lobster, Rigby, Coffee, Lolly, Bogey, Savanah, etc etc... so I cannot wait until the weather gets better so I can go visit them and RUN RUN RUN at Taylor's Farm. I miss running. every thing here is on leash and their parks / stores are not very dog friendly. Maybe Grandma will come with us too. She needs to get better soon. We have a lot of summer time things to do together.

Anyway - that is really it for now. I promise I will be better about writing to you Diary. Besides, I need some advice about this pain in my rear Gus-Gus. He is driving me CRAZY Diary and I swear I am going to shove him in a closet soon.
The one plus I have this week is he is sporting a cone hat. He was neutered last Monday! Woo HOO! Give him pain meds to make him sleepy- I say! :)

Arf! ARF!!


“Santa Claus has the right idea: visit people once a- year!” - V.B.

December 6th 2007 6:17 pm
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Dear Diary,

I wrote my letter to Santa this year. I am hoping that he will be able to accommodate as last year he was not very generous! I mean granted I requested Cashmere bedding, but I did thoroughly enjoy the rubber soccer ball instead.

Therefore I felt I should be a bit more specific and try to point him in the right direction... less hints... more facts.

Dear Mr. Santa Clause.
This is Cujo. You may recall who I am. I pee pee'd on you twice last year during our photo opportunity. I was quite embarrassed, however... you were quite large and quite hairy and quite scary because you keep laughing strangely and it scarred me for life. BUT... that is beside the point.

I write to you today to discuss and negotiate my gift list. I feel that I have put forth much thought and energy into this listing. I do hope that you find the time to (eagerly) read through it and ensure that I am provided everything. I mean... Santa - we can't argue the fact that I have had a year of patience and have expressed much good will against all trees and hydrants alike. I do not poo poo in the house anymore. I only bark when I feel I must protect my mommy and myself (which is , yes, all the time... but the world is a scary place and I am sure you would agree!) I have been a good boy when it comes to eating my food, only my food and not stealing mommy's. I no longer rip her rugs, eat my toys and I am quiet when I need to be. I understand everything my mommy says now, I know what sleepy means (and close my eyes for mommy when she asks if I am). I make sure that when it rains I do not want to go outside as often, because I don't like to get wet - and mommy likes this trick because then I am not a wet doggie on her couch. :) I sit still when I get brushed, I have learned this year how to 'embrace' my toothbrush and I hardly EVER go do wee wee oon my pad. I hold it in now, all the time! I share my food and toys with other animals, when I am bullied for toys I give the toy to them too.


So it is for these arguments Santa that I give you this list today. I am hoping that you will ablidge. (....and I am sorry to tell you that if I do not receive these items, I will have no choice but to leave you lunch meat in lieu of the oatmeal and gingerbread cookies mommy will be baking. Figured I'd just let you know just in case you think I am all bark and no bite Santa. I have this name for a reason!)

1. I would like Gus-Gus to go live with Aunt Daniela so I can have grandma back.
2. I would like my best friend Coffee to come live with me so she can have my babies.
3. I would like regular chicken and rice and mommy to throw away the food Dr. Neiman gave her for me. I LIKE ROTISSERIE SANTA!
4. I would like Dr. Neiman to move far away. I don't like going there Santa.
5. I want my sweater collection to suddenly disappear. As a matter of fact I would like to give the to Gus-Gus so he can wear them all... at the same time.
6. I would like Rigby to come live with me too, so she can have my babies too. (hey... it aint a law in my world Santa!)
7. I would like mommy to stay home every day and take me for walks every half hour so that I may require she sit on the benches with me and people watch... yes, even iwhen it is 17 degrees out.
8. More COOKIES Santa. More TREATS. More GREENIES... MORE never hurt anyone... well maybe you. You are getting a bit big around the belly there.
9. I would like a roller skate for my stumpy Santa. As a matter of fact I would like a back scratcher attachment while you are at it. I cant reach SANTA! Help!
10. Finally.... I would like all BURS destroyed. Why do they always attach themselves to me Santa? I walk to the bushes... I go pee peee and next thing I know I have these bally things stuck to me and I cant get them off. They are an insignificant added element to the world Santa... maybe they can be recycled and given to cats for toys? There is a thought! ...and world peace wouldn't be such a bad idea too.

With love and the utmost respect,
Your GOOD BOY Cujo.

So there you have it Diary. I am sure that he will greatly appreciate my honesty. Me and him... this is how we roll.

Arf! ARF!!

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